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  1. @romeo-clive Hi, check your inbox, I've sent you a direct message, perhaps I can help out with your hub problem! All the best, Ignas
  2. That's worrying, maybe I need to check my settings. It's fascinating, if we could get our hands on an original part we can make it for accurate original fitment, our 3D scans are of frankly unnecessarily high detail for the job, that wouldn't be a problem. Getting them made is a whole different story, definitely not a CNC job at £300 especially considering the part size. It would be interesting to experiment with 3D printing these in carbon fibre. We are planning to invest in an industrial grade machine using real continuous carbon fibre filament, we want the machine primarily to get
  3. @ramjet @DaKa Thank you very much for the kind words, we've put a lot of effort into these and I'm glad people have such a positive reaction. @DaKa Airbox reproduction sounds very intriguing, maybe we should discuss? shoot me a message when you have the time Best, Ignas
  4. This post was approved by @Bibs before anyone asks Good evening everyone, I've recently started a reverse engineering business focused around faithful reproduction of legacy autoparts, called Novorota. With the help of some incredibly kind people on this forum we've managed to get our first products into production, this is an incredible community! We would like to offer you our billet machined rear hub carriers for S1/S2/S2.2 and S4/V8 models. The hubs will be made out of Aluminum 6061-T6. We took incredibly detailed 3D scans of C082D4142K and F079D4001F parts and recreated t
  5. As soon as we get the business going we're using topology optimising to make that, that's the future right there
  6. Thank you Robin, it just feels a bit janky to me sometimes, not very fluid, not very conversational if that makes sense
  7. Also, I feel the need to point out that English isn't my first language, reading back my own messages I've felt my insecurities pop up
  8. @RobinB5 The kind of model you're referring is our top contender right now, good thinking. It's just the blasted website, I want to go online asap but as I said, I have a lot to do and it seems my IT department is in dire need of some...encouragement...ehem. @cweeden Material choice is the one thing we control 100%, and as with our Rotary apex seals, determining what alloy to choose was application-critical. With the hubs it doesn't seem to be so bad, I've checked out the patents and our 6061 aluminum billet should be a great sub for the cast equivalent, better in fact. @cweeden And y
  9. I have actually, which gives me a bit of hope as, and it is not my intention to "throw shade" on anyone, but I'm pretty certain we can offer a much better price In no small part due to us being small, just being honest here, but this is definitely a startup-y approach we're going with, very lean.
  10. Oh yes, now we're talking! In all seriousness, I'd be tremenduosly grateful if I could get my hands on it, and the CNC sample in return is compulsory on our end! Please please please let me know if and when we coud do it!!
  11. Robin, I would be lying if I'd say that I'm not jealous of you, to be able to work on technology like that is incredible, and it really blows my mind, tremendous respect I find the tech amazing, the user experience is a different topic but that's on Autodesk haha, I can't wait for it to go mainstream not only for optimising performance but just using it on everyday objects in my design practice.
  12. Heh really went all out Robin, I guess I was a bit more designer than engineer with my explanations haha
  13. Hey Chris, nice to meet you! And of course, my background is in Product Design, but I've been working in a 3D printing/CNC shop in London for a few years now, and have gotten good with the owner of the place, pitched him this idea I had. He was interested and now things are really starting to pick up pace, we're just looking for a good in, like here with you guys to prove ourselves. It's interesting you brought up the Czinger and from the picture what seems to be a generated mesh, I've been doing some generative design scripts for fun myself in Fusionn 360 and Grasshopper for a while now.
  14. Hi everyone, I have a few questions regarding rear hub carriers. I've been doing research, with limited success. As I understand, the S1/S2/S2.2 models used the same ones, what about later ones? How many iterations span the Esprit range? Also, I'll be looking to get my hands on, hopefully, as many of the different iterations as I can for re-engineering purposes, if anyone has a spare or wouldn't mind me taking a look at their running one, I'd make it worth your while! Thank you and every little bit of info helps!
  15. Hi Robin, thanks for your suggestion! As for metal parts we're very careful with 3D printing, usually just for low-stress parts, we got our first request for a front rotor housing for an RX-7, a part like that we are milling out of a billet which, luck on our side, has been proven to be even better than it's cast counterpart. We are trying to replicate parts as close as we can to OEMs though. In short, we're carefully considering what to 3D print. That gave a good chuckle But yeah, we've discussed with Bibs that it's okay to be doing all this, I have no intention to ruin the good
  16. Thank you both @TAR and @Barrykearley. Barry when you say composite, do you mean that in regards to structure or material? As far as I can tell they are glass, glass we haven't figured out yet, but I'm sure we'll get to it eventually.
  17. Awesome stuff Andy, thank you for contributing! This is great insight on the engines, coming in we expected that to be an area to work on, but trim and rubber parts are winning. I'm looking into Lotus patents at the moment to see if I can dig up info on what rubbers they were using exactly, the compound we have for our additive manufacturing machines isn't particularly flexible. Please if anything comes to mind don't hesitate, this has been a better eye-opener than I could've hoped for! Thank you Tim, any Esprit or a particular model?
  18. Oh yeah I did, Bibs signed off on this, all good!
  19. I've reached out to Bibs hopefully we can continue this discussion , I was a little hasty and haven't looked well into the guidelines, my bad
  20. Thank you for pointing this out Barry, I will message Bibs right away! Thank you @Dan E and @LOTUSMAN33 you guys are rocking it here! We can do some specialised rubbers, but we would have to do chemical on OEM rubbers to determine if it's one we can do. That's it on that I'm going to Bibs
  21. We'll be going live with our website shortly, I'll put a link in this (thread?) with our rotary bits
  22. Thank you @C8RKH and @LOTUSMAN33, this is great!!! I'm very happy that I got replies (and great replies at that) was worried as it's my first post haha. Lots of interior trim huh, would've definitely not thought of that being a problem. What about under the hood, anything hard/obscenely expensive to get there? We've gotten quite far with some internal parts of Mazda's rotaries, I know that most don't jump to replicating engine components as they're high-stress parts but from what we've seen and done it really is possible (we go really in-depth with analysis of the precise materials a
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