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  1. Hi all, got it booked in with Essex Autosport as they are very local to me and for a very reasonable price. I have heard Shaun is very much a Lotus Guru! Thank you to Hangar 111 for replying to this thread, very kind of you. Next step will be seeing if I can get esure to pay for the extra costs! Even if they don't I will be happy as I won't have to pay £3k for a new screen lol.
  2. Hello All, I am fairly sure I need to replace the windscreen on my Exige V6S before my MOT next month as I have a star chip on the drivers side. The MOT history does have advisories for the past 2 years stating chipped windscreen but I don't think I will be so lucky to get it through this year as the new owner and a different service centre. I want to do it through my insurance, esure and they use Autoglass. I have had many phonecalls with autoglass over the past week and they have told me they absolutely cannot replace the windscreen without loosening / removing the front clam and they will NOT do this work themselves. So I have been left to organise booking it into a garage to get the clam loosened or removed and then have autoglass go in and do it at the garage. Does anybody know how much labour this would cost? Lotus garages around Colchester are being a little slow to respond and I am anxious to see how much this will be. Thanks, Alex
  3. I ended up finding one and buying one just over a week ago. Couldn't be more happy!
  4. Sorry my bad, should have made it clearer No it is all random places. I changed the battery in the fob today and still seems to be a issue. HOWEVER I have found if I press hard on the back of the fob while pressing the lock button it works, so maybe the battery is loose. Not sure why unlock has no issue though.
  5. I would fine it strange if that is the case because the spair key also has the same issue.
  6. Hi All, I am having a issue where only half the time the keyfob actually locks the car, sometimes I click the lock button and nothing happens. Unlock button works fine everytime. Any ideas? For now I have just been manually locking the car and it is really annoyying! Thanks
  7. AlexUK

    WANTED: Exige V6S

    Yes maybe true. I would particularly like parking sensors though, I did some searching and it doesn’t seem like lotus can retrofit them?
  8. AlexUK

    WANTED: Exige V6S

    Had a chat with Will about this one. Doesn't have parking sensors which is a bit of a bummer for me, also although 44k miles is nothing on these engines I still wouldn't want to put myself in a position where I may be selling a Exige with 70k miles down the line as that is a bit of a unknown area of the market it seems.
  9. Hey all, I am completely new to Lotus but been a huge fan since a young kid. Currently in the market for a Exige V6S. So far I have read through the forums and have a really good understanding of what the car is like and what life is like owning one, I looking forward to joining you in the Exige ranks! My wanted post is here: Thanks, Alex
  10. Looking to buy a Lotus Exige V6S. I am not looking for a roadster and would Ideally like one with AC and rear parking sensors. I am based in Essex and looking to spend up to £35k.
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