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  1. Anyone know if Garrett they are making anymore of these turbo's or where you can get two of them? The Garrett T25 is a TB2531 series The Garrett PN# is 452218-0001 The OEM Lotus PN# is A918E0060F The Garrett Cartridge # (CHRA) is 443854-0146 The Garrett Service kit (rebuild kit) # is 709143-0001
  2. Thanks, they look great
  3. Can anyone recommend a Uk company that can refurb my OZ split rims?
  4. Hi does any one know of a Lotus Esprit 1997 V8 Turbo Garrett T25 for sale anywhere? Thanks Dan
  5. Hi Chris Put me down for one. What else do I need to change out, do I need to change rad pipes? Thanks
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