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  1. I ended up finding one and buying one just over a week ago. Couldn't be more happy!
  2. Sorry my bad, should have made it clearer No it is all random places. I changed the battery in the fob today and still seems to be a issue. HOWEVER I have found if I press hard on the back of the fob while pressing the lock button it works, so maybe the battery is loose. Not sure why unlock has no issue though.
  3. I would fine it strange if that is the case because the spair key also has the same issue.
  4. Hi All, I am having a issue where only half the time the keyfob actually locks the car, sometimes I click the lock button and nothing happens. Unlock button works fine everytime. Any ideas? For now I have just been manually locking the car and it is really annoyying! Thanks
  5. AlexUK

    WANTED: Exige V6S

    Yes maybe true. I would particularly like parking sensors though, I did some searching and it doesn’t seem like lotus can retrofit them?
  6. AlexUK

    WANTED: Exige V6S

    Had a chat with Will about this one. Doesn't have parking sensors which is a bit of a bummer for me, also although 44k miles is nothing on these engines I still wouldn't want to put myself in a position where I may be selling a Exige with 70k miles down the line as that is a bit of a unknown area of the market it seems.
  7. Hey all, I am completely new to Lotus but been a huge fan since a young kid. Currently in the market for a Exige V6S. So far I have read through the forums and have a really good understanding of what the car is like and what life is like owning one, I looking forward to joining you in the Exige ranks! My wanted post is here: Thanks, Alex
  8. Looking to buy a Lotus Exige V6S. I am not looking for a roadster and would Ideally like one with AC and rear parking sensors. I am based in Essex and looking to spend up to £35k.
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