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  1. Jon Can't help I'm afraid - I have zero ability to tackle this myself so it is being done by the fabricators next to Lotusbits . Same with the radius arms .
  2. it is just the "t" that's being done - proper good fabricators doing it .
  3. I went to see the blasted chassis today and it is a 9 out of 10 . It needs the chassis rail by the exhaust replacing and has had some repairs at the front , lower wishbone mounts . Whilst were at it , will have the lower front bit and the lower backbone base ( which has some jacking dents) replaced before being painted . Also trailing links are splitting due to rust so .... Worth doing .
  4. Been watching your videos and am on a similar journey 👍
  5. I stripped the chassis down , removed all suspension and it has gone to be checked and all suspension components cleaned etc . The body should be going off in a couple of weeks or so - I can't wait . I think I'm around 4-6 weeks off the engine etc and chassis coming back so will then have plenty to do . Leather re trim is about to start, probably ( all stripped out of the car) . The initial gold trim samples are very disappointing - I haven't spoken to the supplier yet but I can't understand why they sent them , So next will be a van load of parts arriving and me getting stuck into bolting it all together . I can't wait ! In the meantime I'll be tending to my vegetables . 🤷‍♂️
  6. I'll keep you posted and start another thread
  7. Sorry , what I mean it that you cannot retrofit it to an existing car - it needs to be fitted from scratch . The 1977 Autocar test I have of the S1 roadtest has the car breaking down several times due to electrical issues . No desire to replicate that . No link - it is being developed by Lotusbits
  8. It's no retrofit ... i have to fit a new loom anyway so this is one option
  9. Good questions . Oil pressure is fine as it is by a pipe , presumably the other feeds go from , for example, the temperature sender into the canbus which reads the current and sends a feed out to the water temp gauge based on how you calibrate it . It looked clever .
  10. Decided that although the chassis looks fine and dandy , with everything else I am doing to the car it would be a bit short sighted ( which i am .. ) to not have the chassis checked for twist etc . I know the car had an accident at sometime as one lower link was bent and a track rod and also it has a rear quarter grafted on ( which I hadn't noticed until the slight difference side to side was pointed out by the body magician . So I'll strip the front down and get it checked and powder coated . Mmmm - going backwards ...
  11. It appears to be a self standing unit that is programmed via laptop . It comes with a multiplexed keypad that can be programmed to replicate the switch functions if , for example a switch fails ... switches etc would only have small current wires back to the canbus .... Is this acceptable ???? ( thought this was interesting in this resto-mod thread )
  12. I'm looking at a CANBUS system for the wiring to ensure reliability . Like you I want a useable car but not the drama elements that I suspect are mainly wiring related in a car rebuilt with new parts. Not going injection thou as I want something with carbs that will occasionally foul a plug
  13. Nothing major to report on mine . I’ve had new joints in the driveshafts and that’s it . I’m expecting most bits to start arriving at the end of the month including the engine ,so hope to be able to start progress again in May .
  14. One of my Airedale's thinks she's a rapper ...
  15. Burg - you are confusing my JPS thread and giving the impression that my car is considerably further ahead than it is by showing your progress . You are depressing me lol
  16. Burg - my dash etc are all away getting trimmed - exactly the same bits as per your picture . I don't know your timing but I'm hoping to get the parts back in the next few weeks and once I've seen them I will give details of who has done them . They are also doing my seats when I get the material sorted .
  17. Are they the original rear calipers ? Mine are missing so I have the PNM kit coming
  18. Thanks for the replies - the soup video doesn't show removal and from what you say Pete , it is just a case of getting the job done and it nay not be pretty
  19. Can someone advise/point me in the direction of a thread - how do you remove the chrome windscreen surrounds ? Is it the case that they will always be damaged when removed ? I need to do the front and rear screens and as they aren't gold I probably need to replace anyway . Thanks
  20. Tofe_auto - Merci I'm hoping to get the sample shortly so will post up here
  21. That looks brilliant . I do love the tartan seats . As you say it is all a compromise one way or the other . My seats don’t need a full rebuild and the dash will be like new . Steve quoted £15k for the retrim . I couldn’t see the value in that versus what I believe I will get for substantially less , abide I will do lots of hours myself . The key for me in the work I’m doing is to get the seat inserts remade . It is a special part of the JPS.
  22. I have a 3 inch hole in one seat . Which is a shame as otherwise the seats are fine I have a local co doing my interior for around 20% of the quote from Steve . Not like for like as I’ve removed and will refit all the bits . And I’m sure his work is excellent , I’m spending the money on the running gear and body The body pics aren’t mine , it is waiting for the Master , next in the queue and I can’t wait 👍🏻
  23. I did get a quote from him a while ago to do the whole interior . He can obviously chose his customers . I can’t see how the issue can be resolved without the correct material which isn’t currently available ...
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