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  1. Yes, I will be there, but on the Sunday. My son and a mate are driving a Fiesta in the Beaufort Racing colours.
  2. I don't know, would that make a difference? But when in sport mode the blank button is inoperable and doesn't have any effect.
  3. So, got the mysterious blank button enabled and, hey Preston, the valves open - fantastic..... But, switch to sport or track and they go quiet again Back to the drawing board.
  4. Apologies if this has been asked many times before, but being new to the Evora (GT430), I am struggling to see where you would put a phone. Any tips?
  5. Just picked up my 2018 GT430 bought from Bell Classics. Absolutely love it. Very engaging after 5 Astons in a row.
  6. Thank you folks, and for the welcome. I am only a few miles from Hoffmans so i will pop in and ask them.
  7. Just bought a GT430 and absolutely love it. The only niggle is that the exhaust flaps don't open up until 4500 RPM ( I know you van override on the 400 and 410). On previous cars (mainly Astons) I have been able to fit a switch to keep the flaps open. Has anyone any experience of this with the Evora? I didsee this advertised in Germany boy don't know if it works: Any help or knowledge would be much appreciated.
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