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  1. 🤔You could well be on to something there! I'm getting a strong fuel smell that's coming from the breather attached to the charcoal canister ( definitely not from the usual suspects like fuel tanks connecting pipes etc. ) Haven't got round to looking at that in detail yet as it looks like a pig of a job to access the pipes from the canister to the tank but when I first got the car I pressurised the fuel system and used a smoke machine to check for leaks and the only place I got smoke was from the pipe from the canister that terminates by the roll over valve. Being used to the very basic fuel system of my old Excel I need to learn more about this more 'modern' set up to understand how everything works! So are you saying I can cap the pipe from the Manifold to the canister and completely bypass it? I suppose that wouldn't prevent the fuel smell as the canister would still be connected at the tank end. ( like I say I need to learn how these things work 😄) Thanks for the Info Shaun
  2. Mmmm, curious. The relay is definitely listed as throttle jack in the handbook. I can't remember exactly what Geoff said but he did think that a bad connection or a faulty relay in the 'rear relay station' could be causing the fault . The idle Control valve is new but made no difference to the fault. It could be that today was a fluke and the stalling issue hasn't been cured of course. I'll update the thread when I'm certain one way or another. Shaun
  3. I don't want to speak too soon but I think I MAY have found out what was causing the stalling problem on my GT3. I should add that since my first post the problem progressed to include the car occasionally stalling whilst coming stopping at junctions, traffic lights etc when warm as well as stalling when pulling away from cold. Anyway I called Geoff at Esprit Engineering and he suggested as a long shot I could look at the rear relay station as one of them (relay C in the handbook) controls the throttle jack. I removed this relay and the contacts were lightly coated in a green goo. I wiped the contacts, replaced the relay and repeated the procedure 3 or four times. I took the car for a twenty mile run today and it didn't stall once, more significantly, it didn't seem to hesitate when pressing the throttle from idle. Time will tell if the issue is cured, intermittent problems like this can drive you mad thinking you've sussed it just when in fact you haven't 😄. Shaun
  4. Yes I believe they are. I discovered a couple of weeks ago during a 500 mile round trip to the Peak District that the car also occasionally stalls when warm when slowing or stopping at a junction. I have wondered about the condition of the injectors as although the car has only done 21000 miles, it has been left standing for long periods which often does more harm than good. I spoke to Geoff at Esprit engineering a few days ago and he was very helpful in giving me some basic stuff to check so the plan is to work through that and if I have no joy, take the car to him, and see if they can trace the fault. How did you diagnose the injector problem? Shaun
  5. That does sound wicked, just the sort of sound I'm after, thanks for posting 👍 Shaun
  6. Anyone on here going to this event over the weekend? I've been going since 2015, it's a great event. Shaun
  7. Esprit Engineering fitted the replacement TPS so I'd like to think they did that
  8. To answer my own question, the moulding is removed by undoing the two screws at each side of the transmission tunnel and also a further two screws that connect the moulding to HVAC control panel. These are accessed by removing the window switches and peering in the holes toward the heater / fan panel. There are two screws right up toward the top of the moulding, a bit tricky to get to but not too bad. Pic for reference: Shaun
  9. Hi all, my GT3 starts perfectly from cold and idles at about 1300rpm, all of which is fine but when you depress the accelerator pedal it wants to stall, in fact it sometimes will stall if you try to pull away. The symptom slowly subsides as the car warms up and the runs fine when warm although there is a momentary stutter if you briefly floor the throttle with no load on the engine. To me this Indicates a throttle position sensor issue but this was replaced recently due to another running fault. Could it be something to do with set up of he TPS or am I barking up the wrong tree? The engine management light has not come on at all, hot or cold Shaun
  10. Sadly, due to work and childcare commitments, evenings are largely out for me. I'll keep an eye out though as if I'm on leave I might be able to make one of them 👍 Shaun
  11. I don't know because I cant see it in the parts manual. Obviously it's a specific part for the GT3 and doesnt appear to be mentioned at all. I think it may just be a case of undoing things until it moves 😂. Shaun
  12. The body coloured gear shift surround on my GT3 has some light scratches so I want to remove it to machine polish it. There are two screws at the bottom each side of transmission tunnel but what else secures it? I assumed it was the Allen bolts around the gaitor but it seems not and I can't find anything in the service notes. Shaun
  13. Anyone in the area fancy occasional meet ups at weekends? I used to arrange meet ups with the local Excel guys ( and still will if they want me now I've sold mine 😁 ) but obviously now I'm an Esprit owner I'm interested in meeting up with other Esprit owners. I've had a look in the Hampshire event section but couldn't see much going on ( am I wrong there? ) Shaun
  14. OK I give up, how do I access my PMs?🤭 Shaun
  15. The problem is solved. The throttle position sensor was found to be faulty. Shaun
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