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  1. Hi had great ambitions to daily it more than i have so far. Winter came in pretty hard up here with snow/ice/ salt so it is tucked up for the winter now. I think going forward it will be more a special occasion car. I bought a Mondeo estate as a hack car/ work car. had it 9 weeks before i cracked with it (front wheel drive and horrid 2.0 deasil!) and bought a lovely e91 BMW 330i manual! Think i have my perfect 2 car garage now!
  2. That cool to hear. I will try to take good care of her Cheers Paul
  3. When i was looking for one i was worried it would be too flashy but when i saw it in the flesh i knew i had to have it! Always get positive comments etc also so that is good! It has this stunning pearl coat that changes colour in different lights and i just think it looks amazing with the shape! Amazing more people didn't go with the orange cheers Paul
  4. Thanks for the info guys, i'll settle for second car delivered and first car in Scotland! ha ha just to correct my earlier spec my car actually has the charcoal interior not black. Many thanks Cheers Paul
  5. just checked the service book and indeed this is my car! This is really cool to see! a wee bit of history for my car does anybody know how many burnt orange Evora LE's were made? Cheers Paul
  6. So i think i have the first orange one but i thought the LE colour was Burnt Orange not Chrome Orange (that is what is says on my service book) I think it may also be the first car sold in the uk? (that's what i got told my the garage that services it) so anyway happy to be included on the register PDI date is 01-09-2009 (don't know build date sorry) Burnt Orange with black interior Cheers Paul sorry forgot the reg! it is SN59 JYO
  7. I was hoping it would maybe sneak through but sadly no! Oh well, hopefully it will be worth it!
  8. Tax and duty has come in at £98 so £583 total. arriving on the 10th so hope to get it fitted soon Cheers Paul
  9. I paid £485 for it including postage direct from BOE in America. Don't know what the import tax and customs charges are going to be yet! Sort of hoping customs are so busy trying to prep for brexit they just let i through! ha ha! would be interested to see the figures. I am mainly getting it for the noise and throttle response but some extra horses would be nice as well
  10. answering my own questions here but just ordered the BOE CAI in there black Friday sale (10 percent off) excited to see what difference it makes!
  11. Hi all Enjoying my 2009 launch addition Evora but it is living out side right now (outdoor car cover on the way) and i have really bad condensation/ water in both headlights. Watched the video online about how to bake it in the oven to open it and reseal it but i don't think I am brave enough to do that with the cost of replacement and limited DIY skills! Can anybody recommend somewhere that does a reseal and reverb service (they need polished up as well) I am happy to take them out and send them away to be done. Many thanks Paul
  12. ah right cool, that is annoying with the TPMS, I quite like it, good to see the pressures rising up and down as you drive easy and harder! I swear the car is playing tricks on me the speed it can corner and i will don't feel like i am working the tyres hard and the steering is to light and wonderfully accurate but not a hint of understeer. It is abit freaky to be fair! ha ha Chees Paul
  13. 33.5 front and 36 rear for my 18/19 wheels but the lower pressures do seems a little better. Something more to play about with a little. Cheers Paul
  14. I wonder if the guides from lotus were meant as cold or warm pressures? with the TPMS onboard you would think it would be warm pressures? For me the lower pressures when cold but up at recommended when warm makes more sense for sure. Cheers Paul
  15. As an update i got the TPMS sensors, all work great. Also have the new PS4's all round. grip is mind-bending! I have mainly driven it in the wet (Scotland in November) and it is just bonkers the speed it can corner! Dropped the pressures to 30 front and 33 rear which come up to 33 and 37 hot (normal driving) and that seems to be a great compromise between grip comfort and economy. In other updates I think I am getting to the bottom of my water ingress issue. Seems to be coming from the front bulkhead (just to the right of the steering Colum out of a hole which is a bolt or a rivet?) any help on how to fix much appreciated! (assuming i just need to seal it up!) it is not a bad leak but still annoying! other than that the car is incredible, I just can't get over the steering and ride. it is just magic. I am still just scratching the surface of what it is capable of. also really enjoying having a slower car.... my licence feels alot safer!
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