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  1. Evening all, I have received the new starter motor today but I am a little confused with the terminals. 1 terminal takes the 3 what I assume are live feeds leaving two spade connectors, in with the kit came a connector with a black wire which I presume is an earth which connects in to a specific terminal on the starter leaving one is the third terminal used if so with what as there is nothing to connect in to it? I am no electrician so please excuse my poor explanation but any help appreciated thanks
  2. Have you finished that drilling yet?
  3. Went out to the car earlier and the engine turned but didn’t fire, but won’t turn now!
  4. Afternoon all, just a quick update, I replaced the FPR with a second hand unit, after 3 cold starts the early indications are that it was a faulty FPR.. the car now starts on the button. Paul
  5. Thanks Ian, yes I asked Mr C to put the word out. I have located one so thanks anyway I appreciate it Paul
  6. Wow just shows if you know what your looking for!! thanks Derek, I will make a point of letting you know how I get on Paul
  7. Hi Derek, I must be missing something I have search everywhere but cannot find, can you send a link?
  8. Hi all, does anyone have a fuel pressure regulator for a 1990 SE kicking around that I could buy or borrow? I cannot find one to buy anywhere in the UK or US. I think I have a problem with mine and could really do with verifying it. Yours hopefully! Paul
  9. Yes absolutely none available and I am not skilled enough to fabricate one. I will put a plea out there to see if anyone has one sitting around thanks
  10. Ok thanks Derek, I may well be wrong, but I think we’re heading in the wrong direction with this. I am still leaning towards the FPRV, but I have no way of checking because I cannot buy one. thanks for your help, and should I find the problem I will let you know what it was.
  11. Is there any way of checking if it’s running lean? Would a free scan tell anything?
  12. Yes I just found the section you referred fromTravis however I don’t have any running problems no fuel starvation or lack of boost. Also there is no smell of fuel anywhere would it be useful to take a pressure reading while cranking and with engine running? thanks And thinking about it we replaced the fuel pump in the hope of curing this problem but it never did
  13. Thanks Derek what is the pulsation damper? I cannot find it in the parts diagrams
  14. Morning all so I have just measured the fuel pressure, on ignition while fuel pump is priming I get a little over 3 bar, but once the pump stops it rapidly drops to around 1 bar. Can I crank / start the car with the pressure gauge attached? thanks
  15. Thanks Derek, the kit should arrive on Saturday so I will let you know what the numbers are. Paul
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