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  1. Ah sorry- it seemed enough of a coincidence to assume, and I thought I recalled it being an auto but this may have been the GT410 parked out the back near mine. For what it's worth, I thought the light blue worked incredibly well in the flesh.
  2. 23/05/21 according to when I took these pics. Went along in mine, but arrived a bit late and ended up hidden round the back 😂 Good Lotus turnout that day.
  3. I was in the Evora*, shared a wave yesterday afternoon, hope you enjoyed the S bends before catching up the queue! *testing out the BOE cold air intake I bought from @92spicer - a world of new noises!!
  4. (jumping on the bandwagon... sorry Bibs...) If anyone is keen to make their Esprit mildly famous, but misses out on this, I'd be happy to make a video of you driving it. Catering and light refreshments also provided. I may struggle to arrange a factory tour though, unless you want to tag along with me & my Dad when we head to the Triumph motorcycle facility this winter! Please send a DM if you might be interested 😎
  5. I'm chuffed with the results - Pro Detailing in Stotfold, Gary there was very knowledgeable. It's certainly not going to change how I use it Rambo, don't worry 😉 The main aim was to fix a couple of paint issues & get the wheels in better order, the rest was just a case of 'while it's there, we might as well just......' It's never quite popped as much in the sun as it did yesterday, but this is probably the best it'll look for a while now 😂
  6. Took the Evora home from the detailers today, after a few paint corrections, machine polish, some PPF and wheel refurb (including a new set of PS4S) 😁
  7. That's the one, lovely spec.
  8. I've seen a picture of exactly that spec on the forum somewhere, so at least one does (or did..!) exist.
  9. Some more on synthetic fuels: Harry Metcalfe also did a video a few months ago, & is now running an old Rolls/Bentley on the stuff. As part of a range of solutions, I think this is something to be optimistic about. Just need the proper investment..
  10. Hi all, I have a couple more out now: If anyone would be so kind as to watch/like/subscribe to the channel, I'd be very grateful. If you do fancy a drive / drink / lunch (which we just happen to film!), please give me a shout
  11. I'm just pleased it's a number greater than zero
  12. Thanks both, yes it seems restoring one with an original engine is the most sensible choice at the moment. Especially considering performance isn't really a concern for how I'd be using it. Cheers,
  13. Ahhh thanks, either of those greens are the dream Going by the MOT history mileage, I'd guess the ad is from early 2021, and it hasn't done much since. Just curious if it had popped up here as it's pretty much how I would have specced one. The plan at some point is to either get an Elan+2 with some work needed, or upgrade the S to a Sport 410 with the carbon seats... The UV Sport 410 is lovely Justin, but I'm not quite in a position yet to be able to make the move - good luck with the sale.
  14. Just out of curiosity, has anyone come across this one in the wild? (A motorsport green sport 410 manual is probably the only model which might eventually tempt me out of mine...)
  15. Hi all, Just in case anyone is interested, I have started a series of classic car 'owner stories' videos, with the first example released here: It would be wonderful to have some Lotuses on the channel (other than mine!) or anything else old & interesting. If you would like a film of you & your car made, heading out for a pint/tea/coffee on me, please get in touch! Many thanks, Doug
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