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  1. Yeah that’s right . Thanks 3eighty I thought it must been possible . Don’t know why I was told otherwise thankkyou
  2. HI All Quick question . Has anybody wrapped the lower front clam in black ,just like the updated 430? I think @alias23 has done this but it looks like it could also be painted. I have enquired about a wrap but he has said there will be a fair few lines as there will be a number of pieces needed. Does that sound right? Thanks syd
  3. Hi looking for a set of v 3 rear lights for lotus exige s3 . Willing to pay £1200 for an urgent project
  4. Hi All quick question. im having some spacers made and he’s asking for an image of the back of the standard 350 v6 wheels to ascertain whether they have a chamfer on the innner to sit on the hub or not . Does anyone have a pic of the back of the alloy wheel please ? Thanks syd
  5. Great thanks Kristof . Don’t suppose you have an idea of the lip for reference? Do you think around 10mm ? Im asking as I may go slightly bigger . Thanks
  6. Hi All Quick question . Does anybody know the lip depth on the wheel hubs of exige 350 s 2015 ? Just trying to work out what spacer depth I can get away with . Planning on 5mm but the supplier is asking lip depth . Thanks
  7. Thanks FF that’s much appreciated thank you
  8. Thanks kristof much appreciated . Will give them a call!
  9. Thanks kristof. Any idea who has done the 5mm or 13mm or where to order them from ? Many thanks !
  10. Hello I’ve been doing research but can’t seem to find a definitive answer. im looking for 5 or 10 mm spacers for my v6 Exige 2015 . Does anybody know where I can buy some or have some made please? or even better someone who has them already ? Many thanks syd
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