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  1. Wonderful variety of metal here. Probably not worth posting a picture of our other household car, my fiancee's e-Golf ("Evie" for obvious reasons). @jep Clio 200 I'm guessing?
  2. Apologies if there is already a thread about this*, but I thought it might be interesting to see what people drive when it's not the Lotus (although as a rule that should be in very limited circumstances... 😉). Here's our MX5, I was fortunate enough to be able to keep this alongside the 'proper' car, as it's also immense fun. It's also wearing the correct livery, so I couldn't let it go... It's soon getting some BBR treatment to make it go & sound like it should 😁 *the nearest I could see was the car history one.
  3. Send me a message if you’d like a chat or have any specific questions, otherwise I might be able to add a few general steps/pics to this thread when I next take the airbox off for another job (should be sometime in Feb).
  4. I can't comment on interchangeability between Exige/Evora exhausts (although I believe there is some overlap). However, if you're planning on fitting the remote controlled valve from Elise-shop, and would like any tips on fitting, let me know - it's a job I've done recently.
  5. Just resurrecting this topic for some advice. I'm fortunate enough to have an excuse to visit Canada at the time of the Canadian GP next year. There is a family wedding in upstate New York the weekend after the F1, so we're planning a trip around these events (Omicron or subsequent variants permitting...). My question, if anyone is able to help - is there a car hire company who would let me pick up in Montreal, and drop off in Boston? (both at the airport) From what I can see, the car hire sites generally say this is possible, but then when I do the search there is nothing available. A round trip from Montreal might have to be the plan.. As a UK national, is crossing the border by car a reasonable process? I've seen a particular form is required but I don't know if they tend to hold you up for ages. Thanks in advance for any assistance 👍
  6. Yes the valved 2bular in loud mode effectively creates a straight pipe system. Just the manifold (with pre cats) and the middle/2nd cat, then a clear run to the exit. Awesome sound but too much for some (myself included).
  7. The SDCP was part of some of Jim's track exhaust systems, which I thought would do the trick to achieve what I wanted. Jim then put this on the site: It has no packing materials, instead it's a series of mini chambers & baffles to cancel out certain frequencies. Apparently it gives about a 5db drop in volume, which for me took it from ASBO to acceptable.. Yes more than happy for you to have a look, the car is currently SORN as I wasn't expecting to use it this month or next, but you're welcome to hear it running on the drive. Send me a PM if you'd like to arrange something 👍. Otherwise will let you know if I'm down that way when I'm back on the road.
  8. @92spicer if you're still fettling with the exhaust setup, I would recommend trying the silenced decat pipe (SDCP) in combination with your valved 2bular. I initially went for the valved 2bular this spring, and quickly realised loud mode was far too loud for my liking. I found it a bit boomy around 40-50mph, and too attention grabbing. A couple of times I was actually heard clearly about 3 miles from home, as the crow flies.. I've now had a SDCP made up as an exact match for the 2bular plain decat pipe (when I suggested/requested this setup, Jim required me to send up the plain pipe to ensure the SDCP was made within tolerance). This has transformed the system and it's now perfect to my ear, probably 8/10 as opposed to 10/10 before. In loud mode it's still got all the character, but at a volume I'm happy with in any scenario. I could also switch back to the plain pipe eventually as my hearing starts to go 😉 Just to note, I have had some trouble with the valve control solenoid. It's not responding to the ECU, so it's a choice at the start of each trip whether I'd like it loud or quiet using a manual switch added to the vacuum pipes. However, I'm fitting a radio controlled valve soon & will hook it up to the garage door controls on the roof. Apparently in quiet mode it's still a straight through design, so there's no need to be concerned about back-pressure (but due to heat possibly damaging the valve I would never run in full quiet mode to get on a trackday, for example).
  9. Yes, the blue one at Henry was on Auto Trader for 43k, 20% mark up..
  10. Please can I refer you to the *four decades* of Eurosceptic whining, moaning and examples of how the EU were a massive problem. Ultimately, I just see people playing down the impact of Brexit, or claiming dubious benefits from it, and want to try to balance the scales. I'm saddened by the 'us vs. them' attitude this has unleashed in our view of international relations and want to see a more collaborative approach. In my job, I have put it behind me and I'm working in a post-Brexit environment to try & make things work in the situation we're in. A few comments on a forum isn't slowing the UK down, but might have some tiny impact on public opinion & ultimately lead to change (I'm not the only one on the only forum doing this). What would be the point of this thread being nothing but positive spin? Rejoining the single market and customs union perhaps 😉
  11. Yes we have pretty poor journalists, I trust the media about as much as I do the government. There is a lot of information out there but all needs to be filtered. It's difficult to draw conclusions based on every case, and Brexit isn't ever the only factor.
