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  1. AiM tech support passed this on for consideration in a future firmware update, I hope it's addressed when they fix the rear view camera bug.
  2. A minor point I haven't seen raised before: the ECU vehicle speed correction (dash Settings / Preferences / Vehicle / Speed) corrects the displayed speed on the dash and the speed recorded on a SmartyCam (if you add ECU vehicle speed to the overlay) but surprisingly it *does not* change the ECU vehicle speed recorded in the dash data file. Seems like an oversight. Easy to see if you add both ECU vehicle speed and GPS vehicle speed to a graph in RS Analysis.
  3. I prefer the image inverted, so it simulates looking in a rear view mirror. But it does sound like there was a wiring error on your camera.
  4. Depends on which camera you have, SmartyCam or rear view camera? I'm guessing rear view because you can't see the SmartyCam image on the dash itself. My rear view camera had two small exposed wires, one that could be cut if you didn't want the rear view overlay image (guidance for backing up), the second wire could be cut if you didn't want the image to be reversed. I don't recall the colors of the wires offhand. I cut the first wire but not the second wire because I didn't always want the overlay (and the MX2E dash adds the overlay anyway when the car is stationary or backing up, but not otherwise), and the reversed image simulates looking in a mirror (which is what your camera is doing). What camera did you get, and how are you using it? Sorry, I can't help with the airbag light, I have an S2 Exige and it doesn't have this issue.
  5. I have a SmartyCam and MX2E dash. You can configure the camera "auto start rec" settings in the camera settings menu, I think the default was "logger command" which is probably what you are seeing. You can also set it to a speed or acceleration threshold, or to manual, which is how I have mine set (it only takes one button push to start a recording). I'll probably set it back to one of the auto settings when I go to the track so I don't have to remember to push the button each time out, and then set it back to manual before heading home.
  6. Are only Lotus dealers getting the binnacle (instrument shroud) with the improved finish, or is it a "rev A" versus "rev B" situation where all AiM dealers are getting the improved binnacle? I bought mine from Inokinetic (US) and the binnacle actually looks pretty good, the finish is pretty close to my stock dash top (I wouldn't describe it as "plasticky"), but I haven't seen one of the Lotus dealer sourced units in person and it's hard to tell from photos which version I have.
  7. No, not all. Nothing against making the upper end of the rpm scale user-selectable, but the current 9k upper limit is perfect for my car ('08 Exige S240, 8.5k redline). -Ed
  8. Wow, that was a bit of an oversight! I guess the programmers are used to dealing with karts and race cars but not road cars :shrug: Should be an easy fix, I would think. -Ed
  9. I've never noticed! I usually turn on the dash reverse camera when backing up, or else I'm looking in my mirrors. Frankly I don't find the gear indicator on the dash all that helpful, but it's nice to have it logged when reviewing on-track data (or displayed on the overlay if you have a SmartyCam), so IMO reverse is largely irrelevant. Come to think of it, it probably does work because when backing up, the reverse guidance overlay is automatically added to the reverse camera view, but it's not added if you're traveling forward.
  10. I got this sorted, thank you for your help. Because the "reverse camera" settings screen was showing the same live image (and the same settings) for both "video 1" and "video 2" I hadn't noticed that there were in fact 2 sets of settings. It also didn't help that the user guide makes no mention of "video 1" and "video 2". BTW, my date and time settings work fine, even with the battery shut-off for days at a time. I'm on FW 2.32.79 (current per Race Studio 3). And for other users out there, I found the gear calibration to be very easy (no need to accelerate hard or run up the rpm's) and works fine after calibration. Which makes sense because the speed/rpm relationship is constant within a gear.
  11. Sounds reasonable, but where would that setting be? I know a second camera is supported, but looking at the user guide I don't see a setting to enable or disable a second camera, and I've never had a second camera connected. Next time I'm home I'll try pulling up the reverse camera settings and see if it thinks I have a second camera (it didn't last time I visited that setting screen). Or maybe "Reverse Camera" will show up twice in the Preferences menu?
  12. Thank you for that, AiM should add that info to the user guide (currently at version 1.05). Also, it takes two short presses, rather than just one, to turn off the reverse camera. Bug or "feature"? I'd prefer a single press. Regarding the fuel gauge, it has a fairly long time constant on the displayed value (a good thing, keeps it from jumping around), but on every restart the gauge starts at zero, so it takes a bit of time to creep up to the actual value. I think it'd be better to go back to the last value when the dash restarts, so the only time you'd have to wait for the gauge to creep up would be when you've just refueled. I also think the fuel gauge on the "analog" display needs better delineation of the empty and full limits, like the 0, 50, and 100 marks on the "digital" display; it can be hard to see the current value relative to the full range, esp in bright light. -Ed
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