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  1. No problem - hope its of help to someone in future. What amazes me is why Lotus didn't use stickers in the first place given the small volume of the cars concerned. It looks like both sides of Evora, Exige and late Elise are now all covered by the same 'text-free' part, whereas previously there were 6 separate parts for that lot, each with the model name text inside the repeater one way up or the other. If there was about 6" more slack in the wiring loom you could do the whole job from outside the car too 🙄
  2. Just a brief update on this for anybody needing to change an Evora side indicator repeater in future: Firstly, as suspected, the only thing that makes the indicator repeaters 'handed' is the text saying 'Evora', which is within the plastic moulding on the original items. Other than that, left and right hand ones are the same. As mentioned above, it seems that these repeaters now come from Lotus either plain or with a union jack logo on them, which implies that Lotus have realised having separate indicators for each side of the last model Elise, Exige and Evora is a lot of separate parts when one part and some stickers would do for the lot. As Lotus seem to have no stock until late October I found a new old stock Evora one on eBay. It was for the wrong side, but a sticker from the link above sorted that (excellent quality and quickly delivered - recommended). In terms of fitting, they're just stuck on to the wing with heavy duty tape, so can be gently peeled off with a credit card or similar. Mine left some sticky reside behind which I managed to gently rub/scrape off. However, for a reason best known to Lotus, there's not enough slack in the wiring loom to pull the cable out through the hole in the inner wing to reach the connector. Consequently, I had to jack the front of the car up, remove the front wheel, and undo a couple of screws holding the wheel arch liner in place. I didn't have to remove the liner completely - by removing a couple of screws near the back of the front wheel arch I was able to gently bend the liner back enough to just get at the connector and disconnect it. From then on it's just reverse of reassembly - feed the new wire through the hole in the wing, clip the connector together behind the wheel arch liner. Check it works, then stick it carefully to the wing (they come with self-adhesive tape on the back), screw the liner back in place, refit the front wheel and you're all set. The whole process took less than an hour. Hopefully that's of use to anyone else in the same situation. Now the old one's off the car, it does look like it may be possible, if difficult, to gently prise it apart (though I've not tried yet). It looks like it'd be very difficult to remove and replace the two orange LEDs fitted within it though. I guess in theory it would be possible if these lights ever get impossible to source, but whilst they're still available it looks a lot easier to replace the whole unit.
  3. Excellent - thanks all. I'll have a look this weekend and report back any findings!
  4. Yup, I'll remove it at the weekend if I get time on the off-chance it's just a wire fallen off, but reading through the forum it looks like it's more likely to be a failure of the unit unfortunately which seems fairly common. They're all one sealed unit incorporating an LED (rather than a bulb), so it doesn't seem to be something that's designed to come apart. Even then you'd probably struggle to find the correct LED I expect. I can suck up paying £70 for a new one (reluctantly) - it's just that they seem to be impossible to get hold of, and the only one I can find is from the other side, hence my wondering if the two sides are essentially the same.
  5. Thanks - although that looks like an issue the main indicator in the front headlight (which sounds like even more of a nightmare!). It's one of the little side repeaters on the wing that's failed in my case
  6. Cheers - yup, I'm hoping they're only handed due to the text, and hence are interchangeable (logo aside). Looking at them on the car they look symmetrical apart from the logo, but it's hard to be totally sure, especially without being able to see the bit that's currently hidden inside the front wing.
  7. I've just had an MOT fail due to one of the side indicator repeaters not working on my 2014 Evora S. From reading through the forum it looks like "Evora" badged ones are no longer available, and the solution is to buy an "Evora" sticker to put over the Union Jack or Exige logo they now come with instead. Hence yesterday I attempted to order a new side repeater and sticker, but can't seem to find a repeater in stock anywhere - they seem to be on backorder until some time in October. I've found a second hand one, but it's the wrong side (it's offside, my nearside one is gone). Looking at them they appear to be the same on both sides. E.g. you could fit an offside one to the nearside fine and the shape would be correct, just the 'Evora' text would be upside down (which could be addressed with the sticker). Does anyone know if that's correct for the original indicator repeaters? It looks like the original parts from Lotus were C132M4015F (LH) & C132M4016F (RH), both of which have been superseded by A142M0015S which suggests they are now interchangeable (presumably as they now have no 'Evora' on them), but upside down text aside, were the original parts also interchangeable? Also - replacement of these - it looks like they're stuck on with tape. Can the whole job be done from outside the car, or do you need to somehow get inside the inner wing to do it? If so, any advice as to how to get at it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! PS: If anyone has an S1 passenger side/near side side repeater available please let me know!
  8. Cheers, I was told it's the same flat grey that Audi use for some of their various sporty models. I don't think there are more than a handful of grey ones about - I've seen photos of a couple of others all of which have the same Norwich 'AU14 B..' plates so I guess Lotus made a few and registered them together for internal use before selling them off. I guess it's a bit of a love it or hate it colour, but I think it looks fantastic with the black roof and sills.
  9. Approximately how much is a warranty on a 12C out of interest? I think they've probably (possibly) depreciated about as far as they're likely to, so I expect that's a fair chunk of the annual costs (assuming you don't accidentally unplug your trickle charger 😉). I must admit I never hugely gelled with my S1 Elise. I had a K-Series Caterham 7 Supersport prior which I changed for a S1 Elise 111S - so pretty much the same car mechanically, but to be honest I preferred the Caterham. The ride was nicer, the seats were more comfortable and the roof didn't leak. Even the hardtop on the Elise leaked like a sieve. Yup, I agree the Twin Cam Europa is the way to go on paper, but there's something about the looks of the early ones, especially with steel wheels and hubcaps. Shocking car really though, and tiny as you say. I've never driven one, but have sat in one and my head hit the roof lining and I'm about 5'11. Perhaps it'd make more sense to invest in another Matchbox one!
  10. This is the only one I've got to hand on my phone (so apologies if it's massive, I don't know if this forum reduces the size of images!)
  11. Funny you mention that, that's exactly the suggestion Hilton and Moss made to me too (they've got an ex-demo going for a reasonable-ish rate apparently). Trying not to drive it though in case I get tempted to spend that kind of money! I'm not totally sold on the looks of the newer models either, though I'll admit that does have a certain presence. I've owned an M100 Elan, S1 Elise, Esprit GT3, classic Elan Sprint and an Evora so far on the Lotus front, and keep hankering after a high-buttress S2 Europa, but somehow have a feeling it may not quite match up to the pleasure my matchbox one gave me as a child! 😀 I do hanker after a 12C as I love the (comparatively) understated 'big Evora' looks, but have heard a lot of horror stories. Not quite brave enough to go there I think!
  12. Thanks Bibs - I may well do that, although I'm not in a huge hurry to sell it. It just struck me that it met Doug's brief and I was pondering a change as the garage it's in currently is going to be demolished in a couple of months. I'll remove the car first though, obviously. 😀 Not sure what I'd replace it with yet though. I have quite a short car attention span normally but I've hung onto the Evora for ages as it's so good to drive. Where do you go from an Evora and not be disappointed? Tricky one...
  13. I'm considering selling mine too if you're interested Doug - it's a 2014 Sports Racer S Manual in grey/black. All the usual SR goodies. One owner, Full Lotus History, 25k miles, just serviced and MOTed. Always garaged, no track use and in immaculate condition.
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