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  1. It would be interesting to see this for other Esprit series – S1, S2, S3 !
  2. Three wet Lotuses braved the weather to enjoy some good company!
  3. Do you have the two U-shaped collar surrounds that should fill the gap between each interior handle and the door card? These should be slipped and clicked into place to give a neat fit between the handle and the card once the handle has been aligned properly. The last step is to tighten up the screws under the handle flap. You should be able to see the two U-shaped collars in the photo below. Sadly not shown separately in the manufacturer's parts diagram. (Must try to do something about the scuffing!)
  4. Yes, quite a few spacers/washers are involved. Getting the door handle rods adjusted to the correct length so that the door opening and locking mechanisms work properly from the inside is quite an art. As is juggling the handle frame to fit back into the door card. Much experimentation may be required with the spacers and alignment of the handle bolts before tightening up. Other suggestions - tackle the doors one at a time and make sure that you can open and close the door nicely from the outside before configuring the interior mechanism. Don't get stuck inside the car!
  5. Have cleared the diary and am aiming to be in the car park by 9.00!
  6. Thanks for the message Chris. Am trying to clear my diary. Will let you know. Rudi
  7. I am looking for the plastic trim surround that clips onto the wing mirror of an S2 Esprit. See pics. Two of LH mirror complete with plastic trim surround. Two of RH mirror with missing trim surround. Anyone have any ideas how I can get hold of one of these trims? I have heard they are an essential part of the aerodynamics! 😉
  8. I have a pair of Dunlop Sport 205/70 R14 on the rear of JPS #40 and Nankang Ultra Sport NS II 205/60 R14 on the front. The PO had fitted Nankang both front and rear, but the Dunlop Sport 205/70 R14 suits the JPS rear axle much better - sadly unavailable in the 205/60 R14 profile. In terms of tyre pressures, the handbook 18/27 psi reflects the 40/60 front/rear weight distribution. After comments from various mechanics I have ended up setting the Nankang at 22 psi and the Dunlop at 28 psi. The combination seems to work. After various groundings on dodgy road surfaces, I would counsel against lowering the specified suspension or the tyre profiles.
  9. Cars over 40 years old are exempt from strict MOT requirements and simply have to be kept in roadworthy condition!
  10. Sadly DEX189T has been grumbling about the weather, so will not be able to make Sunday's breakfast. Best to all. Rudi
  11. JPS #40 would probably be up for the drive over to Hethel. Is there a date yet?
  12. Steve Smith at Revive Car Audio was able to repair the Sharp RG-5850 radio cassette in my JPS Esprit. You may wish to discuss your problem with him. Or, I believe Chrome London have a variety of vintage sound systems for sale. Good luck.
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