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  1. Cars I've owned/own • Ford Capri 1.6L (sold to go on a 18-30 holiday to Ibiza, rash went eventually) • Vauxhaull Astra Van • Ford Sierra 2.3D Estate • Fiat Punto • Vauxhaull Astra (crashed 9 times in 10 months) • Vauxhaull Carlton • Fiat Tipo (worse car) • VW Golf 1.6D • VW Golf Gti MK 1 • BMW Ti Compact • Subaru Forester Turbo • Mercedes E220d Estate • Mercedes C220d • Honda S2000 • Mercedes C180 Estate • Porsche Boxster 3.2s • Range Rover Sport TDV8 • BMW X6 4.0 • Morgan 3 Wheeler • BMW X6 4.0 • Morgan Plus 8 Aero • Mazda MX5 RF GT (still have) • Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio (best daily ever) • Lotus Exige 410 Sport (new love) On order • Morgan 3 Wheeler (Covid sort of buggered up funds on this one, may not arrive) Cars to possibly come. • BMW i3 (I like em, sorry) • 32 Ford Hot Rod • Morgan Coupe (if they make it) • Lotus Electric • Lotus Europa
  2. Yes it's from Oakmere. Really pleased with it. @GFWilliams this site might help you with choosing a purple. Very nice one is the Morgan Aero SS in Bugatti Violet Metalic. Lots of different shades in different light conditions.
  3. 119 year old (dead) voted.
  4. Had a lovely trip out today up to Malvern area to pickup some bits for a friend. Foggy morning but the Winter sunshine came out eventually. The bits I collected would make a great stocking filler and there's one going free on this website / Facebook competition. JAL More pics here. (Not my business but a colleagues).
  5. Two additions to the interior today, firstly was a fire extinguisher. Purchased from Just Add Lightness 25 second version, non maintenance and a shelf life of 10 years + (other suppliers available) Simply secured to the passenger floor with heavy duty velcro. These extinguishers are so easy to use and work on electrical as well as fuel fires 👍 and secondly is an adapted Cup holder that I purchased via USA for a Morgan 3 Wheeler and again velcro on the rear and stuck to the centre console on the passenger side, tested with a cuppa from Starbucks. I know shoot me but I like a cup now and then on a journey 🙂
  6. When you look at the other tabs they appear to not take into account 2020 registrations. Hence the difference.
  7. Looking on there's 26 on the road and 4 on sorn. Sport 410 there's 59 on the road and 7 sorted. Both pretty rare.
  8. Not sure if Lotus use PPG but their code is 914308 - Plum Crazy Metalic.
  9. Not up to the excellent standard of photography on here but I think its not bad for me
  10. Would a 410sport be considered standard, if so I'd be available on the 24th.
  11. If you have ever watched Idiocracy then you'll know we (Human Race) are almost there....
  12. Hopefully I will be there but won't know for certain until Saturday I'm afraid.
  13. Always liked Plum Crazy and I think apart from a Dodge it works especially well on a Lotus. Although the Plus 8 was an Aero chassis car it was nowhere as informative a drive as the Exige. More of a British muscle/GT car. Doing 150mph on the Autobahn was very easy. I went from a Morgan 3 wheeler to the Plus 8 which was quiet a leap the Exige is in its handling is several leaps ahead. Still very much getting used to the skipping and twitching at higher speeds. All good fun so far though and thoroughly enjoying the little Plum.
  14. The car is booked in for PPF on the 10th-13th. Can't see them working on it on Sunday so should be able to make the Breakfast meet, can't seem to find where to reply or add my name in Events posting that ChrisJ posted. Thanks for the invite.
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