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  1. Sadly, due to work and childcare commitments, evenings are largely out for me. I'll keep an eye out though as if I'm on leave I might be able to make one of them 👍 Shaun
  2. I don't know because I cant see it in the parts manual. Obviously it's a specific part for the GT3 and doesnt appear to be mentioned at all. I think it may just be a case of undoing things until it moves 😂. Shaun
  3. The body coloured gear shift surround on my GT3 has some light scratches so I want to remove it to machine polish it. There are two screws at the bottom each side of transmission tunnel but what else secures it? I assumed it was the Allen bolts around the gaitor but it seems not and I can't find anything in the service notes. Shaun
  4. Anyone in the area fancy occasional meet ups at weekends? I used to arrange meet ups with the local Excel guys ( and still will if they want me now I've sold mine 😁 ) but obviously now I'm an Esprit owner I'm interested in meeting up with other Esprit owners. I've had a look in the Hampshire event section but couldn't see much going on ( am I wrong there? ) Shaun
  5. OK I give up, how do I access my PMs?🤭 Shaun
  6. The problem is solved. The throttle position sensor was found to be faulty. Shaun
  7. Apologies, I seem to have posted this in the wrong sub section 🙄 .....too much choice 😁😉 Shaun
  8. I've just posted in 'chat' about being a new Esprit owner and and the high possibility of having is the first one, and its a weird one! The car won't idle correctly when the aircon is switched on. It idles very erratically and hold revs between gear changes. It idles anywhere between 1500 and 2500 rpm. If the engine is then switched off and the aircon is turned off, on restarting he engine it reverts to normal idle and the revs dip normally between gear changes. It's got me and the previous owner (who has been great trying to help me solve the issue) stumped. He has the software to check for fault codes but despite the engine management light briefly lighting up a couple of times there were no fault codes logged when we checked. A bit of a long shot but has anyone ever come across this? Shaun
  9. Hi everyone, after first contacting the owner 19 months ago I have finally aquired what I consider to be an exceptional Esprit gt3. I sold my Excel SE that I owned for 11 years (and thought I would own forever) to buy it. I thought the Excel was quirky but the Esprit is next level 😄. I suspect I'll have plenty of questions as I get to know the car! Shaun
  10. Thanks for the info Andy, 👍I want it to sound like a sports car but don't want anything too extreme. It took me three attempts to get the balance right with a bespoke exhaust I had made for my Excel! One of the reasons I'm looking for an off the shelf solution! Shaun
  11. It's a long story how I came to sell my car and buy the Esprit, I'll fill you in at LITP 😀 Shaun
  12. Hi Pete, thanks mate 👍. Yes all being well I will be in the Esprit. Its quite possible my Excel will he there too as I told the new owner about it and he seemed very keen to come along. I'm bracing myself for the stick I'll get off Jerry for buying an Esprit 😂😉. Hopefully when you see it, you'll appreciate why I've bought it! The Excel sold within a week! See you soon 😎 Regards Shaun
  13. After doing some research on this forum, YouTube and every other place I can think of I've come to the conclusion that a sports cat and either a Quicksilver silenced system PNM or Larini system will be the best solution to add some aural drama to the GT3 I'm going to be picking up on Sunday. The car in question already has the Alunox manifold fitted. From what I can make out any one of these three systems should give me a nice bark and growl without giving me a headache........but which one to choose?? Shaun
  14. Got sorted with Performance Direct in the end for £252.00 including breakdown cover, that's a bit more like it! Thanks for the suggestions guys 👍 Shaun
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