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  1. I agreed with OP, it really sucks that the car behaves like this. But after having the car for 6 months now, I have “worked” my way around it. First I only drive in Sport mode. Secondly I allow myself a bit more time and try to be super smooth. Get those H&T downshifts done earlier than you would in other cars. Not perfect 100% of the time, but doesn’t bug me too much now. Still love the s3 exige. Cheers!
  2. The manifolds are exactly the same for all V6S/350/380/410 (not sure about 430 tho, but I bet it’s the same as well).
  3. I would look around for a set of used 380/410 y-pipe, s-pipe and silencer first. There are lots of fellow owners ditching their OEM system after going aftermarket. Ordering from Lotus is quite pricey as you can see. I managed to pick up my entire 380 system from a local owner for dirt cheap. He didn’t need it, I wanted it (the OEM manifolds mainly), it was a win-win. It pops and bangs like crazy, I can guarantee you that LOL. My previous de-catted Larini system did that too and my current 380 setup does it just as much if not more. Love it.
  4. Niiiice! Now the side skirts strips are way more visible! Wow that open gate console looks sick!
  5. Relatively new here and saw this thread. Nice project so far! Previous owner of my V6 had embarked on a similar project (convert to 380 sport look). I added a full 380 cup exhaust (I believe it’s the same as 380 sport) to finish it up. I believe the cf louver is from Lotus, the rest of the cf is win-ace. The diffuser is from Lotus as well (relatively inexpensive parts compared to the cf bits 🤣).
  6. Is that the Komo-tec wing? Looks killer! The side skirts are missing the gold accent?
  7. Nice mods so far! A 380cup wing would definitely finish the 380 look. Wheels next? 😉
  8. I just installed the 380 full exhaust (manifold, Downpipe, muffler) and can confirm that it is indeed a direct bolt on. Previously had full catless Larini system. Putting back all the factory heat shields was a quite a challenge with no instructions! Impression, it is just as loud if not louder than Larini, which is quite surprising given that I now have the factory cats on the manifolds. No more stinky smell though!
  9. Glad to see that the white beauty is going to come out stronger and better!
  10. So do the 380 y-pipe and s-pipe use the same mounting point / exhaust hanger as the V6/350?? I know the 350 and 380 systems have a slight different design (besides the difference in pipe diameter)... Thanks!
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