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  1. Sure is! Massive fan of the esprits in the old pearl white
  2. Yes, brand new, pulled the trigger on it November last year. The red compliment the msg very well, would have been my next colour choice for certain. Unfortunately I'm still away so can't view in person but I'll be going ahead with the red scratches😁
  3. It lives, buzzing! Well worth the wait and can't wait to see it in person! Came with red cat scratches though, admittedly wasn't a fan at first but is a nice subtle contrast and is growing on me.
  4. Wait, so they don't even map it post all the work done? Surely not, I know most of the items for 475 are bolt ons but it could still run lean if not properly mapped
  5. Nice, me too! Well I'm on the borders between Derbyshire and Leicestershire. Lovely choice of colour!
  6. Giddy to say the least! Had a S1 beforehand but was sadly shortlived, managed to test drive a 410 prior to lockdown and was quite shocked at how civilised it can be! About 3 months, build started end of November/beginning of December for a mid Feb finish and delivery hopefully march 1st on a 21 plate
  7. I see the type 79 - 430 is up for sale as well, pity really as I placed an order for a 430 the other week through connor at Central lotus! Do love the t25/79's though In the end I went for one in pearl white with a fair few extras, I'll keep it a surprise and will let the pictures do the talking when I get some.
  8. Never even realised that could be done, thanks for asking I'll see if we can organise a trip Yeah, bad luck on my behalf I guess, but, these things happen I guess - I'm hoping it fills the void. I think ill get another S1 in the future, absolutely love the shape of them. I thought it'd be different with the pearl white, can't say I've seen many in that colour. If I manage to organise a trip over to Hethel i will definitely get some up!
  9. Many thanks! I'll give them a good reading now. I got to test drive a 410, was quite surprised at how civilised it could be especially with a few mod cons like cruise control and a radio you can actually hear
  10. Yeah, thats what hurt most. It meant alot to me and was willing to fork my own money to ensure it wasn't cat marked, eventually it went down as a cat B due to the damage to the tub. I Had been toying with R8s, AMG GTR's, GT3s and maccas.. but they're all so heavy. As I'm lucky enough to have a daily I went for a 430 in pearl white as I do enjoy track life and do plan on some EU trips/tracks hopefully when covid simmers down. Delivery date is February, with collection im March assuming all goes to plan. Went a bit overkill on the spec, but hoping it will turn out 👌 ill post upda
  11. Hello everyone, just thought I'd say hello! Been around a bit, just inactive as busy with work/real life shenanigans. Spent most of my earlier life in the JDM /BMW scene modding cars, changing engines until my friend nicely told me to get a proper car. So i started off with a lovely laser blue S1 Exige as its been my dream car since I was a kid, finally got the opportunity to scoop up a lovely, original example with 13k on the clocks at a reasonable price as they have been slowly but surely progressing north. Unfortunately 2020 hasn't been the year for me, as I'm sure it hasn't
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