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  1. That's a good price .
  2. Burg - my dash etc are all away getting trimmed - exactly the same bits as per your picture . I don't know your timing but I'm hoping to get the parts back in the next few weeks and once I've seen them I will give details of who has done them . They are also doing my seats when I get the material sorted .
  3. Are they the original rear calipers ? Mine are missing so I have the PNM kit coming
  4. Thanks for the replies - the soup video doesn't show removal and from what you say Pete , it is just a case of getting the job done and it nay not be pretty
  5. Can someone advise/point me in the direction of a thread - how do you remove the chrome windscreen surrounds ? Is it the case that they will always be damaged when removed ? I need to do the front and rear screens and as they aren't gold I probably need to replace anyway . Thanks
  6. Tofe_auto - Merci I'm hoping to get the sample shortly so will post up here
  7. That looks brilliant . I do love the tartan seats . As you say it is all a compromise one way or the other . My seats don’t need a full rebuild and the dash will be like new . Steve quoted £15k for the retrim . I couldn’t see the value in that versus what I believe I will get for substantially less , abide I will do lots of hours myself . The key for me in the work I’m doing is to get the seat inserts remade . It is a special part of the JPS.
  8. I have a 3 inch hole in one seat . Which is a shame as otherwise the seats are fine I have a local co doing my interior for around 20% of the quote from Steve . Not like for like as I’ve removed and will refit all the bits . And I’m sure his work is excellent , I’m spending the money on the running gear and body The body pics aren’t mine , it is waiting for the Master , next in the queue and I can’t wait 👍🏻
  9. I did get a quote from him a while ago to do the whole interior . He can obviously chose his customers . I can’t see how the issue can be resolved without the correct material which isn’t currently available ...
  10. Oh , that is looking nice . Mine has stalled waiting parts etc but hopefully it will be full steam ahead in the next 6 weeks. I am waiting for the seat trim samples to arrive - how are your seats ?? I bought a plastic lever from SJ - your machined one looks great
  11. Finally managed to get the car re-registered in the UK . I had forgotten to tell HMRC that I'd " imported " the car so my first DVLA attempt was rejected . Sorted the NOVA and have today received a v5 in my name with original number plate . So welcome back to the UK HLE 153T
  12. I like the fact that it may have been on my car at some point . The seller didn't know which cars he'd had but found a record of my number plate in his files . As I didn't have a gear knob ,I'm happy with my purchase
  13. Little progress on the car whilst I wait for engine , parts and body to go to paint . However I managed to find a gear knob on ebay that is in transit now - the seller said it had previously been on a JPS he owned . I've been in touch with him and he owned 3 cars over the years - one of which was mine in 2001 ! So maybe the original gear knob for the car The trim samples are due in 4 weeks for the seat inserts so that's coming on too .
  14. I just bought it . Does it need the proper "top " ie gear positions .
  15. What is the correct gear knob for the JPS cars - wood with gear positions , wood with JPS inset or something else Thanks in advance
  16. I send my armrest off - the supplier is fairly confident they can do a good match and I hope we will have a sample in 4 weeks ( with and without the " depressions " ).
  17. Agreed - will be subject to them getting it right prior to production . They do seem very experienced thou . I will send them my armrest next week
  18. I have found a supplier that will remake the JPS seat trim based on pics I've sent . This will be UK spec ( as certainly the US trim is different , don't know about others ) . Now the supplier wants a minimum batch quantity , understandably . So my question is - is there anyone else that would be interested in the material ?? ( Of course this would all be subject to the manufacturer actually producing the right stuff , but they do seem confident , to be proven )
  19. No progress on the build since last time ( apart from fitting the refurbished steering rack and new track rod ends) but I decided to source/order all the bits I need ( of course it won't be all the bits ...) 4 pots front calipers and discs, rear PNM calipers and discs plus handbrake cables, all the fuel pipes including aeroquip carb hoses , all the alloy pipes and a full rubber hose set, all the brake pipes, coil overs and adjustable shocks, seat rails, master and slave clutch cylinders , a rear suspension link, chassis strut and all bushes, new rear bearings in the uprights, window switches, high torque starter, alloy rad and fans, gear linkage refurb bits and cross gait linkage, fuel pump and filters , a rear quarter glass, a pair of recon heater fans, oil cooler and pipes and an alloy header tank. Oh and trailing arm bushes and bolts and a rebuild for the brake master cylinder. Half shafts off getting new u/j s. They will join the 2.5l engine, exhaust manifold , lightweight flywheel and clutch , mapped ignition and reconditioned carbs , 4 new headlights and surrounds etc , bonnet hinges and headlight hinges already in progress or procured. Leather is in progress . I'm trying hard to see if I can get the seat insert material remade but not getting very far at the moment . It isn't corduroy rather a woven product ( I think ) which I really can't see why can't be remade ( although it might require 1000 yards as a minimum batch I imagine Body is next in the queue for repaint ( hopefully start in a few months) I'm not keeping a spreadsheet as I fear I am already in " negative equity " lol .
  20. Does that include the initial purchase price ?
  21. Dimensions - last time I pop out the garage through the snow tonight rut is very light , looks like it may have been restored ? That pedal box look lovely . I've painted mine with por 15 but i struggle with that paint to get a nice finish . Rut ? rust
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