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  1. Can anyone post up some pics of the rear brake pipes in situ please ? S2 thanks DJS 44
  2. Couple of questions 1. The sliding bolts I have for the rear (PNM) brake calipers are of 2 types - one type has a rubber sleeve on it , the other doesn't . I assume that they are used in pairs - i.e. one rubber and one plain one per caliper - does anyone know and if this is correct , which one goes at the top ? 2. I have new rear wheel bearings . When refitting the driveshafts , how tight are these in the bearings - do then need a bit of force to fit - how best to action ? 3. The cross gate linkage kit ( from SJ ) includes a bronze bush and a rubber sleeve - anyone have a pic of where these go ?? Also , is there a rubber grommet fitted where the cable goes through the chassis Lastly - should the gear change mechanism ( by that I mean the bits at the bottom of the gear lever ) be greased ?? Thanks for any advice .
  3. Trial fit of the exhaust and chassis brace . Spent a good hour at Lotusbits with Mike and Dave getting all the bolts I’m missing .. hope ti fit the rear brakes and driveshafts shortly , then it’s the brake pipes and water hoses to fit and it should then be ready for the body .
  4. Thanks for the feedback Dave It does look nice and now I know how to fit it ... I think I'll fit some heat shield material to the chassis and have some for the mount . I haven't put any washers in - I have some but I plan to get the geo done once it is ready . I didn't try the chassis brace yet and have removed the exhaust to trial fit the gear linkage - think I have a foul on the sump ( and then probably the exhaust 🤪) . I need to buy the heat silencer mount as mine is missing . I have mapped ignition but have kept the carbs . 240bhp/ton 😍 The disc inserts are out so I'll have a go at the brakes tomorrow . See what needs fettling ... @changes is ready for the chassis and is being very patient , which is appreciated .
  5. Snakes wedding .. test fit of exhaust . It is like the rubics cube .... I need the mounting plate that the silencer fits to before I can secure in place how does one remove the driveshaft/disc connection piece - big hammer ?
  6. Do you have a picture of how that mounts - that's one of the bits that was in the boxes ....
  7. Engine in . A shortage of key nuts ( engine mounts ) meant I didn't get the engine in until today . I need to get the chassis rolling and I've forgotten to get the caliper mounting brackets cleaned up so I think I'll fit the discs and driveshafts and calipers can go on later . Next up are the brake and clutch pipes , gear linkage and exhaust and water pipes if they arrive.
  8. I've only got a brand new combine harvester Barry ...
  9. Looks like I'll be busy during Easter . Any advice on fitting the box and engine ?
  10. I've just been looking for heat wrap - what did you use ? Yes , its not the original engine ( that's in the garage ) - its based on a 2.2 engine which I guess is a bit younger ?
  11. Not quite made it to my garage yet ...
  12. Engine now finished on the dyno - 240bhp at 7300rpm and strong torque . Bit of cammyness at 4500rpm . Mike says with bigger carbs it would make 260-270 bhp but as it will mainly be a road car I don't want to compromise its road manners too much , so that's all good. The engine will now be assembled with the lightweight flywheel and clutch to the gearbox , the exhaust manifold and system are finished and the brake pipes coming . I'm running out of excuses now .... Once the engine etc are in and the chassis rolling , @changes has "requested" that he fits the body , so he'll collect the chassis . He's rebuilt the window motors which were seized. Progress .
  13. drdoom - yes its a Lotusbits 2.5l engine with steel crank and rods and his rally spec cams .Still running carbs which is what is causing some of the delay on the dyno - Mike normally runs these cams with injection. I have kept the original engine, which had been partially dismantled before I got it, in case at some stage it needs to be returned to standard .
  14. Dave The ally spring seats are part of the Lotusbits kit . Let’s hope they are ok
  15. Rear suspension fitted - coil overs and new old stock radius arms . Coil overs have a slight interference with the uprights so that will need a bit of fettling. Short of a few washers and nuts - one of my on-going frustrations throughout the project . Engine mapping has progressed - making 200lb ft of torque at 5000 rpm . Limiter will be at 8000 rpm , hopefully some power runs tomorrow .
  16. Right - I'm off to the garage
  17. Thanks drdoom - that's what I was thinking but I've seen pics with suspension on and no powertrain. Lots of bits on the floor ....
  18. Question - I have all the rear suspension parts - is it preferable to wait until I have the engine and gearbox to fit the radius arms/ rear shocks and hubs or can I fit them now ??
  19. Got "some " of the trim back , the rest to follow .. Still got some work to do getting the seat material cleaned up better but very pleased with the overall results
  20. Any recommendations on where I should insure my S2 ? Thanks
  21. It would appear that Dr Who must have picked up Michelangelo just after he'd painted the Sistine Chapel and transported him in the Tardis to Wolverhampton, 2022 , where he now puts his skills to good use painting Esprits.... Blown away ..... Now Dr Who needs to take the Tardis back to the end of February and collect the engine - that's when it was promised - as I still don't have it ....
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