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  1. Hi David if you don't mind at some point would be interested in seeing your car with the tubular set up if you are just across in Bathgate (i am in Edinburgh) as i am tempted by this myself! current have the lotus sports exhaust and BOE CAI but more noise would be good Cheers Paul
  2. Will do! Super chips are a pretty reliable company and have dyno'd before and after so should be good for some small gains. interestingly there measured bhp pre map was 280 so already up a little from the 276 lotus quote. Cheers Paul it is a 2009 launch edition and just had a look at it's service record and it was last serviced at a lotus dealer in September 2013 (Murrays) but then it was all been specialist lotus after that so i might be lucky! see how it goes Cheers P
  3. ok so spoke to superchips and the guy was really nice and seemed very knowledgeable. basically said it was pot luck on a lotus whether they can map it or not so they (he says they can do 1 in 3) But he did say the numbers they have on the site are real numbers they have done on an Evora which they have successfully mapped. So anyway i am going to give it a shot and if they can't do it then no worry as i get all the money back. worth a shot eh! will update after next Friday when they are coming to try it. also there is a 14 money back guarantee so that is comforting also Cheers Paul
  4. ah right thanks for the response. it is was just the fact that they had dyno numbers up on their site for the evora so it looked like they covered it. With your mapping do you do it in house? Cheers Paul I will give them a shout to clarify but as you say probably quite unlikely as it is a rare car they they have invested time to crack it. They are a good company thou so you never know!?
  5. Hi all I have been going down the rabbit hole of looking at exhausts and headers and re maps for my LE NA evora, don't feel like i want it massively faster but slightly better noise and getting the best out of the engine appeal. I currently have a BOE CAI which i love and a lotus sports exhaust with 3rd cat delete. ideal world i would get the full BOE power kit with headers a sports cat and a tune but it is a lot of cash and also the import fee's and postage from the US sting! Other option is a set of tubular manifolds but getting a tune seems to be very hard up north (i am in Scotland) the main people who do the all seem to be down south. Final cheap option would be a super chips tune done at my house for £298 (there is a sale on right now) and a fruiter custom back box for more sound. Super chips are saying it will add 24 bhp and 61 nm of torque which i would be more than happy with for under £300. Anybody got any experience of getting one? I would normally go to a lotus specialist but it a long way to essex and super chips are a very well respected company so i trust them and they have a 14 day money back guarantee if i don't like it so that is also good to know! one other thing that give se confidence is that hanger 111 are now providing their maps. Any experiences much appreciated Cheers Paul
  6. 100 percent not standard! sounds louder than my sports exhaust with 3rd cat delete so your probably has a de cat already? what's the e class like as a family wagon by the way? i am tempted by one!
  7. People slag of the long box on the S1 but i love mine, 38-40 mpg on the motorway and whisper quite then just use it like a 4 speed on the country roads! It also won't explode like some early short ratio boxes so that is a bonus! Also i quite like the fact that if your in 6th on the motorway it literally doesn't have any shove at all! stops me speeding for sure as you have to consciously change down to move! Previous car with short gearing and loads of torque you would sneeze and be in licence losing territory! ha ha
  8. Hi had great ambitions to daily it more than i have so far. Winter came in pretty hard up here with snow/ice/ salt so it is tucked up for the winter now. I think going forward it will be more a special occasion car. I bought a Mondeo estate as a hack car/ work car. had it 9 weeks before i cracked with it (front wheel drive and horrid 2.0 deasil!) and bought a lovely e91 BMW 330i manual! Think i have my perfect 2 car garage now!
  9. That cool to hear. I will try to take good care of her Cheers Paul
  10. When i was looking for one i was worried it would be too flashy but when i saw it in the flesh i knew i had to have it! Always get positive comments etc also so that is good! It has this stunning pearl coat that changes colour in different lights and i just think it looks amazing with the shape! Amazing more people didn't go with the orange cheers Paul
  11. Thanks for the info guys, i'll settle for second car delivered and first car in Scotland! ha ha just to correct my earlier spec my car actually has the charcoal interior not black. Many thanks Cheers Paul
  12. just checked the service book and indeed this is my car! This is really cool to see! a wee bit of history for my car does anybody know how many burnt orange Evora LE's were made? Cheers Paul
  13. So i think i have the first orange one but i thought the LE colour was Burnt Orange not Chrome Orange (that is what is says on my service book) I think it may also be the first car sold in the uk? (that's what i got told my the garage that services it) so anyway happy to be included on the register PDI date is 01-09-2009 (don't know build date sorry) Burnt Orange with black interior Cheers Paul sorry forgot the reg! it is SN59 JYO
  14. I was hoping it would maybe sneak through but sadly no! Oh well, hopefully it will be worth it!
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