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  1. Hi all, Just in case anyone is interested, I have started a series of classic car 'owner stories' videos, with the first example released here: It would be wonderful to have some Lotuses on the channel (other than mine!) or anything else old & interesting. If you would like a film of you & your car made, heading out for a pint/tea/coffee on me, please get in touch! Many thanks, Doug
  2. Thanks very much Cet 👍 Yes it’s a superb place, very much looking forward to another trip up next year.
  3. Some shameless self-promotion but here goes... I've been dabbling with the cameras in recent times and have a few videos of the Evora up, the latest one being: There's one of the Scottish highlands as well, I put a few pics of that road trip up on here earlier in the year. Rather than the Evora though, the main point of the channel is the classic car 'owner stories' video which I hope to do a few more on, the first example being the Triumph 2500. Channel: Anyway, if you're kind enough to check it out & subscribe, I'd be very grateful 👍
  4. I think given we are probably now a 'hot territory' in the UK, I'll look into fitting this. If you don't mind expanding on the process a bit more, presumably all that's needed are parts 11-17 on the page below? Can this plug into something already in the engine bay, to be controlled by the ECU, or did you set up a new wiring circuit specifically for this? TIA, Doug
  5. Enjoyed a fun nightfall blue convoy earlier, heading west from Barton-le-Clay.
  6. Got chatting briefly to a guy at the local garden centre after we pulled up in the Evora ( unplanned visit to get some compost, because otherwise we'd have taken the Golf!). Owner of an Exige and had an Emira on order. Just thought I'd pop this here in case you're a forum member, nice chatting 👍
  7. How well charged is the battery? In the early days I hadn't realised how old my car's battery was, and the charge fell to a level low enough that the boot release mechanism was making a noise, but wasn't actually moving much. Hooking up a power source to the fuse board gave it sufficient voltage to release. New battery immediately ordered/fitted after this! Similarly, the manual cable was next to useless, so I've fitted the mysterious backup option (I'm happy to DM for details, but it requires the boot to be open to actually implement).
  8. Just resurrecting this as I have a desire to fill the space in my garage with a long term project... Rescuing a neglected Elan+2 in need of an engine would be an appealing prospect, and fitting a Ford lump as a stop-gap appeals. Some options/thoughts: - Zetec 2.0 or Ecoboost 1.6 4 cylinders (these seem to be used in lots of kit cars) - Ecoboost 1.5 3 cylinder (lightweight, powerful, interesting sound, but likely to be problematic with modern electrics & gearbox fitting) - An MX5 engine/gearbox Has anyone got any experience of an engine swap in a +2, and/or any general wisdom? (other than 'that's a terrible idea'! 😉)
  9. Seconded. A similar green is being put on the Eletre, so perhaps with some arm twisting.. 😉
  10. Just to follow up, the issue was the ICM. It’s now replaced and I’m using Bosch traditional indicator bulbs from now on…
  11. Lovely looking Exige in Hitchin Monday evening 👌 surprisingly quiet, presumably set up for the track.
  12. Local meet earlier tonight 🤩
  13. I did some adjustment at the rear end of the cables recently due to fitting the Aerie short shift kit. It was surprising how only half a turn of the rob ends made big differences at the front & the amount of fine tuning that can be done. At the front end, is there much that can be done to remove slack from the system? I'm happy with the overall setup now, except there is a bit of play in the lever mechanism itself, particularly it feels like cross gate there is a few mm of gear lever movement before the cable starts to move. It's not actually noticeable while driving, but thought I'd ask if there were any options here in the name of perfection (short of the £1k Inokinetic full gear shifter mechanism!). Your helpful pics Mik mean I might be willing to open up the front end (I tend to avoid interior work) 👍
  14. In the unlikely event someone is interested...
  15. I’m booked into Allon White in a couple of weeks, I’m hoping it’s something simpler but ICM won’t be the end of the world. Still using arm signals for now 😆
  16. With that French van, perhaps a remake of this 🤔
  17. Taking advantage of the post-relegation sale, I ordered a third kit with 'Evora 14' on the back. I took a punt with the sizing, ordered L & got it wrong, would anyone be interested in this for say £20 before I try eBay?!
  18. Ah nice, yes it was pretty busy by then, I recall we found ourselves behind the world's slowest Focus ST. We’re not local but have family in the area, we were headed to a car meet at the Bird in Hand, before the obligatory Hethel photo. Enjoyed the brief 3 car run 👍
  19. This morning about 10:15, overtook a grey Evora in a lay-by with a Porsche for company. It quickly caught me & the traffic up, shame we weren’t going the same way for long 👌
  20. BBR Super 200 upgrade done, alongside some MeisterR coilovers. Highly recommended to anyone with an NC MX5, might have a chance of keeping the Evora in sight a bit longer now. It was a lot of fun heading to/from BBR in convoy with the (future) Mrs.!
  21. Does anyone have the part number for the ICM? I can’t seem to find this on the B&C parts diagrams.
  22. Ah, they’re doing a great job, the place was immaculate. We didn’t come across them unfortunately, a massage would have been the icing on the cake. One of the owners happened to be up that weekend and showed us around.
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