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  1. Confirming that the new firmware fix my odometer reading. Also, like Rudygon, my HVAC lights up now!
  2. Your the MAN! Thanks for looking into this, and getting it resolved!
  3. @ Rudygon - I wish you never shared the pixel like flaw on the bottom left screen. I have an Lotus purchase AIM, and I now see what you pointed out. I never noticed it before and now I can’t help but notice it every time I power up my car.
  4. @ SeriouslyLotus - do you know of there are plans to update the mileage issue? I sent my dash to AIM in the US (California office) to update my mileage. Looks like the mileage was inputted properly as it appears in the “Trip” menu setting (1st picture below). But it displays as “- - - - - mi” on the dash (2nd picture below) on both the analog & digital display setting . I spoke to an AIM tech, and he said it was because the dash could only display up to 5 digits on the main screen, and I had 149,613 miles programmed in. Just thinking this may be a vested interest for you guys in the UK/Europe being on the metric system (i.e. km). I would assume you will eventually exceed 99,999 km quickly and have an issue with MOT, etc. btw - you can see I exemplify the dash’s boot up logo “Lotus for the Drivers” by looking at my mileage 😋
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