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  1. Hi Rick, Sorry for the late reply, I hadn't seen your post. I haven't got around to making the nuts that will lock the inner post of the hinge down on to the outer threaded tube, I haven't got a mill yet, it's the next big toy on the list! Have you any plans to visit Innsbruck this year?
  2. A short update on Europa progress, I've repaired the chassis, cleaned and painted it, I managed to knock up some brass hinges on the lathe for the doors which I think will work ok. lots of spares arrived last week from Lotus supplies and there is a load more coming next week from Chris Foulds, the body is coming along slowly, it's a lot of work. I had good luck with the engine, whilst some of the bearings showed some slight wear, all measurements were within tolerances, so no machining required. Had a weekend off last week to go to the Jim Clark revival at Hockenheim, so many Lotus from Elites, 22's, 23's, 41's Nigel mansells F1 car, all sorts of stuff there, great weekend. Cheers Richard
  3. Yes, let us know when you come over, thanks for the good luck message - I might need it!
  4. Thanks Rick, I'm near Innsbruck, only a couple of hours away, I'll go and have a look, I'm a member of the club so should be easy. Cheers
  5. Update on progress! chassis and body separated and everything removed from chassis. The chassis has been repaired / modified at some stage and I need to refabricate the rear hoop that supports the gearbox, unfortunately, I can't find any dimensions for the later chassis, my car is a 5 speed gearbox model, can anybody help, I have attached a pic showing the dims that I need. Cheers Richard
  6. A bit of an update on the first few hours of work, seat runners very rusted but recoverable and the seat frames themselves in wonderful condition, managed to get them out using copious amounts of WD40 and ever larger hammers, I think removal of the doors will have to wait until the body is off the chassis and higher up, the hinges all look very rusted and it looks like a couple of "special" spanners will have to be welded up to get to the nuts. Managed to get all 4 spark plugs out and from what I can see, the bores etc don't look bad, fingers crossed. carbs also removed and in the house for cleaning and overhaul. Bought an ultrasonic cleaner which I'm pleased with so far. Great support and interest from the wife at the moment, must remember to get her a jar of Swarfega for Christmas! If I can have a couple of days of warmer weather then should be able to get the body off. Cheers
  7. Hi John, Hi Filip, Thanks for your replies, I'm really looking forward to starting the project, I'm not exactly sure when the machine will be delivered, we are currently in lockdown here and there also some snow issues at the moment! I think the first 2 big questions are to decide on whether the chassis is good enough to use / repair or whether to buy a new one and the same question for the body, there appears to be no crash damage but there is crazing all over, I'ld like to keep and use both if possible from a point of view of cost and originality but we will see! Cheers Richard
  8. Hi Everyone, I've purchased a basket case that's been dry stored for the last 36 years, prior to that it has been repainted in red (worst respray I have ever seen) I attach a copy of the Typenschein which is the initial registration document when the car was imported into Vienna in 1973 (car is LHD), this includes a picture of the actual vehicle that was imported, this picture appears to show a JPS logo on the bonnet, however, the car was built in October 1972 and I have read that the JPS's were only built in 1973, is this true? The car was originally laid up because of a driveshaft problem and seems to have been forgotten about, I'm sure that there will be a lot more wrong with it now! If anybody can add any knowledge to this I would appreciate it. Thanks Richard
  9. Knowledge is everything!! Inside the transmission case is a thermostat that opens the oilways to the oil cooler at the front of the car, this only opens at 72 degrees C and only when the oil is this warm can you drain the transmission fluid completely - Thank you customer services - Lotus.
  10. Anybody know how to completely drain the transmission fluid including what is in the cooler at the front of the car? unscrewing the drain on the sump only allows out 2 or 3 litres. Thanks Richard
  11. I'm looking for a LHD Elan (original model) prefer S3, S4 or Sprint DHC but would consider anything. I'm after a car needing some TLC rather than a concours model. I live in Austria, so a car already registered in the EU would be an advantage. Thanks.
  12. Might help. Just ordered 6 x Denso FK20HR11 from Q-parts24 in Germany €62.26 including delivery of €10.
  13. Yes, I use a trickle charger over the winter when the car is laid up. You are spot on with what you say about the electrics, I've been struggling with Lotus electrics for nigh on 40 years since I bought my first dilapidated Elan!
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