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  1. Does the small carbon wing at the back of the slatted engine cover on the GT410 Sport really produce an extra 39kg downforce at 150mph compared to the normal 3 part wing of the GT410?
  2. Thanks everyone, so it is down to engine mapping to free up a little more torque....which makes sense but doesn't explain why lotus uk website gives the same torque figures for both the auto and manual...unless they are mapped differently in the UK(less torque than cars for the US market) and are thus mapped to produce the same torque with either gearbox.
  3. Thanks, not sure it refers to the gearing... the quote from Car and Driver Magazine "Every Evora GT features a mid-mounted, supercharged 3.5-liter V-6 that makes 416 horsepower and either 317 or 332 lb-ft of twist; cars with the six-speed automatic transmission get the additional torque." So I'm confused as this is more than stated on the Lotus web site for the UK version of the Evora....Any thoughts on this?
  4. The American motoring magazines all quote a higher torque figure for the automatic version of the Evora GT410, however, the english lotus website gives the same amount of torque for both the manual and auto. I'm surprised that Lotus would provide a different spec engine to the American my question, does the auto Evora GT410 produce more torque only for the American market or is it that Lotus are being conservative with their figures for all other markets?
  5. Would it be possible if someone could help me answer my question, Thank you!
  6. I have a quick question to all the lotus petrol heads out there, I am considering purchasing a new Lotus Evora Gt410, It has been ordered from England and is currently being built. I have booked and reserved one of the cars, however I am not sure whether the latest model of the Evora Gt410 contains a petrol particulate filter, which has now been stated in the latest emission standards given by the EU. Some of the the new Porche cars such as the new Boxter GTS 4.0 have been found with petrol particulate filters, I am wondering if this is the case for the Evora.
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