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  1. thanks for the info It has been confirmed it was a “lotus works” car 👍
  2. Recently discovered another of his beauties Possibly a Lotus owned car by the reg number? Does he recall? ATB Oliver
  3. Tank now sorted - Thanks Tony
  4. Wow. What a fantastic history not that I think my car is in the same league I hope the archivist may be able to shed some light onto it. With the LCL reg I am wondering if it was an exec’s car or factory demonstrator / hack?
  5. I assume you were the 2nd owner? I also assume this is you in photo? do you remember if the first owner was lotus cars ?
  6. That is interesting. How did you manage to find out this information- from the archivist? mine was registered 17/03 i wonder if lotus had an assigned batch of plates as there is only 6 between our cars and approx 6 weeks duration? excuse my ignorance. What is an Essex Elite?
  7. Chassis number 1600 ? Would the Lotus archive/heritage certificate help?
  8. I have attached photos as promised. I am a classic car enthusiast and currently restoring a MGB + others.(Lotus was discovered when collecting MG bits from a chap who had it dry stored at the back of his barn) It is certainly going to be mothballed until I get a chance to take a good look and get started. I may be tempted to to part with her to the right buyer. It is such an unmolested honest looking car I thought it would make a good next project and I do like her style. I will look through the history to see where he bought it from. It was in Worcestershire and he part ex'ed an Elan +2 S2
  9. Fantastic - A previous owner. Did you buy from Lotus? It has been barn stored since 2000 ish - Massive service history I discovered it a couple of months ago I will post up more photos, it has never been messed with or damaged / painted from what can see. Did you px it to Paul Matty?
  10. Another question regarding vehicle registration number too. Were vehicles registered LCL(Lotus cars Limited)? Something/someone mentioned this? Works hack / exec cars? This car has the first of the last S1 chassis numbers mentioned above and appears to be quite a while between build data and registration date?
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