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  1. Very nice, congratulations. Enjoy
  2. Thank you , I knew it seemed to easy
  3. Went and collected my car today from Stratton motors, very very happy man tonight. Totally love this car already
  4. Hello Chris, thanks for the welcome and for adding me to your monthly meeting PM. No I haven't collected my car yet, hopefully Saturday week . Can't wait to get driving it. Hope to meet you in the not to distant future. Stu
  5. Hello Gary, Thank you. I will keep a lookout for you on the B roads , which Lotus have you got? A friend of mine used to work at Hangar111 and it's now a place I will be visiting. Stu Hi Kimbers, That all sounds great to me!! I am definitely up for meets, chats and blasts as I am very much a learner when it comes to Lotus. Stu
  6. Hello Buddsy Boi, thank you. I am getting it from your neck of the woods just over the border . Stu
  7. Hello all, I have recently put a deposit down on a Exige 410 sport in Daytona blue. Having not been searching that long this car just seemed to fall into place. All being well I will be picking my car up in a week or two after some PPF and prep. I test drove an Exige 410 and a Cayman GT4, as good as the Porsche was the Exige blew my mind, no car has ever made me feel the way this car did!! Looking forward to lots of meets, chats, drives out for no reason and meeting like minded people. Stu
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