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    Evora:Induction kit, Komo-Tec exhaust. Elan: full EFI.
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  1. 1500 kms later ( where 1000 of these is motorway driving...) and I have a rattle starting on the drivers side front, the rattle indicative of drop arm links. Surely the cheap links Lotus use should last longer than this, no?
  2. I am surprised we have not seen any photos of unusual Lotus here and there with mottled camouflage paint jobs yet. I guess though with their own track, very few get to escape to other venues.
  3. Some good points from Ian and Phil there. Thanks! I must say too that despite being a 'little bit knowledgeable' I have never once thought about the rpm when I decide to bang on the a/c - so certainly something I will take away from this😀
  4. OK, panic over! Lotus has not kicked in their skimp and save machine on a/c pressure sensors! The Evora IS fitted with one - it is a trinary switch (which is one more than a binary, it senses lo pressure, high pressure and fan operation. The switch is located between the drier and expansion valve. I am away from my car so cannot be precise as I do not even know where the drier is! But basically, find the drier and move back to the expansion valve and it will be in the line somewhere. Now, thinking about it all again and the situation Kraken, Bruss and I are in - or in my case, the previous owner was in having had two compressors - I suggest that we look closely at the trinary switch and suspect the fault might be there. If any of the switches functions are not working properly, then the compressor is subjected to overheating. These switches can be tested and should be part of a major service. Often the switch is screwed into a housing where there is a valve that allows one to remove the switch without losing the coolant gas. If this is the case, then replacement is a diy job. Kraken, I suggest you ask your garage what they did exactly - eg, did the remove and test the trinary switch. If they look blank, then time to find another...
  5. I'd be very interested to know of a car that does not have pressure sensors... A system that is at too high and especially too low a pressure will kill an a/c compressor quickly. This fault is up there with blocked coils or swarf in the system. Unexplained compressor failures are invariably due to pressure sensors that have stopped doing their job. The many who have a perfectly functioning a/c means that all is well. As it should be. But a system can become faulty for a number of reasons that are perfectly accepted in the aircon world. Regular checks on contamination and blockage will ensure against some reasons, but if the pipes fracture or the valve leaks, it is only right in this day and age there is a sensor to shut all down and avoid a costly bill. I really do not want to believe the Evora does not have such safeguards. But we are talking Lotus here so anything is possible. I will check it out next week.
  6. Is this true?? I am really concerned if this is the case. All cars have a low pressure sensor, or so I thought until now. I noticed the previous owner of mine has replaced the compressor twice. Now I know the reason why. Lotus skimp and save on every single model. their early cars were terrible for this. I guess the culture has just set in and they rely on their faithful following sticking up for them by saying words like 'not needed', 'adds weight' and 'pointless'. I shudder to think what they have skimped on the Evija..😀
  7. Not that simple as I have IPS. No, if the door can open 250mm or so, and the glass is down, I am agile enough to slip in relatively easy!
  8. I have gone off the idea of scissor doors now! maybe a bit naeive, but I thought the kits allowed both conventional and scissor operation. It is scissor or nothing though! Even on Lambos and Mclarens, I think they are a bit cumbersome looking to use all the time. I think I must prioritise my to do list and change the window feeds to always hot and use the shoehorn-through-the-window for emergencies. Also cheaper! And will not mess up the kerb weight! If anyone is interested, then it appears VDI in the States are the only suppliers of these for the Evora. They will not supply a hinge for only one door. Two thousand bucks. They do a video:
  9. I can definitely say now that lightening does strike twice! It happened again yesterday! A little Kia right up beside me! I could barely open the door 100mm! Luckily there was room to get in the other side (I still have not moved the window fuses to an always hot position either...😐) I think this is bound to happen here. The French traditionally have driven little cars, Clios and 208s etc, so car parks in many cases are marked out with smaller bays. This was certainly the case yesterday, I did note that I took up proportionately more room in the bay and with a combination of the Kia near the marked limit and my long door, it was as they say, a perfect storm! Maybe time for drastic action. Scissor doors. Expensive, but maybe necessary. Has anyone here fitted these, and if so, is is a good rattle free conversion?
  10. Thanks Bibs. I am not sure it is worth going to that length, so I will live with it fine. The other day I was completely hemmed in by two cars parking close either side. I could open the door enough to reach the window switch, but not enough space to reach the ignition switch! Thirty years with cars with the remote feature I never used, and the one time I need it, the car does not offer it😀 I might look into changing the window feed from switched to unswitched - for next time!
  11. I cannot see anything in the manual or service notes, so just checking please. Yet another annoying thing, maybe minor, on the Evora, but my windows will not open or close remotely - is there any way of programming this feature? (This is usually a basic feature even in cars at the cheaper end)
  12. Thanks Justin! Yes, I agree that Ctek have positioned themselves well. Like Keith, I have been caught out by the really cheap ones before, so a 21 year use is recommendation enough! I called Airflow - they are £39 now, but unfortunately, out of stock and does not know when he will get more! I might try ebay, but if no joy, then it is Ctek!
  13. When did the lithium battery come in? I take it that the 350 is all lead acid and the Ctek MX5 charger is good? Or, does anyone have a better recommendation?
  14. I do! Or, I should say I did. I now have a module that senses 13V and does it automatically. Maybe a good time to mention for anyone searching thge same subject in the future - there were a batch of 350s manufactured that did not have the two white connectors of the earlier wiring looms. To have DRLs on one of these, Lotus fitted the module from the 400 at a high price. Much better therefore to get a DRL module from ebay, power it from fuse 135 at the front and connect the output to the side light circuit downstream of the switch. If you are happy just to use sidelights, then no need to connect the third wire designated for the sidelights. (if though you use separate LED DRL lights, then you must connect the wire for side lights to meet the regulations) This module will react to a +13V signal and switch the lights on.
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