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  1. Worcestershire - car has arrived today , first time i've seen it so will be mainly in the garage tonight !
  2. Thanks for the feedback . I guess I need to drive one to decide . Pete - I understand what you are saying - I have an s1 Elise which is standard and I do enjoy that with 118bhp ... I don't like the look of the later Esprits hence an s2 I do like the thought of a 2.5l 4 cylinder on carbs thou ... mmm
  3. I know my s2 engine will need at the very least an engine rebuild when the car arrives. I haven't actually driven an Esprit but I don't think 160 bhp will be enough... I'm very tempted by the 2.5l engine Lotusbits do but its isn't a cheap option . So what options do I have with the 907 engine and which dealers do what ? Thanks
  4. Thanks , that’s what I was thinking .
  5. I am giving it deep thought as my engine needs a rebuild anyway . Would people keep the original engine ( as matching numbers ) and use a new block for a 2.5l conversion ???
  6. I was chatting with Lotusbits yesterday and their 2.5l conversion runs on 45s , putting out 240bhp+..very tempting Their Sunbeam runs well north of 300BHP ...
  7. Bibs - I've found out quite a bit of the history from here , old adverts etc . In 2016 Tocus had it, restored the chassis and suspension but sold it on - it has not moved since. Perhaps Tocus has some more info on the car? As a teenager my neighbour had one, remember going round a roundabout at warp speed ... his caught fire.... I've never driven one or thought that I'd own one, but it will join an s1 Elise and others in the garage
  8. Hi - it is domestic no. 44 . Been found in quite a few barns over the years it appears .
  9. Haven't seen the car yet ... so limited pics . Needs body/engine and interior sorting, chassis has been done . Do most people keep the engines standard in these cars ? Most of it is in boxes and it has been off the road since the 1990's through various owners .
  10. Just wanted to say hello - recently bought a JPS Esprit as a restoration project so imagine I will be spending quite a bit of time on here asking questions ...
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