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  1. I've managed to get hold a Lotus silent exhaust from Komo-tec after some NI number requirement hassle😄 Well, pending the delivery anyway. I hope to make a decent write up in differences between the Exige 430 oem exhaust and the lotus silent exhaust, with dB differences on fitment vs after its bedded in Should be arriving 31st May/1st June if all goes to plan🤞
  2. I'm not sure it would have been if they don't actively sell the parts on their respective websites - whereas kt do. It's besides the point anyway, unless, they don't want uk customers as not everyone will hand our their NI number
  3. haha, Thanks! I was just going through there as well albeit very slowly/ manually translating bits as it wasn't auto translating on my phone. Initially I was thinking translation issue, and said you're asking for the Germany equivalent of our NI. She agreed that it is weird, but still says they cannot send it without it
  4. Thanks for the reply, I agree, very dodgy as it has no bearing on logistics which they're saying the courier requires (Zeitler Logistik). might just give them a dummy, good idea😉
  5. Just bought some parts from komo-tec online shop, about 30mins later recieve an email saying they require national insurance number and phone number for logistic purposes, in order to ship the parts? Anyone had similar experiences with them? Don't think I've ever given NIS number out, thought it was a little odd. TIA👍
  6. Welcome Unicorn, Stunning colour of Evora, lovely choice. I think realistically, 12-14 weeks. Ordered one back in November i think and still hasn't been dispatched. Lead times were 6 weeks - most likely a supply issue within lotus.
  7. Here's a few of my exige, cant be too many in pearl white. Love how it changes colour in different lighting
  8. Sounds and looks great Scotty, will hopefully get out and about with you chaps at some point🤞
  9. X 2 for this please, just so I'm not missed as I haven't received the valet kit yet. Also, a tad unrelated but any eta about car covers? Else I may have to swap addresses
  10. Thanks! Safe to say I think its turned out pretty well in the end! Always browsing to see if another s1 pops up Cheers, I've been going to Steve for a few years now. He gave it a good once over before applying ceramics as I've never trusted myself with them I'm near woodville/Swadlincote, are you east mids? Nice picture! Was about to say I recognise that setup, Lovely to see how central has progressed Yeah still gutted, but I guess these things happen. It's take my mind off it for sure though, the mrs likes it too which is a relief and will actually drive it😅
  11. Waited a fair old while but have finally got my hands on the Exige! Had it a few weeks now, amazing machine, still in awe. Some pictures to do the talking:
  12. And after, can post a few close ups when I'm back tomorrow.
  13. I recently did a few bits to my garage in a bid to modernize it, still yet to board the walls or paint and do the loft. Nothing special - Just a standard single garage (sadly its not bigger), I did the floor with epoxy resin - The previous home owners did it with epoxy paint direct onto the concrete and the product failed within 2-3 years and wasn't hard wearing at all. I'll dig out a few before and after pictures, but its turned out great - Smooth surface, harder wearing that concrete, easy to clean, self leveling (providing existing surface is in good nick)
  14. Sure is! Massive fan of the esprits in the old pearl white
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