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  1. C19 has definitely slowed things down but I have still managed 10k miles in the 570s in 18 months. I think the two cars are very similar in some ways but also very different. Big power and big boost, pointy and seamless gearshifts vs revvy, manual, feelsome, small.
  2. I had a 12c for 2 years and 22k miles and really enjoyed it. They have steel brakes so much cheaper to run on brakes. My 570 is a track pack car which has been to MSO for some more track biased mods. Blindingly fast and great on the limit but after nearly 2 years I am ready for a change. My local track is Brands and I think the Evora will be well suited. I only need this to be a toy and I have been contemplating buying a 3 Eleven and having a custom screen made so I don't need to use a crash helmet. For a toy and the odd track day I think
  3. Thanks for the replies. Jep, part of the attraction is the cost to run including track days, brakes on the mclaren are not cheap! Jerzybondov, that looks exactly like the car Bell and Colvill let me have for a few days. Pic attached. I will check out Komotec. I didn't actually feel that the 410 lacked power, I just like to tinker! Love that blue!
  4. Hi all, new guy here. I can't stop thinking about the Evora 410 I had recently as a courtesy car. I dearly love my Mclaren but am thinking of changing it for an Evora GT430 sport. There are a few reasons but mainly because I think it suits my driving requirements better now. I loved being back in a manual, I loved the size of the car for B roads, I handling and braking and of course the noise. I am trying to make a decision and have some questions that hopefully Evora owners can help me with. - There is a 430 GTE and a GT430 sport, are there any differences
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