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  1. I can’t get it out . The catch bit won’t come through the body
  2. Little progress on the car but bought this recently Test car kept blowing fuses , lol Also bought this but ended up drilling the boot lock bolt out. How do you get the boot catch out ??
  3. I am having Dana u/j’s fitted and will investigate the engine mounts following comment here thanks
  4. Dave I did check and the answer was no. Is it just the rubber elements on the uprated mounts or brackets etc too ?
  5. 2.5 l from Lotusbits inc their exhaust , mapped ignition ,light weight flywheel - will keep the original engine as is . Since having a red top Vauxhall engine on carbs in a Westfield I've always fancied a really nice all steel n/a engine on carbs ... bring it on. I also checked the chassis squareness the other night and it all seems good - I have a slight bend in one of the lower rear wishbones so I think I'll replace both to be sure. Having driven modern diesels for years I know what you mean about revs . In contrast, after a winter of not driving my bike-engined single sea
  6. Deposit going down on new engine tomorrow
  7. Machine my sockets ? How very dare you .
  8. What upgrades would you go for Dave ? A socket doesn’t work as the chamfer on it means you get little engagement . I’ve tried molegrips to hold it without success . Maybe I should burn it out lol
  9. Can’t get a decent grip on the bolt head . I’ve left it again . Got the rear quarter light outnumbered tonight and the abs b post finishers , both sill covers , handbrake and cables ( cut through by po ) and seat belt bolts ( again seatbelts cut through) why ??? Out on a business Monday which necessitates a trip past Lotusbits ( it does honestly ) so will drop in to discuss engines I don’t particularly want to take out the beam that takes the seatbelt reels and I guess is also side impact related as it seems quite happy where it is . Is it worth cleaning and painting it ( it i
  10. Hi @Djs44

    I used to own #44  between 1983 and 1986, when it was registered as HLE 153 T, so I may be able to fill you in on some of its ancient history. Sadly I do not have any paperwork, just the odd photo.

    Also, I must confess that I never seriously took a spanner to it, preferring to leave servicing to the pros, so cannot provide the expert advice on your project that others can.

    I had been wondering what happened to #44 earlier this year – and then Paul Clugston talked me into splashing out for #40!

    Please feel free to get in touch.


  11. Dave - yes the bolt is the one you describe - the only one that has defeated me so far !
  12. Had a chat with the very knowledgeable gearbox chaps in the Wirral yesterday - have decided to leave the box alone and see how we get on. Steering rack dropped off for rebuild. Half shafts having Dana's finest 1310 joints replaced. Struggling to get the bolt that holds the boot lock off - the slim headed bolt head that sits in the tail gate - can't get a decent grip . Has been bathing in WD40 for days but can't get it started - any ideas ? I started painting lots of brackets , pedal box etc post shot blasting, with por 15 but wondered if I should really get them powder
  13. Ref Gearbox - who would you recommend ?
  14. Thought I'd take a sneaky peak inside the gearbox and ..... it all looks pretty good . Is there a way of checking the diff back lash based on the brake disc movement ? Half shafts dropped off for new u/j's , steering rack off to Birmingham tomorrow ( thanks Fridge) for a check over
  15. Bit of progress yesterday - engine and box out , rear suspension stripped . Suspension all needs doing - think one of the lower links has a slight bend , the hubs look tired and I might as well do the wheel bearings . And half-shaft uj's too . . Also painted lots of brackets and will start the pedal box reassembly next . Need to get the big bits away soon as I'm running out of things to do ....
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