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  1. That looks brilliant . I do love the tartan seats . As you say it is all a compromise one way or the other . My seats don’t need a full rebuild and the dash will be like new . Steve quoted £15k for the retrim . I couldn’t see the value in that versus what I believe I will get for substantially less , abide I will do lots of hours myself . The key for me in the work I’m doing is to get the seat inserts remade . It is a special part of the JPS.
  2. I have a 3 inch hole in one seat . Which is a shame as otherwise the seats are fine I have a local co doing my interior for around 20% of the quote from Steve . Not like for like as I’ve removed and will refit all the bits . And I’m sure his work is excellent , I’m spending the money on the running gear and body The body pics aren’t mine , it is waiting for the Master , next in the queue and I can’t wait 👍🏻
  3. I did get a quote from him a while ago to do the whole interior . He can obviously chose his customers . I can’t see how the issue can be resolved without the correct material which isn’t currently available ...
  4. Oh , that is looking nice . Mine has stalled waiting parts etc but hopefully it will be full steam ahead in the next 6 weeks. I am waiting for the seat trim samples to arrive - how are your seats ?? I bought a plastic lever from SJ - your machined one looks great
  5. Finally managed to get the car re-registered in the UK . I had forgotten to tell HMRC that I'd " imported " the car so my first DVLA attempt was rejected . Sorted the NOVA and have today received a v5 in my name with original number plate . So welcome back to the UK HLE 153T
  6. I like the fact that it may have been on my car at some point . The seller didn't know which cars he'd had but found a record of my number plate in his files . As I didn't have a gear knob ,I'm happy with my purchase
  7. Little progress on the car whilst I wait for engine , parts and body to go to paint . However I managed to find a gear knob on ebay that is in transit now - the seller said it had previously been on a JPS he owned . I've been in touch with him and he owned 3 cars over the years - one of which was mine in 2001 ! So maybe the original gear knob for the car The trim samples are due in 4 weeks for the seat inserts so that's coming on too .
  8. I just bought it . Does it need the proper "top " ie gear positions .
  9. What is the correct gear knob for the JPS cars - wood with gear positions , wood with JPS inset or something else Thanks in advance
  10. I send my armrest off - the supplier is fairly confident they can do a good match and I hope we will have a sample in 4 weeks ( with and without the " depressions " ).
  11. Agreed - will be subject to them getting it right prior to production . They do seem very experienced thou . I will send them my armrest next week
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