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  1. Cheers Danny, that's really useful. We have a girl who is fairly exercise averse so the walks sound good but probably not the rugby as yet, but who knows! Will drop you a pm once our place is sold. Hopefully that won't be too long given the current stamp duty thing. 👍
  2. Pubs and green space pretty much summarises my agenda! Currently in a 2 bed flat which has been "interesting" during lockdown. 750m lolz 🤣 . It would cost me £750k to move that in my street 😧. Sounds like a better life a bit further out, have already mentally checked out of this place and into an exige...I mean a new home....obvs 🤣
  3. @Dan E Nice one! Been lurking around SE London since 1989, Greenwich is lovely but house prices are insane. Have an 8 y/o so we're moving to hopefully be in a good place for secondary schools. Bit of space and hopefully a garage will keep me sane (ish)! GF has been understanding about taking a sh*t load of money out of the deposit for a Lotus. Hayes seems like a nice area. Am from Bath so am picky obvs 😎
  4. Hi all, I’m Alan from Greenwich, SE London. I’m hoping to get back into a Lotus after a number of years, once my house move is sorted (to Hayes in Kent). Previously I’ve had an S1 111s and two VX220’s (sorry!), also a clio V6/ 986 boxster/ MGF at various points. Currently the family car is an FK2 CTR which is great, but no substitute for a Lotus. For a number of years I was lusting after an S2 Exige, but the S3 has now taken over as the object of my desires! Probably looking at the £40k region which probably won’t get me a 350 but might get me a club racer? Anyway, I can’t get too excited just yet as there’s a number of months to go before any shopping! I’m sure I’ll be posting various exige related questions in the near future. Cheers for now 🙂 Al
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