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  1. I’m guessing Aim will continue to support the full version we have. And is now making one stripped down OEM version with optional GPS for the new cars coming. so that’s good. More options. If one can purchase thru Lotus dealers that is.
  2. Good to know. Does this new Lotus version of the dash include the gps and track features of our MX2E? or even customizable? thank you for any info.
  3. I would think Aim can make something similarly minimal and with the same colors. Anyway yeah, I want it:). Looks great.
  4. AIM has made great progress with the updates. I’m sure there are more to come. Glad they got that last update out before my car gets stored for the winter. Oh the winter:(
  5. Just noticed there is a new update on the site now. Will try later today.
  6. B31822D1-012A-441E-9100-F96A50BD1F70.bmp B9848C6C-4832-4A66-A90A-EF8052E5D398.bmp
  7. On point 1. Im central time US. just see how off it is for you then change to that offset. Will take a few attempts. But once set it works and keeps it even after battery shut off for me as well. on point 2.Start calibration. from stop climb to 40mph or so, stay at a constant speed and go thru the gears changing every 3 seconds. Find a clear road. Did mine late at night. After 6th gear you can just exit calibration I think. On point 3 HVAC lights. This is great. Will wait and see then. Thanks for the update. To add another, and this one is a super tiny issue. When loading a splash/intro screen with a full black edge or background I’m noticing a tiny white dot in the lower left corner. makes it look like a dead pixel and kills the cool factor by making the screen look defective. It is not a dead pixel because when you load the default aim screen the white dot is gone. I have noticed the same white dot show on other people’s screen as well.
  8. Would the fact that I had my HVAC /dash lights dimmed down to about half made a difference in them not working after Aim Dash install? thanks for the suggestions. I got my clock set by setting it 5hrs ahead and it set the correct time.
  9. @Seriouslylotus- I left my lights dimmer button plugged in. Was I supposed to disconnect that? thanks.
  10. Got it. Will wait and see. Other than the HVAC lights dash looks works great. my OEM dash and fuel gauge had stopped working so this is a huge upgrade that freshens up the interior and with potential to be even better with FW updates and once I get on a track. 2D351060-CD79-4105-B2FD-D8B10A5EF5E6.bmp 7A23A6B7-C7F1-40AB-B5D1-B61F2EA82393.bmp 2B1DFC8E-6B21-44DF-B4DD-B28E90952B42.bmp
  11. Thank you for the suggestions on using Mac. I have an older 09 Mac I don’t use that I can just install windows on. Seriouslylotus- thanks. Will try that. I read somewhere here I need to splice a wire to get the HVAC lights to work? I’m planning on pulling some parts to paint in matte finish so I can do that then if that’s the case. some splash screens I have yet to test once I can get windows. 15190950-7C86-4BCD-973D-92E658F30720.bmp B768922A-5288-48CF-A194-8BF4482B9477.bmp 69659EC4-166D-4D1B-B656-44331A83FD49.bmp 54147AA7-BE99-4409-A5E7-74077E5B9C3E.bmp
  12. same here. HVAC lights not working after install. My serial is 7700474. also, I disconnect the battery with a kill switch knob. After every drive. Not driving as much due to rona. Will the gear indicator need to relearn each time. I can just disable it. No issue there. i was not able to change my clock earlier today. That seems to reset each time. Can I disable the clock? FW 02.32.79 would like to change my splash screen but I have a Mac sadly:( lol. Might get a cheap pc box thing. maybe someone else can use this splash screen. binacles now come in the Lotus matte finish. 62DB7941-2DC8-4F5A-987A-818197EF7A91.bmp
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