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  1. Think I'll be going in an Aston but haven't booked yet - would be great to see your car .
  2. That program was very interesting - reminded me of when the Elise was launched in 1996 . I think they will do well .
  3. That's what I thought about JPS seat material ....
  4. A bit of progress today - visited to see the engine build which has just started on the 2.5l engine . Based on the 2.2l block which I understand has a stronger bottom end
  5. Great progress Dave - must get the rest of the car moving now ...
  6. I like por15 but have struggled to get a good finish so far . Parts are hidden but I'd still like less " dust " . Fuel tanks and heater next , see how they go.
  7. I'd like to take the sender out of the tank and check it over - can someone point out how this is done - it looks like it should unscrew but I'm not sure ... Thanks
  8. Quick update - quite excited ! The engine build has started and I hope to go and see it in the next week or 2 . The engine builder is a chap I know from my days at Austin Rover (and spoke to this week for the first time in , probably ,25 years when we both built Westfields - my mate and I built 2 , he built a 3rd ) . The chassis is progressing and I'm still hoping I can start to get all the mechanical bits by the end of June . In the meantime I have found that @changes has over sanded the body and it is now 1/43rd scale What a lovely model I picked up off e bay - I had to use the phone camera to make out the edition number ( 33 ?) Will change the number plate to HLE 153T but the edition number is too difficult to modify.
  9. In Scotland on holiday that day I'm afraid .
  10. Fantastic to see those pictures - do you have any more info/pics ? Love the history bit
  11. I think the headlights must have been up when the bonnet was open ( or similar ) as the damage has been done by the bonnet hinges ? And to think , I thought all that would polish out
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