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  1. The Sharps are very similar. Even to the extent of the missing buttons (now replaced)!
  2. Interesting puzzle why so many S2 Esprits have a Sharp radio cassette fitted. In the case of my JPS #40, it has had a Sharp RG-5850 fitted for many years, whereas the Service Parts List and Certificate of Provenance both say "Hitachi Digital". Is it just possible there was a disconnect at Lotus between the engineering office and the factory, and that the latter had a container load of Sharp radio cassettes to shift?
  3. Hi @LOTUSMAN33. I do not seem to be able to hear any sound from the woofer in JPS #40, although the two door speakers (non-original) work. The Service Parts List for the JPS indicates that there should be a crossover unit fitted. Any idea where it should be located and any thoughts on trouble shooting a silent woofer?
  4. Hmmm! There are clearly differences between doors! Would it be inappropriate to use a file to smooth down some of the GRP on #40's problematic hanging rail under the small window?
  5. @peteyg You give a nice concise description of how to get the door card off. In the case of JPS #40 the tricky bit is getting the door card back on! It is very difficult to persuade the upper lip on the back of the inner door card to go back over front part of the hanging rail on the outer door (i.e. at the front of the small window). Brute force may not be the best option! Does anyone have any good methods? Or is it just that I have an awkward combination of fibre glass mouldings to deal with?
  6. There are some existing posts on this topic, but it is perhaps worth a revisit following evolution in the various tyre brand offers. The different tyre profiles between axles (205/60/VR14 on the front and 205/70/VR14 on the rear – as per the handbook) give early Esprits their unique poise and handling. Yet, the conundrum faced by any S1/S2 owner is how to find a set of tyres that (a) have the correct sizes and profiles, (b) are from a classic brand and (c) have matching tread patterns. In 1979, there were various choices that met the three criteria and the S1/S2 original equipment (
  7. Hi @Djs44

    I used to own #44  between 1983 and 1986, when it was registered as HLE 153 T, so I may be able to fill you in on some of its ancient history. Sadly I do not have any paperwork, just the odd photo.

    Also, I must confess that I never seriously took a spanner to it, preferring to leave servicing to the pros, so cannot provide the expert advice on your project that others can.

    I had been wondering what happened to #44 earlier this year – and then Paul Clugston talked me into splashing out for #40!

    Please feel free to get in touch.


  8. Having been lucky enough to own JPS S2 Esprit #44 for a few years during the 1980s, the recent rare opportunity to acquire a well preserved JPS proved irresistible, and I picked up #40 from Paul at UK Sports Cars in Kent during September. Preservation tasks undertaken since then include fitting Dunlop Sport Classic 205/70 R14 on the rear axle, fixing a defective passenger door lock and swapping out the original(?) Sharp RG-5850 radio cassette (which had taken to eating tapes) for a similar refurbished player. Next challenges include tackling oil drips, as well as minor electrical and trim
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