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  1. Car is in the UAE. Mileage is only 34k km, I've owned for the past 3 years since it was 12k km.
  2. So I've struggled with this issue in my 2015 Evora S for the past 3 years. The IPS gearbox works great at high speed and high RPM, but when it comes to automatically downshifting when coming to a standstill, 3-2 and 2-1 gear changes make a loud audible clunk that can be felt through the seats. On a related note, once or twice a day, the IPS misreads my intentions and violently down shifts and the whole car shakes (it only happens with the 3to2 gear change) when all I wanted was to continue coasting on 3rd gear. Dealer claims this is normal and can do nothing about it. Note: when the TCU was reset and transmission oil changed, the gear changes became a lot smoother for a few days and then the same issues resurfaced. Any ideas? I'm at my wits end and will probably have to sell the car if this can't be sorted. Thanks!
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