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  1. Yes - estimate is quite low .
  2. Mike Taylor, Lotusbits, told me that all the boxes he'd stored like that were damaged/ us as a result . So probably better to store flat , can't do any harm that way.
  3. I was warned never to leave the gearboxes as shown in the pics - apparently it isn’t good .
  4. Does going electronic delete the points ?
  5. I think getting rid of the dizzy is a good move also related to possible fire sources.
  6. I’ve had a pint of sarcasm . You , sir , need to refresh your sense of humour … and chill … ( I can’t stand the woman , to be clear in case you think im serious . Blimey )
  7. What about Nicola taking charge ?
  8. From memory ( haven't seen the body for a while ) , there is a plate bolted to the front floor that the spare wheel bolts to - could this be modified to suit ? The Elise has a vertical bar in the grill that the tow eye screws into - when the breakdown truck collected mine we agreed to just push the car on ....
  9. Yes , the original calipers were not with the car so I had to fit new ones .
  10. For the first time in 18 months it is back on 4 wheels ... As I'm waiting for parts( promised in 2 weeks ) , I've moved it out of the way . The next project can take its slot in the meantime. A v12 Jag that's been off the road for 25 years.. what could possibly go wrong 🤪
  11. Thanks David . All the pipes fit except no3 and the foul Is between the pipe and the actual chassis - the removable braces actually fit ! I’ll ask Mike to take a look - they’ve been really helpful throughout I’ve had a similar conversation reference Vulcan lol . And @changes has been very patient waiting for the chassis .
  12. Tocus Nice to see those pics again - I bought it from Malta . It is well travelled - exported to New Zealand, returned to the UK , then to you in Holland , then Malta , then back home . The speedo only says 30000 miles though 🤣
  13. I'd guess that if the nut wasn't there it would be ok ... it " wants " to go straight through it . You may not remember that the car was partially stripped when I bought it - hence my questions about brake pipe runs ( not that I got an answer 😜) etc . It's all new to me . The engine is a different one based on a 2.2 bottom end - speaking with Lotusbits , they quite often have to " tweak " the links to fit . I suspect they will be doing mine when I take them the chassis to get the exhaust fitted as no matter what I do , one pipe fouls the chassis ( hence my engine mount q - I'm with you ref twisting them , not good ) and I've wasted enough time on it .
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