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  1. I measured front and rears on my 400 yesterday. Front: 370 x 32 x 56 Rear: 350 x 32 x 64 So the Evora S front rotors (350x32x53) are NOT the same as the Evora 4XX rear rotors.
  2. I know about those specs, but there is no info about the offset. I will take the discs off and measure it.
  3. It is definitely bigger. I guess about 2 inch in width and also a bit in height.
  4. I put this How-To in my newly created Evora blog. So there is the tutorial: The article is pretty long but mainly because there are a lot of pictures and I wanted to make it very detailed. Hope it will help some of you guys!
  5. That is where I got the idea from but I missed the part with the access panel 😄 but easy to reach!
  6. Second, behind the seat to the side, then to the A pillar. Will post pictures tomorrow.
  7. I just fitted everything. With the camera inside for now 😄 holy cow... The 3.5m cable of the ciagrette lighter adapter fits like it was designed for an Evora 😅 I made a lot of pictures, it was far more easy than expected. Will post a manual later!
  8. Just to give you an idea how it compares to the stock mirror. I am just sitting in the car at the moment and have the camera inside in front of the small rear window. The mirror itself is also much bigger. There is also a split screen for front and rear camera. Or front only. GPS only with speedo is also possible. Or completely off.
  9. Hey guys, I bought a digital rear view mirrow a few days ago and want to install it this weekend. It has two camera's, one looking to the front, directly integrated in the mirror and one wired to a camera that can be put anywhere else in the rear of the car. It also has a GPS tracking function with an additional sensor and can record videos from both camera's, saved to a SD card. If anyone else is interested, it was this model (it looks great live, I will take some pictures and update the thread): What would be the best place to guide the wires to those points (and how to remove the pillars/headlining?): a.) from the mirror to the 12V cigarette lighter port b.) from the mirror to the dashboard (for the GPS sensor) c.) from the mirror to the rear end of the car. There would be three possible positions I think. One would be inside the car (already better view than the OEM mirror, tested it yesterday), mounting the camera directly to the small inner rear window. The other position would be inside the engine room just right behind the window. Third position would be the original reverse camera location in the bumper (best view, but most pain to wire everything). For the two positions in the back I have already seen that the OEM loom has some grommets, (2x LHS, 1x RHS) from the engine room to the interior. I would prefer the one on the RHS. I have special plastic tools to remove the interior trim, but it's the first time on the Evora so some guidance would be very appreciated 🙂 Thanks, Marius
  10. I don't care about Car Play at the moment, but I am sure I will in future. But I get your point 😉
  11. I was on the scale today to get the actual weight of the car. 1442 kg with full tank (60l ~ 44kg), handbooks/manuals, first aid kit, etc. If you substract those things you get exactly the 1395 kg mentioned by Lotus. As I was at the workshop of a friend that builds rally and race cars, I also discussed a quick solution to get the exhaust quiet when going on the race track. He will try to build something that can be fitted directly to the tailpipe within some minutes.
  12. So pressing the fob knob twice has the same result as the other two mentioned methods?
  13. I know this is a super old thread, but would this also solve the problem of a draining battery caused by the active alarm system?
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