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  1. Hi all Enjoying my 2009 launch addition Evora but it is living out side right now (outdoor car cover on the way) and i have really bad condensation/ water in both headlights. Watched the video online about how to bake it in the oven to open it and reseal it but i don't think I am brave enough to do that with the cost of replacement and limited DIY skills! Can anybody recommend somewhere that does a reseal and reverb service (they need polished up as well) I am happy to take them out and send them away to be done. Many thanks Paul
  2. ah right cool, that is annoying with the TPMS, I quite like it, good to see the pressures rising up and down as you drive easy and harder! I swear the car is playing tricks on me the speed it can corner and i will don't feel like i am working the tyres hard and the steering is to light and wonderfully accurate but not a hint of understeer. It is abit freaky to be fair! ha ha Chees Paul
  3. 33.5 front and 36 rear for my 18/19 wheels but the lower pressures do seems a little better. Something more to play about with a little. Cheers Paul
  4. I wonder if the guides from lotus were meant as cold or warm pressures? with the TPMS onboard you would think it would be warm pressures? For me the lower pressures when cold but up at recommended when warm makes more sense for sure. Cheers Paul
  5. As an update i got the TPMS sensors, all work great. Also have the new PS4's all round. grip is mind-bending! I have mainly driven it in the wet (Scotland in November) and it is just bonkers the speed it can corner! Dropped the pressures to 30 front and 33 rear which come up to 33 and 37 hot (normal driving) and that seems to be a great compromise between grip comfort and economy. In other updates I think I am getting to the bottom of my water ingress issue. Seems to be coming from the front bulkhead (just to the right of the steering Colum out of a hole which is a bolt or a rivet?) any h
  6. Ok so ordered these in the end The Saab ones they only had 3 in stock and the ones from Germany were going to ages to get here. This is a uk supplier and the blurb looks good and they had a multibuy discount. More importantly they come in black! will update how they go Cheers Paul
  7. many thanks for the reply question is weather its is worth the extra cash to buy the saab ones? I found some copies abit cheaper than that on ebay for £70 again from germany but wondering if anybody had gone for them and they had been ok/ reliable.
  8. Perfect, many thanks Ordered now Cheers Paul
  9. @Bibs Just tried to order an outdoor car cover but can't work out how to get the free shipping (have joined up to TLF as a UK member) Any help much appreciated Cheers Paul
  10. I already have the 3rd cat delete and lotus sports exhaust so i think the BOE will add that bit extra but not be too loud like adding a straight through plack style exhaust. did you notice any power increase/ throttle response when you fitted it? in other news when investigating the water ingress into my car seems that mine is pretty average from other peoples stories but also found i can push the waist seal back up to the window which is good, just need to work out how to make them stay there now! also need some new TPMS sensors for the second set of wheels so any recommendations
  11. Great to hear your feedback many thanks I have gone for PS4 for now and maybe will maybe will upgrade to the other set of wheels to a more track focused tyre in the future if i decide to do lots of track.
  12. So under £650 total? looking at the USD to GPB looks like its about £520 for kit plus postage. how are you enjoying it compared to stock? do you feel it gives more power? BOE are claiming 20 bhp i think which sounds like quick alot. 10 bhp, some more noise and better throttle response would be ace for £650 Cheers Paul
  13. Cheers for the reply. I can't believe the grip on a set of 8 year old worn out tyres so can't imagine really wanting that final few percent on the road. I already have a second set of wheels in 18/19 so probably go with those for now. My car is an NA so not a mega amount of power so don't know if it needs the extra rubber on the road? any recommendations for a dedicated track tyre in the 18/19 sizes much appreciated. Cheers Paul
  14. yeah my thoughts were they would be best for wet conditions (i live in Scotland!) and i won't get to the limit of grip on the road and if i go to the track i will run a different set of wheels with more track focused rubber. assuming you prefer them to the Pirelli's? problem is i think the PSS and pretty much discontinued now?!
  15. Thanks for the advice, will order up some window seals ASAP, assuming just direct from lotus is the best bet? The tyres are still surprisingly grippy although I did have a large-ish "oversteer moment" today which was fun! (sort of!) so yes going to change them asap. Do you like your BOE? it's either that or a louder exhaust but i don't want it too loud on the outside and it looks like the BOE give abit more power and throttle response as well which is always nice! Cheers Paul Ah that makes sense as my ODB reader wasn't' showing any codes! not keen on the PSS on the fr
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