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  1. Thanks Derek, yes that’s what I fitted the cover on mine is blue as seen in the last picture
  2. Actually I’m getting a little confused you mention EPROM and MEMCAL. I thought they were one of the same if not can you explain what each is please? I put the chip if you like from my old ECU in to the new ECU Thanks
  3. Hi Erik I put my eprom in from my SE Thanks
  4. Evening all, I recently had a problem with my ECU that was creating an error code but there was no error, anyway I had that repaired and all is well. While the unit was away for repair I thought about sourcing a spare replacement model number 1228708 for the future as these are getting rare. So I took the plunge and purchased one from the states. The unit arrived in a timely manner and as I hadn’t received mine back installed the spare unit. On first start up after resetting the IAC the car ran fine all be it the idle was a little high then after about a minute the car stalled. Thinking that this might be an ECU learning symptom I took the car for a drive, it continued to stall for the next minute or every time I stopped, however once the car was warm the car ran fine, in fact I would say better then with my original ECU. Feeling pleased after the drive I left the car until the next morning just to check on the stalling symptom, sure enough car fired up perfectly but stalled after 30 seconds or so. Just for clarity I have checked the parameters on freescan an all looks to be fine in my very limited knowledge and I did a relearn starting the car with AC on etc. Does anyone know why this symptom is happening’ again only when the car is cold after 30 seconds or So the car stalls Cheers Paul
  5. Hi all, Cn anyone give me an indication as to where the oil temp sender is on my 1990 SE? Thanks Paul
  6. Thanks for the input Dave, I will have a go with it. Paul
  7. The one I am looking at is in a frame, I am happy the rad will fit but not sure about the frame
  8. Morning Barry, The issue is the frame width, the SE parts manual lists 3 radiators, one of which is the same as the V8. The SJ one has the same part number across the range for their alloy rad. Paul
  9. Morning all, A quick question, will a V8 radiator fit in my SE? Thanks Paul
  10. Afternoon guys, Still working on it, but making progress!!!! Although I have been at this point before so I am going to see how it goes over the next week or two but fingers crossed, however I can say its not vacum related. I will let you all know in the next week or so. Cheers
  11. I don't have them Barry, well I don't think I do what are you referring too?
  12. Evening all, so here's the latest, took the car for a drive tonight, well it wasn't really a drive it was almost undrivable the car was stalking the moment the car was out of gear and it's running was terrible a bit like running on two but it wasn't I am now thinking either electrics or fuel (pump / filter) any thoughts? Paul
  13. No CEL codes or EML light I don't think I have the EML section in my manual I will take a look
  14. To be honest Barry don't know where else to look
  15. Yes for sure the correct one proper fit but I don't understand why it was running at 135 when it should have been much lower on the previous runs it was reading fine also it resets at 170 then goes up to about 230 before dropping is that normal?
  16. I thought it was a long shot pipe isn't collapsing don't really know what pipe it's one of the ones where the relays and bits are at the back of the engine bay could my IAC be sticking?
  17. I found a vac pipe that had a really clean slit in it wasn't sure if it had gone through fully but tapped it up. After that it seemed fine
  18. Back to square one! so on Sunday started the car from cold connected to freescan car ran up perfectly, IAC dropped gradually as did the desired idle and actual idle engine temp at 82 degrees. Did the same last evening exactly the same perfect. tonight came home didn't bother freescaning and bugger me starts fine then slowly the revs go up. I let I run until the engine temp was at 92 degrees with the fans cutting, by now it's revving at about 1800 rpm knowing that if I stop the car and restart all will be fine I decided to freescan at that point Findings desired idle 980 actual around 1800 IAC 135 should have been around 35 TPS sensor showing 1 when should be zero switched off restarted all of the above returned to normal parameters this is driving me mad...
  19. Gents, I believe I have found the fault! However I want to complete a bit more testing I will then let you know what it was thanks Paul
  20. Thanks Derek, I will do it tomorrow and post the values. Thanks for your input too Barry!
  21. I presume you mean a frees an log ? How will I know if the idle rpm is what the ecu is commanding? And what is the ect value and what is correct? thanks
  22. Morning all, I know there has been several posts relating to this topic as recently as the last thread but reading through them all I cannot find any answers or if a procedure recommend has worked! My car more often than not starts and with in a few seconds is idling around 1600 rpm and there it stays, unless I stop the car and restart then it's fine. i have checked tps setting, looked for vacuum leaks but not found any, recently replaced the tps, Its becoming a bit of worry as I think it's getting worse and not really sure what to look for next. any advice very welcome. thanks Paul
  23. Guys I want to share this because I think it's important! A little back ground - my car has always been shall we say a little upridictable or even twitchy when it's come down to handling, and as the car and tyres began to warm so the handling became a little better. I have always ran the Dunlop sp9000 on the front as they were really the only choice if you wanted to keep to spec and always assumed the the poor handling was down to bushes as all the suspension is new. last week I started this post because my front tyres had cracks appearing on the tyre walls, the tread was well over 6mm on each but being cautious thought the best course of action was to get them changed. I eventually went for Toyo 225/50/15 Proxes! This is the bit that I think is very important....... Having fitted these on Friday last I cannot believe the difference! No longer does the car behave badly it's absolutely a joy to drive very predictable no twitching really really bloody fantastic its clearly something that's been building up for some time and I never considered the tyres would have such a massive impact just having side wall cracks but let me assure you it does. Anyway I hope you find this interesting and informative. Paul
  24. Thanks for all the help guys it gives me a good steer cheers
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