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  1. 44 minutes ago, Leigh Greenham said:

    Hi Ian,

    My Elite S2.2 was ordered by the F1 team and painted and trimmed in the colours of the two main F1 sponsors for 1980, Essex Petroleum and Tissot.  So it mimics the Essex Esprit Turbo's colour scheme of dark blue paint with full red leather interior, but with a less obvious red/silver stripe near the sills and small Essex logos on the doors and Tissot on the rear window.  It was rushed through the factory in time to be on the ferry to Belgium for the GP there, then a fortnight later it was in Monaco, then Spain, Germany, Netherlands etc.  A driver took it to the circuits so it could be used by the drivers and ACBC when they arrived.  The factory archivist provided me with some of the car's early documentation, but Clive Chapman found a folder of ferry tickets, insurance cover notes, service requests and a hand-written insurance statement when the driver touched another car with the door mirror in San Remo two days after the 1980 Monaco GP.  Over the years I have owned the car (23) I have visited some motorsport photo archives and found some fantastic photos of the car in the GP paddocks, here are a few from Monaco and Hockenheim.  Lotus sold the car in 1981 after the Essex Petroleum sponsorship deal fell apart and they went back to JPS.

    I think you may be correct about the factory having been issued a batch of reg numbers including a series of LCL prefixes, so perhaps they held back the LCL numbers for cars that would be used by Lotus Cars Ltd staff?

    Copy of Copy of Monaco.tif 4.42 MB · 4 downloads 1737547016_1980Monacopaddock.thumb.jpg.99ae79265303d0ab0b4d4a4b5dabc406.jpg541736835_CopyofaOrientexpress.thumb.JPG.9a3a40829a57a83a2ed3b3b8cabea54d.JPG



    Wow. What a fantastic history 

    not that I think my car is in the same league I hope the archivist may be able to shed some light onto it. With the LCL reg I am wondering if it was an exec’s car or factory demonstrator / hack?

  2. 10 minutes ago, rjwooll said:

    LCL does seem to be a registration used by the factory. Leigh Greenham's Elite S2.2 is very well known; it is the only Essex liveried Elite (Essex blue with a red stripe and red leather), and was apparently owned by Colin Chapman. It must have been one of the first S2.2s as it's registration is LCL852V - only 6 numbers after Ian's car! It is also the car used to create the Spark Elite S2.2 model.

    Good luck with the project!


    Chassis number 1600 ?

    Would the Lotus archive/heritage certificate help?

  3. 5 hours ago, dcorns said:

    I bought it from a Lotus dealer in Worcester, from memory I think it was Graham Williams or something similar. I only sold it when the first Turbo Esprit came out. Not the Essex model. 

    I presume you are going to restore it to its former beauty. If not, let me know. I might be tempted. I spent a few quid looking after it and had Lotus themselves service it. 

    I have attached photos as promised.

    I am a classic car enthusiast and currently restoring a MGB + others.(Lotus was discovered when collecting MG bits from a chap who had it dry stored at the back of his barn)

    It is certainly going to be mothballed until I get a chance to take a good look and get started. I may be tempted to to part with her to the right buyer. It is such an unmolested honest looking car I thought it would make a good next project and I do like her style.

    I will look through the history to see where he bought it from. It was in Worcestershire and he part ex'ed an Elan +2 S2 

  4. 37 minutes ago, dcorns said:

    I purchased that car in Dec 1980. An absolutely beautiful car.  Looks quire sad now. Where was the picture taken? 

    Fantastic - A previous owner. Did you buy from Lotus?

    It has been barn stored since 2000 ish - Massive service history I discovered it a couple of months ago

    I will post up more photos, it has never been messed with or damaged / painted from what  can see.

    Did you px it to Paul Matty?

  5. On 23/09/2020 at 07:31, Straker said:

    I’ve got a set of front seat frames from a 78 S1 Eclat surplus to requirements 




    Pm sent

    On 23/09/2020 at 23:08, Tony D said:

    I've got a tank from a 78 Elite spare. It's the type with the curved steel neck. I have rubbers and the petrol cap tubes all from the same car.

    In the Midlands. PM me if you're interested.


    Pm sent

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