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  1. Well It looks like I have sold my S2 My good friend here in the Falklands has decided to buy it and is flying to the UK to collect it and take it to his home in Staffordshire. He collects RS Fords and likes factory spec so I Know that it will be completely stripped and returned to how it was in 1979. And the best bit I can use it when im in town. Sorry to those who were interested in buying. Hope you find another soon. Mike
  2. Will be advertising my Esprit next week.offers on £3750 Cant believe im doing this what a loss after all that cash I spent on it. If only I could live in my own country
  3. Not a happy bunny today as I have run out of time again to fit the wiring. My S2 ESPRIT is now for sale Living in the Philippines and working in the Falkland Islands only gives me 2 weeks a year in the UK so I have to give up to clear some space in my mothers garage. Not sure what £££££££ i want yet but will let you know. Anyone interested pm me and I can give you details photos etc. Leaving the UK on sunday so will get my brother to do the selling
  4. Got the wiring loom out. Clipped and soldered bits n things and now its in a big pile on the bedroom floor Im off for 3 weeks so I have 2 weeks when I get back to finish this wiring for good. What are the odds ? get your bets in now.
  5. Does anyone know where I can get bulb holders for the instrument warning lights. I have loads of holders but the warning lights are smaller than the rest of the instrument lights.
  6. Well so much for that last bit on almost having all the wiring done. Got home this week after not seeing my esprit for over a year to find the new (well was new when I started doing the wiring 5 years ago) all chewed up by mice So today I pulled most of it out and Im going to start all over again. I have a week at home without the family so this will be the first time in over 10 years I will get real time on the car. Got 2 more weeks free in febuary aswell so lets hope it all comes together before I have to go overseas again. To top if off someone smashed the side window on the garage a few months ago and glass is everywhere in and under the car. Cant take the car out the garage yet as its up against the wall so need to get a new jack to pull it over. Will get one tommorow. Must get some tech shots up this time as this Is the projects & resto forum after all he he.
  7. Hi guys its been a while since I last checked in here. My father passed away in may which threw me off for a while. Antonio yes that is the correct starter motor (hi torque). The original wire mesh vent on my car was a bit torn up. I had a bit of aluminium sheet lying around so cut it to size and drilled holes in it. It just sits behind the original surround. I did get quite a bit of wiring done last time home. Just the instrument warning lights to do then test it all. Home again over christmas so I hope all the electrics will finally be done and I will through a new cam belt on to be safe as Its been lying for a while. I know its slow but Im getting there
  8. Anyone have a copy of the color wiring diagram for the s2? Sure it was on here but can't find it . Slow progress here but don't panic I will be back on it in July this year when I'm home. Just finishing the garage build. Thanks +
  9. Hello everyone, Hope you dont mind me posting this here but I just wanted to get word out that Im running approx 50miles on the 21st April In the Falkland Islands to help raise cash (money) for my old regiments charity. CARING FOR COURAGE. If you would like to help me please visit my web page for more information. Its going to be a bit of a challenge but im looking forward to it. All the military lads think im crazy. Thanks All the best Mike
  10. Does that include military contractors Bibs ?? I did 4 yrs Scots DG (Army) followed by 2 yrs Gunnery school (civvy contractor) 2 yrs US Forces Germany (civvy contractor) 7yrs Middle east (civvy with US & UK forces) and currently 4yrs Falkland Islands (civvy working with REME & RAF Techs) 6 weeks home every year to see my wife and son Mentioned that bit so you all feel sorry for me Mike
  11. Well nothing to update on the Lotus yet just not enough time at the moment but at least the new garage base is started hardcore, weathering and frame in. Im sitting here waiting for the cement truck to arrive.
  12. White Esprit turbo (G Car) Had a quick chat with the owner when he pulled into the petrol (gas) station at morrisons shop, Granton, Edinburgh. Nice chap.He's owned it just over a year and its Just out of restoration.
  13. After 10 months im back for a short 3 weeks in the uk. Got the clutch master & slave cylinders fitted yesterday. The battery is knackered so I have the other one on charge. hope to fire the engine up on saturday before I go to spain for the week. Removed the plugs today to lube the cylinders. Hope to get a few more jobs done and photos before i head back to the Falklands.
  14. Im still out of action stuck down here in the Falkland Islands Should have the S2 Esprit ready for the 2012 season so I can join you for a few scottish runs when Im home For now I will just have to enjoy your photos and stories. Have a good one Mike
  15. All this Air training corps talk going on so I better join in I was in 1141 sqn edinburgh back in the late 80's. This photo is from annual camp at RAF Machrihanish. Many years later I became a main battle tank crewman and even that seems years ago when I left in 1996. Im now a contractor at Mount Pleasant Airfield In the Falklands.
  16. As you can see i managed to get the front spoiler fitted. Brakes have fresh fluid and work so except from the clutch slave cylinder im where I wanted to be before I fly off again for another 5 months in the Falklands. Next time I will build up the doors ( fit the windows,frames and motors etc.) Time taken so far - approx 6 years. Hope to have it on the road in the next 2 years ??????? In 6 years ive only had about 2 months working time on it so I suppose im doing ok Later Mike
  17. Fitted the new carb pump rod yesterday and the carbs are back on the engine Antifreeze is in the new shiny header tank, then i went to bleed the clutch and yep the bleed nipple is solid, it broke off Never mind i was going to replace the slave cylinder anyway but that will have to wait till march on my next trip home. Will see if i can bleed the brakes this weekend and possibly fit the front spoiler.
  18. What"s the chance of this getting finished ???? Surely he got so far and realized it looks a complete mess then junked it. The guy is obviously very proud of the thing as its on Flickr and mentions the company name. Top advertising ????????? As for the silver thing AAAYYYYYYEEEEEEE nice one mate. Why not throw on a sierra cosworth whaletale rear spoiler. wicked mon. Mind you it takes all sorts so if they are happy then crack on. Now thats enough complaining from me. Im off to fit that series landrover running gear to my esprit and gun turret
  19. Ill take one. Think it looks good. Need one for scooting about town with the Kids so im not burning the £££££££ every day in the Guzzler. Would keep the wife happy aswell so she can use the Beemer for longer journeys. Suppose we will just have to wait and see what comes of this. Cant wait.
  20. The carb pump rod arrived from dellorto today but im away for 2 weeks so that will have to wait. Quick photo of engine bay with new alternator and header tank. Carbs missing. Got the keys for our new house today so Im juggling the car and house at the same time. Garage to be built soon for the Esprit Mike
  21. Got the Alternator, header tank and fuel sender fitted today. Removed the carburetors for strip down/ Inspection and fitted the new spindle bearings. The old ones were tight and caused the engine to over rev after a few miles. Found the carb pump rod clamp was cracked so ordered a new one from Will post photos soon Mike
  22. I sent Andy an email yesterday for my certificate. Got a reply this morning to say its in the post Cant wait to see it. Super quick service Mike
  23. Hi All im back, Just got my S2 out of storage today. Its only a flying visit but I will update soon when I fit new header tank, Fuel tank sender unit, Alternator and if I have time front spoiler and door window frames. Mike
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