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  1. Hej! I did around 2000 kilometres. I don’t want to start a discussion about best procedure to running in the car. Just to share what I know, that it’s new in the Lotus manual, that during the running in, the throttle valve shouldn’t be opened to much (no full throttle at all, max. 50%). But it’s good to use different rpms at different gears and sometimes a bit over 4000. It’s also described in the owner’s manual 👍🏻 And after oil change: 😏 Greets SoL
  2. I ordered my 430 FE with the fire extinguisher system; so I have no radio installed. But I have the speakers 🤔 Are the speaker covers just dummies? Greets SoL
  3. No sorry, I don’t. I’m really picky with noises, but the rattling of the magnet is in my opinion only audible on very bumpy roads. And if you use the engine, you won’t hear it… Don’t forget, if there is a fire it probably won’t work correctly and you can’t order a new one 😉 I hope my answer doesn’t sound smart-alec, that wasn’t my intention. I just can’t write English…
  4. In my opinion that’s normal. There is a magnet to make sure the fire-extinguisher works properly regardless the car’s position (ex. upside down). Greets SoL
  5. Thank you! A-Frame is intended - I‘m just scared to let the dealer cut into the cover between driver & engine. I drive a motorbike on the race track, I probably love my exige too much to torture it on the track. Tbh, it‘s made for it and would be super fun, but as it is my dead man‘s car I don’t want to take a chance. Wheels are matt black imho, didn’t make any changes. But they look very different as they do online. But I really like it! Funny side note, no radio installed but they fitted complete speaker system… (Sorry for my English, I’m Swiss).
  6. British Racing Green (as Type 25 special edition) Greets SoL
  7. „Houston, Tranquility Base Here. The Eagle has Landed."
  8. My dealer told me if I want to install the A-Frame I have to cut some covers to the engine compartment. Is there another solution?
  9. @Martrack Thank you! I had many sleepless nights until the final selection. According to Hethel, there are only two options. Fire extinguishers and electricity cut inside and outside or not at all. The online configurator is not quite correct... I haven't ordered the A-frame yet, I can't bring myself to cut up the new car to fit the frame. @Gordon S My dealer said (twinkingly) that he didn't order the strips because Lotus doesn't always apply them 100% straight. He will foil them for me free of charge according to my ideas.
  10. I'll ask my dealer if he can add this to my order. Looks very good!
  11. @Gordon S 🤩 My dealer told me that Lotus has stopped left-hand drive production for a limited time (because of Brexit?). @BatMobile This is exactly how I imagine the accent stripes to be. Did you foil these?
  12. Hi Guys I can't keep it to myself 🥳 At the End of October I fulfilled my lifelong dream of buying a Lotus. I ordered a Cup 430 in the special colour racing green metallic C155 (like the Type 25 special edition). Fully equipped with fire extinguisher, power cut, AIM digital dashboard, black rims and yellow brake callipers. Last thing will be a yellow accent, but I have no idea it will be a stripe or just a discreet yellow part in honour of the type 25. I hope delivery will be possible by April or May, really really can't wait do drive my dream car. As soon as the car arrives I will make a decent presentation with photos and introduce myself properly. In the meantime, I will continue to study your great posts. Greets from Zürich, Switzerland Martin Please pardon my poor English, I'm working on it
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