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  1. Strange that such fault didn’t trigger any check engine light. Thanks for sharing your experience! Beautiful colour on your 350!
  2. The reinforcement brackets are located in the rear clam. You need to look into the trunk area and close to the taillight on each side. The brackets are triangular. I would love to see some good pics of those brackets too!
  3. I think OP will be fine. If he was a 17 year-old new rider with a R7 as his first bike that would be a different story.
  4. The genuine cf hatch doesn’t use the gas struts. It just uses a pop rod. Fitment shouldn’t be an issue either.
  5. Dang that does look off… Here are the OEM holes for all wings… i can fit V6S oem wing, 380 sport wing and 380 cup wing using these holes. Sorry for the disoriented images. I don’t know why they are auto rotated like this… 🤨
  6. I have installed a flat wing (380cup copy) for about half a year now and I don’t have the extra OEM reinforcement brackets mentioned above (items 5 - 8). Those items are in constant backorder from Lotus with no ETA, so good luck trying to source them. I read on FB someone has DIY those brackets for his flat wing, can’t remember which thread though. So far, my rear hatch and rear clam have only seen road use and are holding up fine with zero damage. For track use, I would definitely get some brackets fabricated like the OEM ones for peace of mind.
  7. 2014 Exige V6S in Motorsport Green B75 (repainted). I’m always confused with all the different greens Lotus have used. The newer cars seem to use Racing Green (B119/C191/C203), or at least that’s what the dealer calls it. But I honestly can’t spot the difference. Definitely need to place them side by side to find out. 🤔
  8. Finally I can say that my conversion is 100% complete. The parking brake suede boot with matching red stitching took over 6 months, yikes! No more nasty gap, even though no one would notice unless I point it out, but it bugs me to have this imperfection. The old vs new. The old one uses a different size bezel/retainer and fastening mechanism. I believe Lotus has since updated this for both non-exposed and exposed shifter setup. Not very good picture but you get the idea. Referring to my previous pictures, you can see the gap from using a smaller size parking brake bezel and boot. Now it’s perfect and as OEM as it can be. Cheers!
  9. I’m also running this “Keith” custom setup and the install is clean as hell! I’ll be checking the cans in a few months while keeping an eye on my oil level occasionally.
  10. Excellent choice on the exhaust! It was my very first mod to the car as well when I got it: full 380 exhaust top to bottom, couldn’t be happier. I just personally didn’t like the de-catted Larini system but I’m sure there are people out there who do, so to each his own. Cheers.
  11. I have heard a lot about OEM cats being fragile. What exactly does that mean? Do they tend to shatter / break into pieces or sth? Would like to know if anyone has experienced this first hand. I had a full Larini de-catted system before and I opted to switched back to full OEM. I didn’t like the full de-catted exhaust sound and it was way too smelly. But now I’m a bit nervous if the OEM cats are made of glass.
  12. Looks like this is a common issue. Well, my car just threw the Traction light and ABS light at the same time. Surprise surprise… It went away for a bit then came back on again (both lights). Seems my starting point should be the brake light switch, then steering wheel sensor, then wheel speed sensors as these are all linked to the ABS?
  13. Looks well made and a proper short shifter solution for the community!
  14. Updates: So I finally finished the hazard button and bezel. I think it looks pretty OEM. The way it’s angled now actually makes it easier to reach and press if you can believe that LOL. At the end I went with matching colour and it turns out quite nice. I originally wanted to paint the bezel yellow or gold, but I thought that maybe a bit too much contrast as I already have a mix of accents in the interior.
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