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  1. JPS #21 described as "original" and as "Turbo"? That would certainly be one for the books. Grimms Fairy Tales perhaps? Rear tyres look non-spec too!
  2. Probably a good idea to get rid of the sun-roof – it did leak from time to time. My wife found some (grainy) photos of #44 from late 1983 or thereabouts. I'm sure Dave will rise to the challenge of putting this JPS back to form…
  3. I had to pay £280 to tax my JPS #40 last September on the DVLA website, since there was no way to avoid it on the web site. The DVLA then sent me the money back a few weeks later, explaining the 40 year rule. Nuts!
  4. Pleased to see another restoration taking shape. Good luck.
  5. I put Dunlop Sport Classic 205/70 R14 on the rear axle of JPS #40. They have the specified width and profile and seem very nice tyres. Sadly there does not seem to be a matching Dunlop 205/60 R14 for the front axle, so I kept the Nankangs that were fitted by the PO.
  6. Sorry you missed the Bull & Butcher yesterday. Why not propose a date/venue when you will have your Evora back on the road!
  7. Hi Jonny, I am based near Great Missenden, Bucks. Not too far from Oxfordshire! As a first spring session on Saturday 17th April, I would propose the Bull & Butcher at Turville, RG9 6QU, 01491 638 283. As well as the JPS, I am hoping to bring along one or two local classic car enthusiasts plus spouses. Probably arriving around 2 pm. Naturally, the more the merrier, although I am afraid there is not much notice this time. If planning on lunch rather than just drinks, perhaps wise to call the B&B soonest to fix a table, as they have been busy this week.
  8. Are there any proposals for meet ups now that country pubs are finally opening again?
  9. “I have to brake with my left foot, then I can keep my right foot on the gas…” Magic!
  10. Hi Bibs JPS #40 would certainly be up for a run, government rules permitting. Let me know if you would like to discuss further.
  11. JPS #40 had its Speedlines powder coated last year by Esprit Engineering, who used a "specialist paint mix".
  12. Its nice to see that JPS #22 has been smartened up over the last 5 years: You can see from the photos that the restoration has shown attention to interior detail (gold speaker grilles, gear knob, panel switches, etc.) and the number plate has been changed from GVF 85T to DLH 393T. Looking good…
  13. The Paul Matty Esprit looks splendid. If you can afford the purchase price, you should be able to keep up with the maintenance while having some fun. Probably safer than money in the bank!
  14. There is a recent related thread…
  15. Guess you have seen @GTK bending his windscreen trim in Soup 14?
  16. Hi Ogi I bought a 1979 S2 Esprit last year with 55,000 miles on the clock and so far so good. The previous owner had it checked over before selling by Geoff Downhill from Esprit Engineering, who specialises in these classic cars. Geoff may be able to advise you regarding inspection before buying, the steps needed to get the car back on the road and a reasonable servicing and contingency budget. You really need to drive an Esprit to check you are comfortable with the cockpit size and the driving experience. If the V8 is not up to being put through its paces today, why not check out a working Esprit from another dealer? I love the Esprit gearbox. Perhaps a little fiddly to put into reverse. But accelerating through the up gears is a dream. Likewise changing down for engine braking, etc. The key functional parts for the Esprit generally seem to be available, once you have found your way around the servicing and maintenance network of suppliers, for example, SJS or Lotusbits . Secondary components and trim are sometimes less straightforward. While the parts may not always be original spec, the contributors to these pages always seem to be able to find workable solutions. Its part of the classic car experience! Good luck
  17. I bought the pair of SEAS-10-F-LG on eBay and they arrived yesterday in good condition. They are now fitted and are an excellent restoration back to the original sound system. Many thanks to @v8vantage for spotting them.
  18. Perhaps speak to Paul Clugston at UK Sportscars. He has a reputation for being able to sell Lotus cars at good prices to good homes. I believe he sometimes works on a commission basis as an alternative to buying/selling as a dealer.
  19. The purpose of the thermostat is to regulate the engine temperature at a desired value, say 90C. If there was no thermostat, the engine could simply end up operating at cooler temperatures. Which it has not been designed to do. Take a look at
  20. Reading the Evija battery specs, 2000 kW sounds a lot of power. But then the battery pack only holds 70 kWh. So, running the 2000 plus horses flat out, the battery pack would empty in 126 seconds. Not even my Range Rover can empty its tank that fast! But I suppose you could always run in Eco mode if you actually wanted to drive anywhere. Now, where did I put that fusion generator?
  21. JPS #40 has a similar switch layout to peteyg's S2. The positions of the switches are constrained by the fibre optic connectors (if you still have them). These have to be fitted along the horizontal centreline of the switch panels – otherwise they protrude and make the panels impossible to fit back into the binnacle! This in turn locates the logos of the switches along the centreline.
  22. The S1 and S2 tyre conundrums are very similar.
  23. See my post of a few weeks ago on the refurbishment of the JPS black leather gear knob. The wooden M7 knob B079F4016F available from SJS also fits.
  24. I have no plans to retrim #40 at present, but would certainly be interested to know the cost of the necessary fabric. Perhaps Steve might want to add some to the SJS spare parts collection?
  25. Is there no way to drop the speaker down by getting access to the four fixing nuts (as per the photo), leaving the four bolts in place and finding a replacement speaker with compatible fixing holes? Although I can see getting access to the four nuts is not going to be easy…and probably harder to put back than remove… So your advice to leave well alone may be the best!
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