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  1. Dave The ally spring seats are part of the Lotusbits kit . Let’s hope they are ok
  2. Rear suspension fitted - coil overs and new old stock radius arms . Coil overs have a slight interference with the uprights so that will need a bit of fettling. Short of a few washers and nuts - one of my on-going frustrations throughout the project . Engine mapping has progressed - making 200lb ft of torque at 5000 rpm . Limiter will be at 8000 rpm , hopefully some power runs tomorrow .
  3. Right - I'm off to the garage
  4. Thanks drdoom - that's what I was thinking but I've seen pics with suspension on and no powertrain. Lots of bits on the floor ....
  5. Question - I have all the rear suspension parts - is it preferable to wait until I have the engine and gearbox to fit the radius arms/ rear shocks and hubs or can I fit them now ??
  6. Got "some " of the trim back , the rest to follow .. Still got some work to do getting the seat material cleaned up better but very pleased with the overall results
  7. Any recommendations on where I should insure my S2 ? Thanks
  8. It would appear that Dr Who must have picked up Michelangelo just after he'd painted the Sistine Chapel and transported him in the Tardis to Wolverhampton, 2022 , where he now puts his skills to good use painting Esprits.... Blown away ..... Now Dr Who needs to take the Tardis back to the end of February and collect the engine - that's when it was promised - as I still don't have it ....
  9. I checked my gearbox over and had intended only to clean it up - in the end I decided that it was worth getting it checked and whilst it was generally in very good condition it did need 2 off output bearings and a new input shaft . Depends how far you want to go .
  10. Thanks Pete , that's useful - I can't fit anything other than the first link and pivot as I'm short of an engine and gearbox ... . Not for long , I've been promised ....
  11. I'm refitting the gear linkage to the car - the bracket that is bolted to the chassis and pivots in the centre has 2 different length " arms " - Which way does it fit please ? Thanks
  12. Jon This is the bottom of my steering mount FYI
  13. Jon - was wondering about the closed off box that the steering rack mounts to . I imagine this has been done to make the box stiffer to reduce flex ? They must have done it for a reason - a small hole to drain wouldn't make much difference I guess.
  14. You sound just like my wife . She asks me a question , I answer , then she tells me what the answer really is ….
  15. Not sure about the relocation to the front - perhaps better cooling ( it is right in the airflow ) or that the cooler can be bigger than normal .
  16. Jon I’m doing a front mounted oil cooler - no discussion about issues with the pump
  17. Mike showed me the engine running and the dramatic effects of the mapped ignition ( still running the carbs ) . The ability to dial in the advance you want at any throttle opening and revs made a very big difference to the torque figures when compared to the standard dizzy . Bit more running in then some power/torque runs soon . I've now got the front suspension etc buttoned up and have fitted the wheels . I had ideas about picking the rear of the chassis up and running the car round the block making engine noises ... I didn't (yet ) Also now have 2 off alloy tanks Brakes looking good
  18. Lovely day for a 100 mile trip to Lotusbits to see the engine on the dyno . The Elise has the factory 135 upgrade ( fitted at dealers post production ) and I must say those extra 17 bhp over standard transform the car . First drive , love it .
  19. What spec is the engine to get that sort of power ? The transmission losses seem very large ( c80bhp ?/ 30% ?)
  20. Painting fibre glass is probably more difficult than steel ....
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