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  1. Car was just picked up in Fort Lauderdale from the garage that worked on it. Might be here in Guilford, CT by Saturday so super excited. Shop in Florida checked all fluids, did an oil change, mounted and balanced 4 new tires and got the AC blowing cold...don’t yet know the details behind what they had to do to get it cold again but the total price was very reasonable and the people their couldn’t have been any nicer. Simonson Foreign Car Service...if you’re in Florida and are looking for a shop I strongly recommend giving them a call. Ask for Ronen...he knows his foreign exotics.
  2. Sitting pretty...waiting for a spin.
  3. I wish! The ride home is via airplane. I bought the car but I could not get a temp tag to drive it because it was las registered in NJ...not FL. plus the car had a vibration which I’m guessing was due to flat spots...garage that’s holding it is looking into it. AC also doesn’t blow cold...looking into that as well. Otherwise not a scratch on the car. It has only 4400 miles
  4. Off to the airport now...9 am tomorrow In Florida I hopefully find the car checks out and I buy it. Be on the road heading back to CT before lunchtime...a 20 hour drive to get acquainted with this 2+2 S.
  5. Decision made... I’ll likely buy a clean titled IPS Evora S 2+2 this week and use it as a semi-daily driver. Likely in a few years I’ll be in a better position to purchase a 400...which will likely be a manual. I’ll post pics later this week assuming the deal goes through. Thanks for the candor. The branded title just left me with an uneasy feeling. -Rick
  6. Umm...correct me if I’m wrong, but can’t the IPS just drive like an automatic without using the paddle shifters? What I mean is the paddle shifters can be used at times when I want and at other times, say when in heavy traffic, I can forgo the paddle shifters and just drive the car as a regular automatic, correct?
  7. All valid concerns. But my budget is what it is and I don’t think I’ll find a manual S around that price. resale later is a big concern but I hope to keep this car for a long time. perhaps I need to give IPS another look.
  8. All fantastic information. Very helpful. Thanks.
  9. Hi all. On cars dot com there are two 2014 Evora S’s for sale for 49k. The blue one is a manual with 9800 miles...I’ve driven this car and it was a blast. I’m set to meet with the dealer tomorrow to go through the car one more time and get compression readings. The hang up on this car is it was declared a total loss to a flood back in 2016. Dealer was up front about that and showed me where the waterline inside the car was on the passenger side...about an inch up off the floor. It ruined some module at the passenger footwell that once it was ultimately replaced the car started right up. Car is very clean and runs like a beast. 60 day warranty on the entire powertrain while anything at the flood level and below is guaranteed for life. The other Evora is a white one with black pack...which is an absolutely fantastic color combination. This car has only 4K miles on it and it’s automatic. if the white one where manual I’d be on that car in a heartbeat. The blue Evora is one town over from me while the white one is in FL (which would be a fun ride back to CT). I'm interested in hearing peoples thoughts about the two cars. If the flood was truly no higher than the passenger floor and tomorrow’s compression test reveals all good, I’m leaning towards the blue one. Thanks for any feedback. -Rick Oh, I have the funding fir the car now so the branded title would not be an issue.
  10. This car was in a flood back in 2016. It’s spotless now and has only 200 additional miles on it since 2016. I drove it and it seems fine but I won’t buy without know the condition of the cylinders first
  11. Hello all. Does a compression check on a 2014 Evora S require the rear clam shell to come off? What sort of inspection of the super charger can be done to determine its status. This is part of a potential PPI on a car that seems to run well
  12. Or more specifically, any Evora owners 6’1” or taller that don’t regret their decision to buy? Thanks. —Rick
  13. Thanks too all who replied. Ultimately I did not end buying the car as I’ve decided to wait for spring to purchase a 400 series. Now I’m counting down the days until spring. —Rick
  14. Hi all. I may be close to closing on a 2014 Evora S 2+2 automatic with 11,000 miles and a clean car fax. If this were your car (picking up a car in the US Midwest and home is CT) would you drive it 2000+ miles to get it home (and enjoy yourself doing it!) or would you ship the car for fear of breakdowns, problems or putting that much mileage on it at once?
  15. Thanks to both of you! However this particular vehicle I test drove today will likely not be mine as I think the seller is understating the degree of flood damage it experienced in 2016. The search continues...
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