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  1. Kevin. I thought there was a blue Esprit in the group and did wonder if you were heading for the Tay Bridge. The Perth / Dundee road is fast but boring whereas, I think you'll agree, by Balbeggie Abernyte road is also fast but twisty as well - one just has to watch the corners for oncoming traffic - being a rat run. I hope you all have had a good tour and holiday in Scotland. Today has been a cracker of a day for this area and I believe the next few days will be equally good. I take it your tour ends with the new Jim Clark museum after a night at Dryburgh. I am going to be in the neigh
  2. I've just signed up to the Club and own a M100 S2. I was heading into Perth on the A94 and spotted a procession of 5 Lotuses in close formation (a M100 in dark blue ? leading and a M100 in red at the rear). The middle 3 I could only guess at as they passed so quickly at a bend in the road and it was so unexpected. If I had known I could have dropped up to their hotel as I only live a few miles away like another member. I take it they were taking a scenic route to Dryburgh by heading north up the A94.
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