  12. I would love to see one.. Whether or not jobs are lost in each example, they are all examples of business activity or resources avoiding the UK because it is now more complicated and expensive to operate here, if your international ambitions include trade with our closest neighbours. It is quite telling that you readily accept the Shell move as a Brexit benefit, but go into detailed scrutiny for examples of the problems Brexit has caused. In true playground style - they started it with the Shell story 😉 Sorry, perhaps I'm feeling a bit embittered this week due to receiving yet another £££ customs charge after buying something from Holland (which was not available in the UK). My mood is surprisingly good given the state of the country. The British default seems to be 'oh well, things could be worse', but as a patriot I have the imagination to realise that things could be far, far better and it's frustrating that (in part) it is self-inflicted. We've made things more difficult and expensive, for... control? I don't feel like the country is under any sort of control of ordinary people. But rather than sit here and just point out the problems, I also have a solution (well, second option after taking the Lotus for a spin) - proportional representation (like most of the civilised world has adopted). With this, we would have had a far better compromise reflecting the entire country, rather than giving 100% control to a minority group and an extreme outcome. Have you removed MPs' extra jobs from the figures? 😉 In other other news, inflation is spiking and we had lower GDP growth than the Eurozone in Q3 2021.
  13. I’m not sure how a list of links to news stories, of a wide variety of independent sources for 272 examples (and counting) of work moving away from the UK where Brexit is quoted as a factor, can be described as sensationalist reporting. I agree the dig at one political figure in the article is really unhelpful, perhaps I should have pasted the 272 links myself & avoided the article. Shell appear to have moved to avoid the Dutch applying tougher tax and environmental standards, after a couple of court battles. Brexit Britain to the rescue, with our current lax attitude to such matters..
  15. In case you've not seen this one:
  16. Hi Keith, superb idea & execution 👍 +1 for the list for any future production. Happy to pay for it plus shipping.
  17. Thanks 👍 I’d not be too concerned about NA/S, but interesting to know.
  18. Ah interesting. I’ve no current plans to switch, but I may want to go to a 2+2 at some point and wouldn’t mind a late series 1 in MS green. Nice to know one exists! (assuming it is 2+2). Is it an S?
  19. @LotusLeftLotusRight great picture above, intrigued by the motorsport green one, is that a sports racer?
  20. Firstly, I confess I may well have over-simplified the issue, claiming (at the end of a bit of a rant) that 'it is happening'. I'm sure there are no examples of news about the EU being over-simplified to sell papers over the last few decades... 😉😉 I've not found any direct evidence that it is the supply chain issues causing the increased volume of sewage reported all the way round the south coast of England in recent weeks. However; - The environment agency act on behalf of the government in response to the situation they find themselves in, and the relaxing of the rules is published on the government website (indeed in the BREXIT section of the website...) - The article I shared highlighted the relaxing of the rules is in response to the real risk of chemical supply shortages. (Apologies, I thought you could see a small number of Independent articles before getting to the paywall). - There have been reports of high water pollution levels in recent weeks, including some effects reported in the right wing press alongside an update on the latest government activity: Overall it's a clear example of the UK & Brexit having resulted in companies not having to comply with previous rules which were put in place to protect the ordinary person & the environment. How were you able to determine that water companies had not yet applied to use the relaxation in the rules? It may well be true that the supply shortages have not yet had a real impact, but even if this were the case I'm sure you agree the risk has increased at least temporarily?
  21. The government is apparently behind the recent changes, giving the green light. There is a correction in the article, it’s not raw sewage but 'risky' having not had all the usual treatment steps. I believe many conservatives would not recognise this government as conservative, as per @RobinB5
  22. It’s difficult to know where to start with answering that. Perhaps with some examples of behaviour/performance which would have seen the PM & members of the cabinet lose their jobs in any other industry. - The negligent initial Covid response. Described in a cross parliamentary committee report recently. - Placing Covid hospital patients back into care homes without a negative test. - The biggest economic slump from the pandemic in the G7. - Signing a 'fantastic oven ready deal' which they limited parliamentary time to scrutinise, then threatening to renege on this international legal agreement less than a year later. - Prioritising party donors (gov. contracts, peerages etc.) - Patel having broken the ministerial code more than once. None of which resulting in any consequences to the individuals, due to the party being given 100% of the power from a 43.6% vote share. Some of these aren’t limited to this government, and this kind of thing has always happened. However it seems to me that there is a historically large amount of piss taking (or river sewage discharging…) going on. Yes they might be voted out within 5 years (if Johnson doesn’t change the fixed term parliament act…), but the majority have and will continue to vote for something different, while FPTP just delivers more of the same. Interesting comment about the Scottish government, some parallels with Westminster blaming the EU for everything. Getting a bit off topic now though. I’d be interested in people's views on the latest Brexit development, i.e. raw sewage being pumped into our rivers & coastlines due to a lack of imported chemicals…
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