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  1. Indeed 1130, you know the car I see. May be you have information about it i do not have.. possibly which bandid removed choke assembly completely......😠
  2. On some brochures and on some pics here in the Forum i recognised, that the Riveira Models of Elite and Eclat (partially?) where filtted with a wind deflector on the front end of the Targa roof. This part is mssing on mine, I persume that it once was equipped, since there are two small cuts in the roof lining near the sun shields. I do not expect that there is any spare or surplus part like this avaliable anymore, so if somebody has close up pictures, measurements or even drawings of this part I would highly appreaciate to receive them for a rebuild project of this part. Cheers
  3. Hi Dunc, thanks for the hint - i already got the French ones. Quite ok and fast delivery
  4. I was a bit hung up here, the technical survey guys require me to have V tyres since the car is Theoretically listed with 212kmh top speed. I managed to find place in France ( wo sell the GALAXY 205/60R14 88V FORMULA X, which is apperantly the only new V type tyre currently on the market. The rest to be found was leftovers from previeos productions, but a alread 5 years old "new", or better to say unused, tyre dos not make much sense. Havnt driven them much but but I am satisfied.
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