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  1. so glad my car when to a proper enthusiast and don't mind the low price as much lol! she is an incredible car and it was hard saying goodbye but hopefully you have many great trips in her. not been a great week for me, only had her replacement a week and radiators gone and all the garages are booked out for weeks! cars eh! Cheers Paul
  2. message me details, could be tempted if it was a low end of the market Elise
  3. i reckon i would had sold it 5 times over by now if people didn't have their own cars to sell first! lol give me a shout if have any more questions. Cheers Paul So Craig's is always crazy busy and its normally like 4-6 weeks to get it in but Hamilton had a slot that week so i took it there. service was ok but i would take it to Craig for any major work. saying that it went in last year for a service and came out with a £3200 bill! lol! i was intending to keep it for life back then so i spend some cash refreshing brakes etc (new callipers, disks, pads, handbrakes etc) amazing how things change in a short time eh! I will miss it for sure but it has been incredible to experience my dream car for 2 years Cheers Paul
  4. tell me about it! fecking tories bombed the market! you should have held out rather than buying that expensive one! doh! In hignsite i did think it was worth more due to what they were going for previously so didn't want to sell cheap. I have put £5k into it over the two years i have had it and it really is a good car but i really could do with selling before winter otherwise i will SORN it and try again in the spring. if anybody near leister wants it i am heading down that way to buy a new daily later this week! .........what are the chances! lol Cheers Paul
  5. so scores on the doors at the end of the auction it made £23250 which was below my reserve but add on the fee that the buyer would have had to pay total price for them would have been £24645. obvious down side of collecting cars is the fee that they add on which effects what the seller makes also as they wont' bid so high This all being said it gives me an indication of price so if anybody does want it for £24750 please give me a shout. I will even throw in the TLF outdoor car cover. first come first served! 07913200970 cheers Paul
  6. hi you put half it on the rear seat belt anchor at the back (rear seats) it then has a quick release if you want to use the rear seats. it is great as you can run your factory 3 point as normal or use the harnesses. I use the harnesses all the time as i just prefer the feel of being locked in. they have the anti submarine patch on them as well. Pass an MOT fine and easy to install. of course only work with the 2 + 2 as you need the rear seat belt mounting point. Cheers Paul not really in a rush but would be ideal if it went now, it it doesn't make reserve i will put it away for the winter and sell again in the spring. people are put off by slightly higher miles but it has so much work done it drives better than lower mileage cars. also not everybody wants bright orange lol!
  7. Hi all yes this is my car, I did have a good amount of initial interest in the car but nothing that materised into a sale. I would have much rather sold privately but the collecting cars team have been good so far so will see how it goes. They have given me a sensible reserve so i will be happy enough it makes it. I think i have to be realistic as the market has certainly dropped. I figured that it might reach a wider audience on CC but who knows. It was going to be a forever car (hence why i spent 5k on it in my ownership!) but circumstances have changed (have a guess!) so sadly it has to go. The clip in belts are really easy to remove so new owner can do that if they wish (although they are awesome, highly recommended) If anybody has any questions please give me a shout on 07913200970, it really is a stunning car. Cheers Paul
  8. so you got a lower price selling though collecting cars? I haven't advertised on PH yet as it is £30 an advert and not sure it has that much reach anymore? I have had a few people who looked like genuine buyers turn out to be total time wasters! but that goes with selling privately i suppose Cheers P
  9. Yeah collecting cars are offering a £25k reserve which would be much lower than i want to take for the car but then again it might get a high value as being in front of a large market!?
  10. I suppose all it really is people wanting to draw attention that there car is up for sale and get some feedback? I haven't linked to my ad but i would like some feedback, It's not sold yet although i have had some low offers which i have rejected. Maybe i missed the window with us going into winter but i feel it is a fair price. I have been offered to put it up on two auction sites but i am a bit scared of only just making reserve! wonder if anybody has experience of auctions sites such as these (collecting cars and Silverstone auctions) Just my thoughts Cheers Paul
  11. No probs, it is a really good engine with a few mods and more than fast enough for the road, I actually enjoy it more than faster cars i have has as i was always a bit in fear for my licence. Fun from a lotus comes in the corners and flow down the road no straight line speed and the NA does handle better apparently due to the lower centre of gravity (doesn't have the supercharger weight sat up high) cheers Paul
  12. I went from a Caterham's/ Westfield's to an Evora and it is just so much more usable not just because it has a roof but also for reasons such as clearance (for pot holes etc) getting in and out, fuel tank size etc etc. also a big thing for me was safety, Caterham are great but we can't pretend they are safe and being so low other drives don't spot them, The 2+2 Evora also has the big advantage of rear seats (for children) or good storage if not using them as seats. In terms of performance a Caterham wouldn't see which way an Evora went down a bumpy B road (or it might keep up but you would be taking you life in your hands!) the steering feel, well set up dampers and suspension travel plus the traction from mid engine layout are just hard to beat. 100 percent things will beat them on track but in the real world they are very fast cars A-B as others have said don't discount the NA with a cold air intake and a remap it will be about 295-300 bhp but with lower weight compared to the S. if you local i would be happy to take you out in mine coincidently it is also for sale! lol!
  13. Hi David if you don't mind at some point would be interested in seeing your car with the tubular set up if you are just across in Bathgate (i am in Edinburgh) as i am tempted by this myself! current have the lotus sports exhaust and BOE CAI but more noise would be good Cheers Paul
  14. Will do! Super chips are a pretty reliable company and have dyno'd before and after so should be good for some small gains. interestingly there measured bhp pre map was 280 so already up a little from the 276 lotus quote. Cheers Paul it is a 2009 launch edition and just had a look at it's service record and it was last serviced at a lotus dealer in September 2013 (Murrays) but then it was all been specialist lotus after that so i might be lucky! see how it goes Cheers P
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