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    Evora S 2014, MX5 NC BBR 200
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    2bular valved road box + SDCP
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  1. In the unlikely event someone is interested...
  2. I’m booked into Allon White in a couple of weeks, I’m hoping it’s something simpler but ICM won’t be the end of the world. Still using arm signals for now 😆
  3. With that French van, perhaps a remake of this 🤔
  4. Taking advantage of the post-relegation sale, I ordered a third kit with 'Evora 14' on the back. I took a punt with the sizing, ordered L & got it wrong, would anyone be interested in this for say £20 before I try eBay?!
  5. Doug Ashley

    Doug Ashley

  6. Ah nice, yes it was pretty busy by then, I recall we found ourselves behind the world's slowest Focus ST. We’re not local but have family in the area, we were headed to a car meet at the Bird in Hand, before the obligatory Hethel photo. Enjoyed the brief 3 car run 👍
  7. This morning about 10:15, overtook a grey Evora in a lay-by with a Porsche for company. It quickly caught me & the traffic up, shame we weren’t going the same way for long 👌
  8. BBR Super 200 upgrade done, alongside some MeisterR coilovers. Highly recommended to anyone with an NC MX5, might have a chance of keeping the Evora in sight a bit longer now. It was a lot of fun heading to/from BBR in convoy with the (future) Mrs.!
  9. Does anyone have the part number for the ICM? I can’t seem to find this on the B&C parts diagrams.
  10. Ah, they’re doing a great job, the place was immaculate. We didn’t come across them unfortunately, a massage would have been the icing on the cake. One of the owners happened to be up that weekend and showed us around.
  11. Yes that's Candacraig 👍 amazing place. The mountain road is by Glenshee, it was dusk and the light was beautiful, hundreds of deer out as well.
  12. Thanks very much Al, we found a venue we both love, will PM.
  13. Some pics from our recent tour of Scotland looking for a wedding venue. As a nice by-product, I drove the Evora on some stunning roads. This isn't why I suggested getting married in Scotland, honestly.... Also, 1,200 miles on the clock over Easter weekend and not a peep in the 'Spotted' thread, where were you all? 😉
  14. Thanks, doesn't seem like a quick fix, I'll continue with the arm signals for now! 👉
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