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  1. Hi guys, whilst I am nowhere near fitting the seats to my Elite Mk1, I took the opportunity to look over, assess and clean them. I cant say I'm fond of the colour but it is what it is, the vinyl cleaned up OK, the cloth less so, but for a 46 yr old car its not that bad. When looking underneath the seat , I think there is a rubber diaphram/ support that's missing, and has been replaced badly with what looks like para cord, can anyone confirm what should be supporting the base cushion and offer a likely alternative. Thanks
  2. Bernard Thank you very much, its a lot better than my current copy, now where's my multimeter😀 Peter
  3. Hi guys, whilst I have a copy of a wiring diagram for my S1, it is a very bad one, that has seen too many photocopiers, and is very small. I have just attached a battery after fitting the dash that a previous owner had removed and NOTHING works, does anyone have a good PDF of a wiring diagram that they could share with me? Thanks Peter
  4. Hi guys, just looking at replacing some fluids in my recently purchased Elite S1, and have seen in the manual Texamatic Type F fluid specified for the PAS, does anyone know a modern compatible fluid that I can use. The stuff that was in there was red, so I'm thinking ATF or any dexron 11 fluid. Any advice gratefully received Peter
  5. Thanks for the replies, the body is off and the engine and gearbox is out, so i'll look at putting it through the chassis and find somewhere to secure it.
  6. Hi Guys, on my 1975 Elite S1 I am having difficulty seeing where the fuel pipe runs along the chassis from rear to front, currently a previous owner has cable tyed a length of rubber hose to the brake pipe, which is obviously not right. I have ordered a new nylon pipe from SJ but where to route it (and secure it to the chassis) Thanks
  7. Hi guys, progressing with splitting the body off my Elite S1, and now it is happily suspended above the chassis. When I bought the car the body had just been temp refitted so no bolts were fitted. I have already seen that there is the remains of a bolt in the Passenger side front suspension tower. Can anyone help me identify the bolt sizes and length by position. I saw an S2 chassis diagram but all the bolts were metric. I'm sure the S1 is UNF/UNC Thanks Peter
  8. What a fantastic job Simon, well done, you are a true craftsman. I've just started on my 503 and you have given me great inspiration, although my attention to detail is lacking. please don't park next to mine at a show.😀😀
  9. Hi guys, I have just bought a project (another one) and after sifting through the boxes that accompanied the shell I noticed the steering lock/ ignition key clamp is broken. Can anyone help me identify which car they came of, or are they Lotus specific? Thanks Peter
  10. Hi guys, thanks for allowing me to be a part of your forum. I have just bought a Lotus elite S1 project (UK reg LLC 800P) there has been a lot of work carried out by the previous owner so it now sports a replacement (Eclat) chassis with new shocks, refurbished brakes and suspension rubbers. However the interior is gutted. so I may be asking a lot of questions. please bear with me All piccies from previous owner Thanks Peter
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