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  1. Apologies, this is a fairly delayed 'spotted', but I've only recently become a Lotus owner and found the forum There used to be a yellow Elan parked up in the Paddington area of London, and often driving down Westway/A40/A501 at commuting times. I escaped London life in 2017, but if this was your car I just wanted to say what a cracker it was. It's part of the reason I ended up with something from the Lotus family, and previously drove Japanese imitations (MX5..).
  2. Thanks Ian, much appreciated. (I was planning to reconnect the battery without the airbag, but just thought it was worth checking whether this might cause any issues.)
  3. Looks superb! I'm about to do this to mine. I have a quick question while I'm here: did you reconnect the battery (presumably without the airbag reconnected) while waiting for the retrim, or leave the battery disconnected? thanks, Doug
  4. @PaulCP Thanks for the help, I may well have a go, I could do with a new project
  5. @PaulCP I'm considering adding DRLs to my 2014 S1 like this. Did you fit them yourself? I fitted some to my old MX5 but I suspect that was an easier job with the location of the fusebox and the fact it was an MX5-specific kit/instructions. The wiring enabled them to have the right functionality, i.e. automatically switching them off when dip/main beam is engaged, and not having the rear lights on when it's just the DRLs. If you got them fitted by someone else, was it costly?
  6. Quite an interesting ad on eBay at the moment: I imagine this has been discussed somewhere on the forum before, but this was the first I'd heard of the 414E.
  7. The wiper speed still moves, but I do still have to go to the effort of reaching it. Unfortunately the prototype cheese versions failed a few tests.
  8. Having immediately agreed with the reviews on my first test drive that the Evora's indicators/washers are too far from the wheel, I’ve done something about it. A couple of these bike brake pads and some cable ties later, I can now move the stalks much more comfortably. This might not be to everyone’s taste (especially in this kind of proper car), but thought some might want to try it. If you get the cable ties the right place, they seem pretty sturdy. Happy indicating
  9. @mik I'll be going for a 2bular back box only, it's fast enough for me as it is @Kristof Thys should be within my abilities... thanks
  10. I'm thinking of fitting a new valved box to my 2014 Evora S. I've fitted exhausts before but never with a valve, is there anything I'd need to be particularly aware of when disconnecting/connecting the electrics?
  11. Happened a bit later than the weekend, but I can tick the Lotus box now:
  12. So it's finally happened... I started my search 27 years ago (all the way back in April 2020), and I'm glad I waited rather than going for what was available at the time. One of the exact cars in the old ads I found for nightfall blue cars came up, through Will Blackham. I'd let Will know about my preferences and luckily he was offered the one previously for save at Parkway within a couple of months. It's a 2014 S, with all the packs & suedex interior, so I think essentially an SR without the black paint. Drove it home yesterday in time for lockdown 2. What a car. Just tw
  13. Noteables: 1. Peugeot 205 'junior' 2. Vauxhall Corsa GSi 3. Ford Capri 1.6 mk3 (1979) - this was in 2006, and it was beige 4. Mazda MX5 1.8 mk1 5. < era of boring cars > 5. Mazda MX5 1.8 mk1 6. Mazda MX5 2.0 mk3 (written off...) 7. Mazda MX5 2.0 mk3.5 8. This weekend, all being well..... Lotus Evora S
  14. Have you found a dry spell to see what it's like Troy? I'm waiting to view a similar one when it's back from a service.
  15. Thanks Jonny, much appreciated
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