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  1. It will be a while before I have this experience in my Esprit - I look forward to it as it means it is running !!😜
  2. Blimey a bit of a rant . I understand what @Bernie1806 is getting at , sort of and The Market do post plenty pictures so you can make your own mind up ( or go and look at the cars ) . The JPS was fairly described but it is also fair to say that it needs loads of money spending on it to bring it up to a really good standard or you accept its originality, warts (rust) and all . And "wax" lyrical about it... I always laugh when Wayne Carini talks about a "fantastic low mileage original car that we will do a complete restoration on ".... There was no point in anyone on here talking values down , quite the opposite . But I do think it was fair to point out anomalies if spotted. As for "willy waving " and suggesting that most on here have £20k cars , well pot and kettle . I can imagine being upset if I'd bought a load of cars and was looking for a quick buck though. Ho hum .
  3. Chassis back home . Just need the rest of the bits and I can start bolting things on . This needs to happen soon as I've started looking at new hill climb cars .... Must say , the chassis is looking very nice
  4. Mmm ... maybe not real bids - auctioneers can bid up to the reserve ...
  5. I wish I’d had it sooner … race car gone and been at a bit of a loose end .
  6. No , I must ask . They have the same ones in one of the rally sunbeams
  7. Time flies .... Saw the engine running today for the first time - looks really good 😍😍😍 (Note starter and alternator aren't final units) . It's off to the dyno for mapping soon - I've gone for uprated cams so maybe 250bhp ?? Chassis also back and ready for rebuild Needed a bit more than we initially thought - as well as the t floor bit it has had a engine chassis rail and also one engine mount needed work . In other news I've decided to have the gearbox stripped and vapour blasted , new bearings etc . Seemed a shame when it is out and looking a bit oily .... Chassis due " home " tomorrow so I can start adding bits Body progressing well now that the bonnet and boot seals have arrived from SJ
  8. The JPS is at £27500 . If it didn't meet its reserve at £63k .... why bother bidding anything that isn't remotely close .
  9. Did you ever work on the Marsh Plant Aston's ? My mate has RO2 and 4
  10. Very easy to spend £40k plus on a restoration
  11. I still think that listing them all at once was/ is a mistake . Whilst they are all slightly different , if only one was listed and it was , say , on your list of the 2 options you’d consider , you might be tempted . Also they are hardly the best examples , most need money spending to be top drawer ??
  12. Djs44


    Yes , as a lock nut that’s fine( as there is already a nut there ). Bit strange to do that thou .
  13. Perhaps trying to sell all the cars at the same time wasn't the best idea?
  14. Try "bookaclassic " - they have links to ones they hire out
  15. Now at £61.5k and the bidder is in the trade ....
  16. Twas a joke - I've competed there since the 1990's ...😜
  17. Think you missed the apex at bottom s on the way down 😂
  18. Bob That jubilee clip is upside down 😂
  19. Yes , I’ve just bought some silver ones which are being wrapped gold @madmax I suspect you’d be a bit more upset if you bought one of these cars and afterwards the knowledge on here brought out the backstory to your new purchase …. I don’t think any owners on here have any reason to talk down values 😜
  20. On the jps car , why are the cantrail trims not gold ?
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