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  1. Kenz


    Is it the one with ivory seats? Saw the ad recently - looked lovely. As a fellow Exige S roadster owner I think they're fabulous cars!
  2. Have a chat with Jon Seal at Lotus Hardtops - they advertise this on their website as fitting a V6 Exige:
  3. Glad it's all sorted. That gear selector surround paint finish looks fantastic!
  4. Have you tried clearing the codes and seeing how it behaves? I.e. just see if the car seems to be ok and whether the warning lights come back? I had something similar happen once when reversing very slowly and I had left the hand-brake on (doh!). Warning triangle appeared, beeps, cog icon on dash as well. I read the codes and cleared them and the car was then absolutely fine. But of course you may have a different problem!
  5. I also did an LED upgrade earlier in the summer. It's transformed the headlights and made the car much safer to drive at night. I used these bulbs which are quite a bit cheaper than the Philips Ultinon Pros (but maybe won't last as long?): I'm afraid I don't have before and after pics, but the effects are very noticeable and definitely worth it imo. Just make sure the LEDs are oriented correctly (3 o'clock and 9 o'clock).
  6. If I remember correctly, the 350 on had had crash repairs to both the front and rear clams (disclosed in the ad) and that price was also without the buyer's premium which I think is 6%. So basically £34,500 for a car which had been in an accident (although repaired well from the looks of it).
  7. Hi NJJ, I don't know this car specifically but I do own an Exige S roadster. You're right, they are in a slightly strange position in the S3 line-up - I wanted an Exige V6, having previously owned an Elise, but I knew I was rarely (if ever) going to track my car. And I'm a big fan of touring in Europe / Scotland etc. The roadster was therefore perfect for me - it has a slightly more compliant suspension set up than the coupe and misses the aero - splitter and wing. Otherwise it's the same car for a fair bit less money. (And looks better imo without the rear wing). I think this Stratton one may be slightly overpriced. Mine is a 2016 model (it overlapped with the beginning of the 350 Sport production) and had 11,000 miles when I bought it about a year ago, and I paid less than this Stratton car is advertised for, although it is IPS, not manual. But even discounting the IPS in my car, I think Stratton's car is still a couple of grand too expensive. Have you spoken to them and seen what they can do price wise? The blue / tan combination is lovely, probably the best colour combo. Also in case you haven't seen it, Rory Reid did a review of the Exige S roadster in exactly the same colour...
  8. Hi everyone, I've been a bit of a lurker on these forums for the past couple of years, so thought it was time I signed up and said hello. This forum has been a goldmine of useful information, so a very belated thanks to everyone here! I'm on my second Lotus now, having had an Elise 220 Sport for a year I have now switched to a 2016 Exige S roadster which I'm absolutely loving. I don't think I'll be doing any serious mods to it, although I have upgraded the speakers recently to Focals and will probably change the tail pipe at some point as I don't like the stock pig snout. Took it on a trip to the Brecon Beacons recently, here's a couple of pics:
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