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  1. Interesting video from Harry’s Garage, always like his presentation style started from when he first presented his Granturismo. couldn’t agree with him more, we actually end up producing more CO2 driving electric cars, whereas the number of miles I do on my classic cars and my Stradale is nothing in comparison. Well, I guess that is why I still don’t see the point of switching. It was not surprising that the number one reason that people switched to electric cars is actually Tax benefit! I have not met anyone yet who switched to electric cars to get better driving pleasu
  2. Finally found a phon holder that does need a suction plate on windscreen, does not need air vent and does not require any 3M double sided tape. Sits perfect ok top of the stereo and costs less than 10 quid from amazon
  3. I don’t understand Why is it difficult for half of the US population to see who Donald Trump is. Do they really think a self-centred, selfish egotistic person to be interested in their wellbeing and interests? His behaviour is always “transactional” - what is in it for me? his speech last night highlighted he did not care about the people or US as a country, he knew that he lost but wanted to start a civil unrest and take the whole country down with him. His speech showed a 10 year old throwing a tantrum because he did not get what he wanted. i just hope that the media stop all th
  4. Hi all, Having just taken over the guardianship of a lotus Esprit S4s that was in Nick's care for 17.5 years, I am in the process of doing some minor cosmetic "improvements"(only have limited technical skill to do the simple fixes). Anyway, I have ordered some leather touch up kit from liquid leather ( aka Gliptone), just thought that others with he same leather colour as mine (dark grey-ish) colour may want to use this opportunity to get some as well. As I had to send in a sample of my leather to ensure a perfect match (actually done this twice as they lost the sample I sent
  5. Thanks for the link. Would this actually light up all 4 lights when using low beam ? I will have the H1 socket on my so obviously would not want to have all 4 lights on when using low beam. Thanks for the advice!
  6. Hi, Please excuse me for asking a question that must have already been asked before, still a newbie here! I understand the UK S4s would switch off the main dipped beams when high beam is switched on. Has anyone modified this so that all 4 lights stay on when using high beam? There are 2 positive wires and one ground for the low beam. Do you just need to run a diode from high beam to one of these wires? Thank you in advance for the advice.
  7. Looking forward to the next meeting when normality returns !
  8. Just subscribed, looking forward to learn a few things about these magnificent cars!
  9. Thanks Colin, I will give them a call tomorrow to find out how much it would cost for 4. It does concern me if there is a risk of breakage though, and I assume that the customer has to agree not to hold them responsible? So I may end up paying for the service and get only 3 or fewer lights back, not sure if I will be willing to risk it. well, I think SJS has the replacement headlamp, but at over £100 each, so I guess rechrome will still be a cheaper option. Looking at all the parts needed, I think it would cost close to £800 to replace both headlights with new parts... so not to b
  10. Well, I have only had the car for a week, but could not help to try and make some easy improvements on my S4s. My car had officially turned 25 yesterday, and was thinking about either upgrading the full light assembly using the PNM LED or just changing the bulbs to LED ones as suggested by Ian. Upon close inspection, I could see that many components are badly corroded, not a surprise really considering she is 25 years old. I just want to know if you have replaced your headlights or refurbished them ? Has anyone refurbished the chrome paint inside the headlights? The refle
  11. Hi all, Having posted an initial post to ask for some buying advice on Lotus Esprit, I missed the V8 advertised on eBay (not sure of seller was/is a forum member), before I started looking at S4s and GT3. Long story short, I was going to give the S4s a miss because it was advertised at UK Sports Cars and I was concerned about the feedback posted in this forum. Fortunately, I then found out from your reply to my post that it was Nick's car @fflyingdog and decided to buy it after I had a chat with him. After all, the car must have been treasured and cared for if it was part of the fa
  12. Hi Chris, have you got any photo showing the PNM Led lights on your Esprit? Would you mind sharing some photos when you have a chance ? Where about are you in London, I may swing by and have a look one day if ok with you. In any case, I doubt that I will be driving Esprit at night but prefer a high performance lighting.
  13. Good morning all, Anyone going to this event - Got an email for an invitation to display my car, but thinking of taking my Esprit (picking her up next week) there on Saturday Oct 10th and just wondering if anyone is thinking of going will be going?
  14. Great, cost effective is always the preferred option, will check out yours hopefully this Friday when I pick up the car. Same bulbs as @Chillidoggy? Yeah, I have the same concern about th modern ones, not sure if if would go well with a car 25 years old, and may not be everyone’s taste, I would prefer to see one in person before I decide. In the meantime, I would probably just use the same bulbs you guys ar using to improve the lighting.
  15. Well, according to Google maps... Public transport - train and underground to Victoria first then a train out. I thought it was quite long, even a bus ride would not have taken that long.
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