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  1. Hi Adriaan thank you for your reply. Dad usually is all over that sort of thing, but it might be time I got a lay a 2nd set of eyes on the car myself
  2. Hello, Bert here from Nelson, New Zealand. My father, Kim, has an 04 Elise 111R with a noticeable physical and audible vibration between 80~100kph (45~60mph?) And then it goes away above that... He said that it is still there with the clutch disengaged and in any gear within that speed range. A brief history of the vehicle for reference: Purchased it with 14xxxkms on the clock He has replaced rear wheel bearings, rotors and pads, 'hanger bearing' on the long half shaft and other routine maintenance. The car has done roughly 80xxxkms now. It is 50/50 daily driven from his house 1hrs drive from town, over under maintained roads. He goes through 2 pair of rear tyres before he needs to do a full set haha. Has anyone had this issue before &/or can shed some light on where we can start to look for the issue?
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