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  1. Take a look at Footman James who provide insurance cover for my JPS Esprit.
  2. Footman James typically require an appraisal in order to agree a value when taking out the policy. You can't just pull a number out of a hat!
  3. I also use Footman James for JPS#40. They will cover the appraised value of the car rather than just its purchase price. Reasonable terms depending on annual mileage.
  4. I have used Esprit Engineering in Wiltshire – if that is not too far!
  5. Rudi K

    Esprit footwear

    I find these do the job. Importantly they are not fazed by the inevitable consequences of driving through puddles!
  6. JPS #21 described as "original" and as "Turbo"? That would certainly be one for the books. Grimms Fairy Tales perhaps? Rear tyres look non-spec too!
  7. Probably a good idea to get rid of the sun-roof – it did leak from time to time. My wife found some (grainy) photos of #44 from late 1983 or thereabouts. I'm sure Dave will rise to the challenge of putting this JPS back to form…
  8. I had to pay £280 to tax my JPS #40 last September on the DVLA website, since there was no way to avoid it on the web site. The DVLA then sent me the money back a few weeks later, explaining the 40 year rule. Nuts!
  9. Pleased to see another restoration taking shape. Good luck.
  10. I put Dunlop Sport Classic 205/70 R14 on the rear axle of JPS #40. They have the specified width and profile and seem very nice tyres. Sadly there does not seem to be a matching Dunlop 205/60 R14 for the front axle, so I kept the Nankangs that were fitted by the PO.
  11. Rudi K

    Oxfordshire meet up

    Sorry you missed the Bull & Butcher yesterday. Why not propose a date/venue when you will have your Evora back on the road!
  12. Rudi K

    Oxfordshire meet up

    Hi Jonny, I am based near Great Missenden, Bucks. Not too far from Oxfordshire! As a first spring session on Saturday 17th April, I would propose the Bull & Butcher at Turville, RG9 6QU, 01491 638 283. As well as the JPS, I am hoping to bring along one or two local classic car enthusiasts plus spouses. Probably arriving around 2 pm. Naturally, the more the merrier, although I am afraid there is not much notice this time. If planning on lunch rather than just drinks, perhaps wise to call the B&B soonest to fix a table, as they have been busy this week.
  13. Rudi K

    Oxfordshire meet up

    Are there any proposals for meet ups now that country pubs are finally opening again?
  14. “I have to brake with my left foot, then I can keep my right foot on the gas…” Magic!
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