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  1. I'm using this two-piece shade in size large. Not a perfect fit but fills most of the screen. Folds up into a small bag, which comes with it.
  2. and my current also there. The Parkway ad was how I found it before it was for sale, googling the specific colour
  3. This is the only thing which irks me about Porsche, seemingly every Lotus review sings the praises of the Lotus, but includes some kind of caveat steering the reader toward a Porsche. I find it very hard to believe most motoring journalists are impartial. The defining factor for me is that I've driven two 911s in the last decade (a 993 and a 997), and I can barely remember them. Capable cars though I'm sure, and in a way I'm glad the masses largely go for them because I now have a rare beast indeed 😎
  4. @62dave It was ok there, not the best/longest track at all, but with a couple of decent corners. The general issue with these things is you don't get many laps, but I'm sure you'll enjoy it. The instructor was very good, they want you to go for it and actually gave me some decent advice.
  5. Just to add to the NA vs. S discussion, I've been fortunate enough to try both. I chose an S because I'm also fortunate that I have kept my MX5 on the side, and that's got the 'thrash it to get the most out of it' character. The S is more of a contrast with this and gives a firm shove in the back, something I'd never had in a road car before. The S still benefits from revs, but there's just less need for it. Incidentally, the NA I tried was at 'Drift Limits' near Hemel. They'd dressed up an NA in 400 bumpers, much like their Audi R8 v8 with a 'v10' logo dashboard 😂
  6. Has anyone used the 2bular valved road box with add-on silencers to get on a track day? I'm considering the odd track day and will switch back to the OEM exhaust if needed, but I wondered if anyone has had any success with the bolt-on solution. I did speak to Jim who thought one or two people may have done this, but it's obviously not the best option if you're regularly on track.
  7. Thanks Jonny, I'll wait for my order to arrive & give the full ASBO system a try first..
  8. While awaiting a 2bular valved box for my MY14 Evora S, I've removed the diffuser and discovered I actually have the 3rd cat. Perhaps an oversight at the factory if this was supposed to be on US only cars at this point 🤔. Anyway, I'm wondering if a cat bypass combined with the OEM valved box will actually sound similar to the full 2bular valved setup. Does anyone have experience of both these setups?
  9. There’s a sudden glut of nice series 1s on the market, with strong asking prices (one or two at the 40k mark).
  10. It’s my main car, but I drive once a fortnight at the most. That will increase after lockdown, but then my MX5 (currently out on loan to a family member) will return and I’ll be spoilt for choice. My partner's Golf does the heavy lifting, but I’m sure she’d agree that would be first to go out of the three..
  11. I'm almost certain it's this exact car: I spoke to Silverstone when searching for mine last year and they sold this in 2018. I didn't hear back assuming the owner was not willing to sell at the time (Aug/Sep), but the MOT mileage history matches up. It sounds to me like the latest owner wanted an IPS, ran out of patience and went for a manual, and after a couple of weeks decided they can't manage day-to-day with it. Cleaned up I suspect this is a very decent example.
  12. Will's ad has only just disappeared from PH, I'm sure it was also 39k. It sold on 25th Feb going by Will's FB page.
  13. Thanks, it was more a styling decision rather than functional. I think it works well with my car, but it’s obviously not the best choice for peripheral vision 😎
  14. Not too sure how they compare with others on price, it was £235 plus return postage for alcantara with a central marker. The finish is very good, I’m impressed by the stitching. They seem to have a good range for customising materials/colours, and have done a wide variety of jobs, which is the main reason I went for them.
  15. Fitted my retrimmed wheel today, done by Edge Automotive. Much improved vs. the old slippery leather
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