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  1. Folks, s2, 1565, I cannot find a pressure plate/clutch bearing on ebay not even r16 renualt for my s2 1969, can anyone give me a number or something, prefer Canada or U.S. shipping from uk might be high. Thanks Mike.
  2. Folks, my engine may have been replaced, cannot tell what renualt 16 engine it is, there is a data plate with a number 810 on side but this does not help, this engine could be the 14xx cc or the 15xx cc or if I am lucky the 16xx series, is there any stamp on block or head? Thanks Mike. (not a twin cam, I wish)
  3. Hi, going to replace the wood veneer on dash, what type is it, any hints , thanks Mike.
  4. Folks, I was told that the triumph gt6 drums in rear are the same, would anyone know? or is there another drum that would fit? 8in X 1.25 I was told that is what I need, this info comes from a none europa fellow, and what about Miata parts, do these fit front and back, really could use advise on what to do, my complete brakes system is shot, I have to replace everything, any advise??? and THANK YOu guys for your other responses in my many post. Mike.
  5. Hi, I have a chance to but the right side, but I need left, what do I need to do to make it fit left? rear radius arm ...Thanks Mike.
  6. Folks, I have a chance to buy a lotus 907 engine, would it bolt up to the renualt transmission in my europa? would this make sense? and what is this engine worth?
  7. Folks, very new to Europa, in Montreal Canada, parts very hard to find in Canada, I have 2 bodies, but both missing the small window on door pass side, can anyone help? also where is the best place to buy parts for my seized renault engine? also parts like window seals, brake parts, suspension bushings ect. prefer Canada supplier, but I do not think they exist, so whoever you may suggest would be good, seer # is 652236 bought by previous owner in Europe and imported here by them after a long tour, does this mean the engine may be different if it was a Europe model?? Thanks Mike.
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