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  1. May I chime in with a question here? When the Evora is 'fully' locked and immobilised, how long should/will this state last AND give a bit to start the car? With the Evora in a secure garage and not locked, how long should/will the battery last? I appreciate some of this is down to battery condition etc, but assume all is pretty good in this dept. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the confirmation Gavin! Do you know if anyone makes de luxe models (I shall replace front and back I think) that I can fit and forget? Some post on google suggest Whiteline, but they say they have never listed the Evora as such, although Lotus may use any one of a number of size links. Do you know whose links are used? I see the ARB bushes also come in for criticism. I have ordered two sets of Powerflex purple. If these fail, then there is certainly something wrong! What about the rest of the bushes/ball joints? Are there any surprises here that I have yet to see?
  3. Again, ahead of myself! Whiteline do not list any componenets for the Evora. Might anyone know what drop arms Lotus uses on the Evora suspension?
  4. I should have carried out a google on this subject before posting. I see that the drop links are rated as rubbish by many. I just took a front wheel off and sure enough, it does not take much shaking to feel they are shot. Not good for a car with 39k kms. I do not know why after all these years of Lotus getting top class chassis' onto the road, they do not concentrate on getting the little things right. Concensus is that many are using 'Whiteline' drop links - does anyone have any comments?
  5. I have a hollow rattle sound under my feet, normally I would associate with drop links. Are the drop links on the Evora a weak point? The car has only 39000kms. I would have thought the links should last longer than this..?
  6. Absolutely nothing🙂 But in fairness, driving anything over the speed limit here is virtually a crime and as we are surrounded by unmarked mobile speed cars, it is financially better to just go along with them! I am sure though on a track a difference will be noticed. I only fitted mine for the 'outrageous' factor!
  7. In the absence of anyone who has completed this job replying, the normal method for fixing such items is a Urethane glue. This is a a polyurethane sealant, presented in standard cartridges, gets everywhere (so be careful how you apply it) and cures on contact with moisture. Initial grab in an hour and cured in 24. Sika 227. If you know anyone who does this sort of thing professionally who will do it for you, then Sika 268 is the real bad boy...
  8. Thanks Paul - useful document the pdf service notes, I have book marked it! So Lotus used the Alpine manual. Good. Obviously the PO has lost it, but I have printed off copy and will put it in the service wallet - cheaper than buying a branded manual!
  9. If you do not wish to cut the original cable, attach a draw wire to the connector end of the cable and draw the old lamp cable through and you will have a wire to draw in the new one...
  10. Thanks Paul, really kind of you! Exactly what I am looking for. Where in the manual is this? As mine is in French, it is possible I missed it - depending how exciting it was on TV when I was browsing the manual🙂 Anyway, I shall try it this evening. Now to the satnav - google has brought up an Alpine instruction manual. Should this be in the car, or did Lotus rebadge this manual into their own livery? I see you are in France too! If you are ever further south, let me know - I am just south of Carcassonne in the heart of wine country!
  11. Maybe a dumb question, but how does one reset the electronic instruments and sat nav?? I have never mastered the continental method of fuel consumption, litres per 100kms, and would like to change it to the UK/US method. But no matter what I do, it all pops back exactly as before! Are there maybe two user manuals with the car? I only have one where I cannot see anything aboiut setting the information screens. If there is a second user manual, would someone please send me the part number please? Without any instruction with the car, I do not know what the options for fuel consumption are - is it possible to have 'kms per litre', or is it only 'mpg'? And can one have French language from the satnav with mpg on the dashboard..? Many thanks.
  12. If you have not already removed the old light, cut the cable and attach the cable of the new light to the old cut cable and use the old cable to [gently] pull through the new one.
  13. In the UK, yes? Tell Porsche UK and I bet they will not be impressed and have a few words to say to the dealer. My wife is on her second Macan for the only reason she is not treated as a dipsy female. I had the opposite - total respect without being too grovely. I felt sorry for the salesman in not buying the Cayman, but as said already, the suspension jarred my back too much! But he understood and was professional in every way. If the Evora feel is called analogue, then I love analogue😍! However, I do think Lotus could have included a few luxuries from the digital cars - in particular the seat belt design from the Mercedes two door cars where the clip is extended out to grab and then retracted when coupled. And somewhere safe to put the RayBans🙂
  14. Try Phil - [email protected] He has every conceivable GTE panel, so may well have GT4 or can point you in a good direction.
  15. I should have done some googling before my post above! I now see that the central belly plate is part of the chassis and not a pate added on afterwards. In which case, the outer chassis rails must bedirectly above a row of bolts that , in my case, secures the bargeboard? In which case, i should be able to use my platform with a wooden rail just in from these bolts?
  16. I just tried an air bag jack I borrowed, and it is maybe half an inch too high to slide under! I see on ebay there are electric scissor jacks that are not expensive - I am tempted to try one out.
  17. I assume from this that the aluminium belly plate actually touches the chassis, so that jacking at the right point will not distort the plate? Where exactly does the chassis run - how far in from the cills? I have a mid-rise scissor platform that will just slide under the Evora that would be good to use, but I want to be totally sure where the chassis sides run before I go lifting. Does anybody perhaps know the total width of the chassis, and the width of the individual rails even?
  18. I thought this would be the case. Suits me well as it will allow me to put a stand on the front. My so called low entry long reach trolley jack will not extend to the front jacking points without raising the body. I am thinking of maybe getting a pneumatic jack, but their lift, or certainly the less expensive ones are only about 200mm.
  19. Reviving this if I may please - jacking the Evora on one of the rear jack points, will this tend to lift both rear wheels or a rear and the front on the same side? (I will find out next week, but interesting to know beforehand...🙂)
  20. Thanks Jimbo! I think these thumb indents are a bit of a fad. I have not driven a car where my hands have felt comfortable using them. I shall instead use an earlier wheel, or reshape mine, and concentrate on making the rim a few milimetres fatter.
  21. Will someone please confirm that regardless of age of the car or that it is manual or IPS, all the wheel variants will fit onto the back cover without modification? To be precise, I wish to fit an early wheel without the thumb indent onto a 2015 sport racer IPS? Also will the steering wheel finisher plate from a sport racer with thumb indent bolt/stick onto an early wheel? - ie the East West flanks will line up with each other? Thanks Hal.
  22. Even if they did use' hommanyleft', they are wrong as the website only lists 604...
  23. Thanks! I take it that, like the days of the early Elan, recording in Lotus is still non existant? Surely in this day and age, someone must have made notes on each change to the car as they happened, no😩?
  24. Not sure where to ask this question - but, is there a list/pamphlet that shows the changes made to the Evora year by year, anywhere? Especially what were the engine changes as they happened charting the increase from 280bhp up to the 430 we see now?
  25. I second that! I too inherited mine, so cannot for sure say how much different the sound is. What you will have over the chaps with RHD, is that with your window down, the intake is at your ear and you can almost feel the suck, let alone hear it..!
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