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  1. Hi All I’ve heard you can get power from the cigarette lighter to power a powered sub . Please does anyone know how to do this ? many thanks !
  2. I too want to do this so keep us informed if you work it out . Currently speaking to a garage to see how we can do this
  3. HSoooo hi all I’m quite new to the forum and new to my exige 350. I recently last week had the komotec 430 kit fitted by Dave @Seriouslylotus from the first point of enquiring,Dave put my mind at ease and answered all my stupid questions 😊. So I’ll cut straight to it . The car was already quick as it had the 370 komotec kit fitted ,so I thought nah no need for more power . But then as you know once you know it’s out there ,it’s a slippery slope to needing it. So today was the day I finally Managed to unleash the full force and ......WTF it’s absolutely brilliant and savage and relentless . The torque just keeps on building and building ,overtaking in a few short seconds and disappearing from site. I also drive an r8 v10 which is remapped etc and this thing feels quicker . It for sure means you have to keep on your toes as it’s rapid and will have the traction light winking at you (which I quite like) but controllable. Im one happy customer and as Dave said “ have fun” Oh don’t worry I bloody will . Thanks Syd Instagram is Brownesydney if anyone is interested in having a look 👍 hopefully will add a video next week once my exhaust arrives
  4. Yeah that’s right . Thanks 3eighty🙏 I thought it must been possible . Don’t know why I was told otherwise thankkyou
  5. HI All Quick question . Has anybody wrapped the lower front clam in black ,just like the updated 430? I think @alias23 has done this but it looks like it could also be painted. I have enquired about a wrap but he has said there will be a fair few lines as there will be a number of pieces needed. Does that sound right? Thanks syd
  6. Hi looking for a set of v 3 rear lights for lotus exige s3 . Willing to pay £1200 for an urgent project 🤙🏼
  7. Hi All quick question. im having some spacers made and he’s asking for an image of the back of the standard 350 v6 wheels to ascertain whether they have a chamfer on the innner to sit on the hub or not . Does anyone have a pic of the back of the alloy wheel please ? Thanks syd
  8. I see . Thanks again for the assistance 🙏🙂
  9. Great thanks Kristof . Don’t suppose you have an idea of the lip for reference? Do you think around 10mm ? Im asking as I may go slightly bigger . Thanks
  10. Hi All Quick question . Does anybody know the lip depth on the wheel hubs of exige 350 s 2015 ? Just trying to work out what spacer depth I can get away with . Planning on 5mm but the supplier is asking lip depth . Thanks
  11. Thanks FF that’s much appreciated thank you 🙏
  12. Thanks kristof much appreciated . Will give them a call!
  13. Thanks kristof. Any idea who has done the 5mm or 13mm or where to order them from ? Many thanks !
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