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  1. Thats gorgeous. Do think he'd consider an excellent late Excel as a PX? Looks like he's more in to the newer models.
  2. No problem Pete, it's not going anywhere 🙂. Shaun
  3. Could be Pete. One thing for sure, it proves the point that when you've exhausted the obvious and had no joy, it pays to investigate the 'extremely unlikely'! Total change of subject, I see you are going down the auto transmission route with the Elite. I assume that means you no longer want the manual Excel 'box? Shaun
  4. Pic showing a bit more of the dashboard and black A pillars
  5. Hi Tony, there is actually an interesting story about the all black dashboard. The car was orignally destined for Australia and the buyer specified the black dash as he was concerned about screen reflections in the bright Australian sun. The order was subsequently cancelled for some reason and the car was never shipped there. Instead it became a demonstrator at a UK dealer. It was signed off production in 1989 bit wasn't actually UK registered until May 1990. According to the Lotus certificate of provenance mine is the only car ever to have been specified with a magnolia interior and completely black dashboard.
  6. Hi Pete. The only thing that looked different after the change ( but ive since corrected ) was the steering wheel being 90 degrees off centre with the wheels straight. , I'm puzzled as to why it made a difference as you can't actually change the angle of the UJs in relation to each other, i just disconnected both ends and connected them back up after turning the steering column 90 degrees and then repositioned the steering wheel. It was an act of desperation really and i was amazed it worked! I was dancing for joy and punching the air having had problems for so long 😂. All I can think of is that for some reason, someone had done the opposite in the past and somehow it had restricted free movement. Shaun
  7. Hi Tony. Mine was heavy and notchy on the move and got worse with driving as the rack was drawing in air and foaming the fluid. You may have a semi seized UJ or a slightly weak pump? Another possible issue is the hoses collapsing internally reducing flow. Shaun
  8. Hi Richard, i fully understand that administrators, Moderators etc are unpaid volunteers and i know the forum wouldnt exist without them. For that I am truly grateful and have always tried to support the forum by arranging meet ups, buying merchandise and helping fellow members out. I don't think its unreasonable to feel a bit disappointed that after waiting patiently for 6 weeks before chasing up a request for help I then got no reply to the chase up e-mail. On the subject of content my comments weren't really directed at the 'new regime', rather that the forum seems to have got gradually quieter lately with less banter, it could be that some members I was particularly chummy with have migrated to the Facebook groups etc and as you rightly say, it's the members themselves that are responsible for content so apologies for not making that clearer. Happy to discuss further offline, you have my e-mail address.🙂 Regards Shaun
  9. Hi Pete, didnt know you were on here! I've finally fixed it. I actually had three seperate problems, the first was a dodgy thread where the hoses are bolted into the rack which was allowing air in to the system. Unfortunately after i fixed that although the steering was better it was still stiff so i had the reconditioned pump tested for flow, it wasnt outputting full flow so i had it rebuilt. Really thought that would crack it but sadly the steering remained stiff! I then disconnected the steering UJ to examine it and (as i already knew from previous work ) it was completely free and smooth through all angles. Clutching at straws I reassembled the UJ 90 degrees 'out'. Success! Dont ask me how but the steering immediately felt completely different. I still dont understand how to be honest. I had to remove the steering wheel and reposition due to the repositioned the UJ, but the steering is now massively better. Hows things going with the Elite Haven't seen any updates for a while? Shaun
  10. i think that, sadly, has gone down hill since Angus Mashall left, both in content and in administration. A real shame because it's an excellent resource and I've made many friends through the site and related events over the years, as well as being a major contributor. I've been unable to log on to the site for well over a month now after being a member for 10 years. Despite repeatedly requesting help over the last six weeks I've had one initial email saying that it would get sorted and then no replies at all to subsequent emials so I've given up now. Very frustrating and disappointing.
  11. Recently joined. A couple of pics of my Excel. 🙂. Had her 10 years now
  12. Thanks @JayTwo. Luckily the garage is large. 12 feet wide and 23 foot long. The opening of the garage is about 90 inches but the frame on the current door robs about 4 inches a side making entry with an Esprit, as you say, very tight. Shaun
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